How to access the clipboard. Every time you do a Ctrl + X to cut or Ctrl + C, to copy an item, the text, the image or another file is temporarily stored on the clipboard.

How to access the clipboard easily

The Windows clipboard is in the Album manager (Except in Windows Vista). To access, just click Home > Correr and writes clipbrd.

In Vista, this command does not exist. To add it, just copy the file clipbrd.exe that you will find in the folder.



You can also download ClipBoard and right click on Run as administrator and the command will be added automatically. The program Clipboard and 101 Clips Also allows you to view the clipboard content.

Unfortunately, the Windows Clipboard allows you to save only one item at a time. There is a variety of software that increases the Clipboard and Copy / Paste capabilities to an unlimited number of items. One of the best known programs with this function is Ditto.