5 free memory cleaner tips. Good cleaning is the kind of action we are in the habit of putting off. With personal PCs it is no different. The following tips will help you do a great tech cleanup. This selection of free software will remove obsolete files and program unnecessary files, organize files, erase history, etc.

5 free memory cleaner tips: guide


Multifunctional, the CCleaner stands out as one of the most complete PC cleaning and optimization tools. Able to identify and eliminate unnecessary files, the program focuses on the privacy of its users. Compatible with many browsers, removes browsing traces by deleting your history, cookies or hidden files. Another great advantage of CCleaner is that it can clean the registry without the risk of permanent damage to the PC.


One of the great advantages of AdwCleaner is the analysis speed of popup windows or potentially unwanted software. It is a suitable solution for PCs whose home page of the navigator You constantly drift or suffer from pop-ups.

AdwCleaner also has an uninstall mode to eradicate problems. Selecting the items you want to remove is manual. Cleaning the software improves the overall speed of the PC.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

In its free version, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware performs a deep analysis of the HDD, which may take some time depending on the number of files on the disk. Noteworthy in the program is its ability to detect pop-up windows and adware, as well as any malicious software installed on the PC, such as Trojans, rootkits and other spyware.

PC Decrapifier

The PC decreader scans the HDD and makes a list of programs to remove. The tool uses an algorithm that is based on the behavior of the program's own community.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the list of items to remove that the program presents before cleaning begins. Yes, despite all the precautions, It is eliminated An important software, PC Decrapifier allows you to reconfigure restore points to recover mistakenly deleted data.


It is excellent to avoid the installation of that excess of third-party software, toolbars and adware that is placed on our PC when we install certain programs.

To avoid these difficulties, Unchecky does the work that sometimes eludes us. The cleaner automatically blocks additional unwanted offers at the time of software installation.


So far the five most advisable tools to clean your PC.