App for girls

The smartphone is an increasingly common technology that now accompanies us in everyday life. We spend a lot of time in front of the screen of our favorite technological device and download many applications every day for the most diverse purposes.

In this regard, there is often a question from the female audience reading my tutorials: "Can you recommend some apps for girls?" Since this is a question that I am often asked, I have decided to spend some time on the subject. Therefore, this guide was created with the aim of answering this question, suggesting some applications that are more aimed at a female audience, as well as young people.

Especially if you are reading this guide because it belongs to the fair sex and has searched Internet tips on this topic, you'll be happy to know you've found the right guide. All you have to do is sit back comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to calmly read this guide of mine. I will tell you in detail which, in my opinion, are the apps for girls It should be noted that you can download it to your device Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Ready to start? Yep? Very well! As usual, I wish you a good read.

Maya - Menstrual Cycle Tracker (Android / iOS / Windows)

The first app for girls that I want to advise you to download is called Maya - Tracker of the menstrual cycle.

As you surely know, monitor your cycle menstrual is extremely essential for all women. To replace the paper diary, however, it is possible to use an application: Maya - The tracker of the menstrual cycle is, in my opinion, one of the Best Apps able to perform this task, due to its many functions.

The strong point of this application is its elegant and feminine user interface, as well as the presence of different themes that will allow you to aesthetically modify the user interface to your liking.

To allow you to monitor your menstrual cycle, Maya will ask you to register through an email account and subsequently provide personal information such as the date of your last menstrual period, the duration of the flow and the menstrual period. Based on what is indicated, the application will be able to calculate the date of your next menstrual cycle, improving with the forecasts from month to month.

The application uses four main reference colors so that when you open the application, you can understand at a glance the trend of your menstrual period: the days with the yellow circle correspond to the phase close to the fertile period, those surrounded by green are dedicated to the fertile period, the infertile are of Light Blue. Instead, flow days are presented by Pink colour.

The application also integrates some features designed to allow you to monitor your symptoms and moods; in fact, you can use this application as a kind of virtual diary to write notes and monitor your hormonal changes.

In addition, through the section Events the application will eventually ask you to access the default calendar of your mobile device; In this way, the application will also remind you of important events during your days.

The application available free for mobile phones and Android tablets and iOS, but it is possible to buy the Prima Silver, available at a cost of € 4,99 (annual subscription) or € 0,99 (monthly subscription).

Purchasing the Premium Silver version offers additional features such as additional storage space, additional themes to aesthetically modify the interface, and other secondary tools.

Maya - Menstrual Cycle Tracker is also present in devices Windows Phone with the name of Lovecycles, in version Free is paid, at a cost of € 4,99.

CocoPPa Launcher (Android):

Designed for a female audience with an Android mobile phone, one of the most downloaded applications on Android is CocoPPa Launcher. It is an alternative launcher that allows you to change the screen of your device with feminine and highly personalized graphics.

Use CoccoPPa Launcher to change the user interface of your Android device it's as easy as drink a glass of water; I will explain it to you in detail in the following lines. Once you've downloaded the app, launch it to see how it works for me.

To start, click on the button Get started by selecting a topic and on the next screen you will see a number of popular themes that you can choose from. Once you've identified one that you like, tap on its preview image; I want to explain how to apply it and change the main screen of your Android mobile device.

Once you've played a song, press the button. Use this theme to apply it. Then wait for the upload and then read the instructions on the screen that will show you all the secrets and Shortcuts. Then press Okay - The Android menu will open, then you need to select the item CocoPPa Launcher and click on the article Always display. This way, the custom CocoPPa theme will be set as the default.

To personalize your Android mobile phone from top to bottom, you can also explore all the sections of the application in detail and manually customize each element of your mobile phone, using the elements Subject, Background, icon and widget which, respectively, will allow you to modify the children of your Android device.

The CocoPPa Launcher application is Free and it supports the board of sponsored apps for download.

Lady Pill Reminder (Android):

An extremely useful app for girls that I want to advise you to use on your Android mobile phone or tablet is Lady Pill Reminder. This application is clearly designed for a female audience and in particular is aimed at all those girls who, having to take the contraceptive pill, need to keep track of the drug they take. The app in question will also play a key role as a reminder, warning you to take the pill through a daily notification.

Lady Pill Reminder's user interface is simple and functional, but you can customize it even more by downloading some related paid apps.

To use this application, launch it and then go to the configurations pressing the button Go to the Settings menu. You will need to manually configure the application according to your needs ( Pill type, placebo, date of first pill, notification time, and pill purchase notification ) and then activate the check box by pressing thebutton. Assets.

Once you've set your app preferences, you can start receiving notifications that will remind you to take the birth control pill. Once you have taken the medicine, you can report the pill you took during the day by tapping the day corresponding to the blister on the main screen of the app and placing a check mark on the item. Pill taken, then press the button Okay.

Lady Pill Reminder app is available free en Android devices and it is compatible with non-invasive ad banners recommended by other applications for download.

Other apps for girls:

The list of apps for girls that I have given you is not enough and would you like more advice on what other apps to download? Don't worry, I can still help you. Below, I want to briefly indicate other popular apps, some of which are primarily designed for a female audience. Try downloading some of them on your Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet, you will see that you will be delighted.

  • OPI (Android / iOS): The official application of the well-known enamels brand allows you to view all the products of the collection in one place. In addition to providing an extensive catalog always at hand, the application allows you to use your mobile device's camera to take a photo of your hand. Once the photograph is taken, you will be able to try on in real time different nail polishes from the well-known cosmetic house. However, the app has an English-only user interface, is free, and is available on Android and iOS.
  • GialloZafferano (Android / iOS): If you love cooking, you cannot forget to download the official application of GialloZafferano, a well-known and appreciated cooking website, from the PlayStore or the App Store. Through the GialloZafferà application you will be able to view a rich database of recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions, images that illustrate the procedures to be carried out, the complete list of ingredients and, in some cases, even video tutorials. You absolutely cannot miss it, especially if your passion is cooking.
  • Tumblr (Android / iOS): Tumblr, a microblogging social network, seems to be particularly popular with female users. A somewhat atypical social network platform, with a slightly XNUMXs look and developed by Yahoo, Tumblr allows you to create blogs easily, immediately and quickly. Tumblr's strength is the short related posts of numerous multimedia content, GIFs in particular. To learn more about this social network, you can read my guide on how use Tumblr.
  • Pinterest (Android / iOS): Have you ever heard of Pinterest? It is an image-based social network that, although not as popular as Instagram, is usually enjoyed by users. Its fundamental characteristics? The ability to create virtual whiteboards (called Message board ) for save ideas related to a certain topic. Among the most sought after items are wedding dresses, hairstyles, makeup and nail art. Pinterest is a totally social network free available through the application for Android and iOS and via the web. If you want to know more, read my guide on how Pinterest works.