Terraria, is a non-linear action adventure video game that was independently produced by Re-Logic, which we will be talking about throughout this interesting post. So we invite you to continue reading.


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Terraria, an incredible game

This video game features exploration, crafts, building structures and fighting. Terraria It was launched on May 16, 2011 and to date it has more than 30.000.000 copies sold on its various platforms.

In partnership with the production company 505 Games, the game was released for platforms:

Game mechanics 

Terraria is an open world video game in which you will be able to build, explore, adventure, this is a game very similar to classic console games. This begins in a world created by random procedures, in which the player can customize his character, changing the style of hair, shirt and pants.

Just as he can change his color, or choose gender (female or male), the player when he starts has a limited amount of life and magic points which he can increase, in addition to improving the character he is playing with. With this you can increase your attack or defense, speed; On the other hand, the player will be able to use the materials and resources that he finds to create new objects.

The player will fight against his enemies with different weapons such as swords, bows, firearms among others. Additionally you will be able to fight with the bosses, which grant objects of great importance when defeated by the player since they are very difficult to kill.

Most of these bosses are site specific such as:

  • The wall of flesh that you will find in hell.
  • The world-eater who is in corruption.
  • Skeletron that you get to appear at the entrance of the dungeon.
  • Plantera that is invoked by eliminating a pink flower, which is called a planter bulb.
  • Some monsters or bosses such as the Eye of Cthulhu appear if the player meets certain characteristics or has a series of elements to invoke it.

By completing a series of requirements the player. As for example defeating a boss and getting a specific object, you can attract non-playable characters, which come to occupy a house, if one is built, and meets the requirements to be one.

In the game, it has a trading system that is formed in coins, which can be obtained through various objects that are bought from these non-playable characters or by selling objects. The usual way to get coins is by destroying monsters, finding treasure, and selling items to non-playable characters.

We invite you to continue reading about how to use the wormhole potion in Terraria, enter the link and you will know everything you need to know about this potion that allows you to teleport.


These non-playable characters are not found in the game they appear such as:

  • The trader.
  • The dryad.
  • The Demolisher.
  • The arms dealer.
  • The nurse.
  • Mechanics.
  • The stylist.
  • The sloppy goblin.

The game also includes parts of the planet where there are monsters typical of the area and that become unique such as the underworld, corruption, crimson, forests, jungle, tundra and desert. All of these areas of the planet are characterized by a unique set of blocks, as well as unique enemies.

If the player travels to the underworld and destroys the boss known as the wall of flesh, the game will go into hard mode which will cause new and difficult enemies to be added to the world, as well as non-playable characters, bosses, minerals and items. As well as the expert mode, if you have been activated when creating the world, the difficulty of the game will increase, making the enemies in the game have double life and damage.

Terraria 1.4 

En terraria 1.4 It was even added a mode that is much more difficult than the expert mode, which is called master mode, in which the difficulty is greater and the enemies have more damage, the bosses have 50% more damage compared to the mode expert. As a reward, the player will be able to add new spaces for accessories, new pets and relics among many other things.

This version 1.4 is focused on the correction of errors and some changes such as:

  • Multiplayer servers are more strict on fake connections.
  • The torch god now stalks Terraria.
  • Jungle Temple Traps are no longer collected with explosives.
  • Pirate invasions after the first are less common.
  • among other changes and bug fixes.


Terraria It is developed by Re-Logic in January 2011, and built on the Microsoft XNA framework. This game was released on May 16, 2011, in February 2012, its developers announced that they will not continue with the active development of the game, but that they will release a final update to fix the problems.

In 2013 it was resumed with the release of version 1.2. On June 30, 2015, the game was to update to version 1.3 which was the biggest update of this game. In which new bosses are added, events, blocks among many other things.

Finally, at the E3 Gaming Convention (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in 2019. A trailer for version 1.4 was shown where many more things were added.

Terraria Otherworld 

On February 9, 2015, a spin-off called Terraria Otheeworld, where this adventure is transferred to an alternate dimension, where its players have to fight for their lives to restore order to the world that is dominated by the forces of evil. The player will be able to use all kinds of materials that are found in his path to build what he needs.

If you want to continue knowing about Terraria, we will leave you the following video where you can have information about this game. That it will be very useful to advance in the game.

https://youtu.be/18FOD0L4hTM? t = 1