How do I update my credit card at bluejeans? At all times, users have been able to count on the benefit of being able to update their credit cards that they have with the different institutions to which they affiliate. Bluejeans is no exception. Let's see how to carry out this process.

What is Bluejeans?

It turns out to be a video conferencing platform, which is very useful for the vast majority of users who have downloaded and use this application. An important fact for readers is that said application is private, which means that for its use a payment must be made in advance, and thus be able to enjoy its benefits.

Blujeans billing

When we acquire the relationship with the blujeans platform, it is necessary and important at all times to keep in mind the billing procedure of the same, due to the fact that it is through this procedure that the service discount has to be made, for which it will be done on a monthly basis.

In case the update billing information or user account, this will have to follow some important steps that we will see next.

Manage billing information

When the appointment of group administrator Within the BlueJeans application, there will be the option of being able to enter and verify the invoices for the use of the service, as well as the change of the credit card or form of payment.

Steps to enter billing information

When required by the administrator the enter personal billing information, the following guidelines will have to be followed.

  • As a first step you must log in to the administrator account, this will be from the BlueJeans website itself.
  • Later you will enter the Administration area where you must choose the option "billing management", which is located in the menu on the side.
  • Once we enter the section, you can see the model plan that is availableIn the same way, how to talk to the sales area. You can see in this area the next billing date, the minutes used and the balance available.

How do I update my credit card at Blujeans?

Within this same area there is the possibility of reviewing and modifying the current payment method. It is equally possible edit or change credit card details, also carry out the authorization of bank transfers, this by filling out the HDH form that will be found attached.

In the same way you can enter or authorize electronic transfers. In case of any other doubt on the part of the user, the possibility of calling the customer service is offered, by means of the telephone number 408 55028 41.

It is important to mention that once the card has been modified, the update data such as card type, number, expiration date and security serial. In addition to the aforementioned, the information of the country, address, state, city and postal code of where the user is will be entered in the same way.