Adwcleaner - Download. Those who have been following me for some time know that, along with a good antivirusI always recommend the use of antimalware software. This type of application allows you to have a greater control over the security of your PC and can act on types of threats, such as spyware, adware and promotional toolbars that can "escape" a common antivirus.

Adwcleaner, which I want to talk about today, is one of the most effective and lightweight antimalware products available for Windows systems. It has a very intuitive user interface and, with a bit of attention, it can also be used by less experienced users. It is particularly indicated in the treatment of browser hijackers, those programs that, once installed in the system, modify the home page and the browser's search engine to redirect the user to sites full of advertising and malicious content.

Adwcleaner is completely free and, I will tell you more, once downloaded to the PC, it can be used directly without going through tedious installation processes. It works with all versions of Windows, from XP onwards, so you can use it without problems even on older PCs.

Adwcleaner - Download step by step

The first step you should take is to download Adwcleaner on your PC. So connect to the program's website and click the button download now located in the left sidebar to start your download.

If the AdwCleaner website is not accessible, you can download the program from the BeepingComputer website which is equally reliable. To start the download, simply click the button download now.

How to use Adwcleaner

As mentioned above, AdwCleaner is a portable program. This means that it can be started from any PC, pen drive o HDD external without requiring tedious installation procedures.

Once the download is complete, start the executable adwcleaner_5.xx.exe you just downloaded to your pc and first click the button yes and then I agree to access the main screen of the program.

At this point, start a full scan of your PC by clicking the button scanner and wait for the program to detect all the potential threats present within the system.

The operation takes a few minutes and the results are automatically divided into the tabs you see below.

  • In services -> Windows services that, according to the application, represent a privacy risk are listed.
  • En folders y Files -> Adwcleaner considers that there are folders and files related to spyware, adware or other threats.
  • In the DLL The libraries installed on the system are collected which, according to AdwCleaner, should be considered dangerous.
  • En WMI -> there are WMI extensions, which are normally used by services and applications to display messages to the user, altered by malware.
  • En links -> Malware modified links are listed.
  • En Planned activities -> There is a list of scheduled operations in Windows that could be, in some way, attributable to malicious software.
  • En record Find registry entries that refer to possible cyber threats.
  • In the tabs of the Web navigator ( chrome y Firefox ) there are all toolbars and malicious / promotional extensions that have been detected in these programs.

To remove all threats found by Adwcleaner on your PC, first click on the button cleaning and then you accept three times in a row.

In order for the operation to be completed successfully, the software will close all applications and then restart the PC.

When you log back into Windows, the program will show you a document called Files of record with the list of all folders, registry keys and malicious items removed from the system.

Adwcleaner advanced options

Adwcleaner is very reliable software and therefore you can leave it alone without changing its default settings, however if you have advanced enough skills you can model its behavior according to your needs.

For example, if you want to prevent some of the folders, files or registry keys found during the system scan from being deleted, remove the check mark from the entries related to the system.

Speaking of registry keys: Before deleting them all, I recommend that you try to enlist the help of a PC expert friend.

You can send you the full list of values ​​found by Adwcleaner (and request your opinion) by clicking the button Log file events and copying what is written in the section record of the document that opens.

This little precaution will prevent the risk, very low, but still to be considered, of deleting registry keys that antimalware might mistakenly attribute to spyware / adware, while actually serving to make legitimate applications that you have voluntarily installed into your PC work.

With that said, there are other advanced Adwcleaner settings that can come in handy as well. Going to the menu Options you can activate functions to reset Chrome settings, restore hosts file (which is modified by some malware to direct navigation on untrusted sites), reset firewall y much more.

Instead, go to the menu Tools> Quarantine Management you can see all the items that the program has removed and, if appropriate, you can restore them.

How to uninstall Adwcleaner

After using it to get your PC back on track, you can erase Adwcleaner by starting it and clicking the button first uninstall and in yes. Follow this simple procedure instead of dragging the program icon to the trash.

In the unfortunate event that you were unable to eradicate all the malware on your PC with just Adwcleaner, try installing Malwarebytes Antimalware.

If you use a Mac instead, take a look at my Mac antivirus tutorial where I explained how Malwarebytes Antimalware for Mac works (one of the best antimalware for the operating system Apple) and other macOS security software.