App for lovers

After hearing a very particular story from a close friend, you wondered how much technology could help you handle one. lover or at least a relationship whose existence should remain as unknown as possible. With the intention of giving you an answer, you opened Google to look up information about it and it happened to be right here on my website.

If exactly so, then you are in the right place at the right time! In the following, in fact, it will be my care to list a number of app for lovers that, in some way, can help build (and why not manage) a relationship that is anything but official.

Before going any further, however, I would like to point out a very important aspect of the matter: although some applications may work well, completely disguise the tracks of a tresca It is not an easy business, especially in the technological field. In fact, a moment of distraction, or an application malfunction, may be enough to bring everything, even conspicuously, to the sunlight. Never forget it and, above all, do not say that I did not warn you.

  • Chat app for lovers
  • App to find lovers
    • Tinder (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • LOVOO (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • More apps to find lovers
  • Application to manage lovers
    • Nova Launcher (Android)
    • Usage time (iOS / iPadOS)
    • More apps to manage lovers

Chat app for lovers

Occasionally you cultivate a relationship that goes beyond your official bond and, for that reason, you are looking for a messaging app for lovers What could make any compromising message disappear? So this is the section of the tutorial that suits you, in which I am going to list what, in my opinion, are the Best Apps of this type.

Note In some cases, the media received in secret chats (images, videos and multimedia files in general) may be visible in the Gallery of your device. Please keep that in mind when using the apps listed below.

Telegram (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

In a list dedicated to chat app for lovers certainly can not miss Telegram… Excellent messaging application available for Android, iOS and iPadOS.

If you had never heard of it, it is a service animated by dynamics quite similar to those of the much better known WhatsApp, but it has some characteristics more suited to the subject in question: to begin with, access to the Telegram can be blocked by code /fingerprint (a function also included in WhatsApp); but above all, the application allows you to create secret chats (visible only on the device from which they are started), in which you can establish a self destruct timer for sent messages.

Clearly, for the application to do its job correctly, you need to know the phone number lo Username ) of your interlocutor, which must necessarily have the same application.

Anyway, using the Telegram is very simple: after installing the application, launch it and touch the voice Continue in italian to start the initial configuration phase. Then write your phone number in the appropriate field (taking care to verify the correctness of the international prefix which, for Italy, is +39 ), tap on the voice Next and, when prompted, enter the bar code that I should have received by text message. Then touch the Next... choose if ... allow Authorize the application to access the contacts stored on the device and that's it!

Now, if you consider it appropriate, you can associate a personalized username with Telegram, through which you can be contacted without having to provide your phone number (which will remain invisible to the interlocutor). To do so, go to adjustments from the application, as I showed you before, touch the voice Set username and specify the username to be used, within the corresponding field.

When you're done, touch the Done From now on, people can search for you on Telegram using the username defined above, or chat with you by visiting the direct link.[tuo username].

Once the initial setup of the app is complete, you can start sending and receiving messages right away. How? I'll explain it to you right now. To get started, launch the app and if you use iOS or iPadOS, go to Chat (Bottom right); now, tap the button to create a new message (the icon with the pencil) and play the voice New secret talk to create a new conversation that can automatically destroy sent messages.

At this point, all you have to do is select the recipient of messages from the proposed list (the one containing the contacts present on the device), in order to create a new secret chat; if the number of the user in question is not in your contacts but you know the Nickname with which he subscribed to the Telegram, digitized it in the investigation Camp placed on top and presses the button in the shape of magnifying glass, to locate the relevant contact.

If you have a "direct" contact link, touch it from within the application in which you received it and choose to open it with Telegram via the proposed alert screen.

We're almost there: once the secret talk starts, to establish a self destruct timer which will apply to all messages in transit (both sent and received), tap the profile picture of the contact in question located in the upper left corner (on Android), or the icon in the form of surprise located at the bottom right (on iOS and iPadOS) and finally select the time frame after which the messages read by the recipient must be destroyed (from a minimum of one second to a maximum of one week). To conclude, touch the voice Done.

You will be pleased to know that, if necessary, you can block access to the telegram through the security system configured on the phone (fingerprint, face, sequence or unlock password), or through a code. To do this, do this.

  • Android - access to chat list Active telegram, press the button located in the upper left and select the Settings from the on-screen menu. Then touch the Privacy & Security e Lock code…go ahead… EN the switch at the top of the screen and, following the prompts, set a 4 digit code to use to unblock the app chats. Finally, indicate whether or not you allow unlock with fingerprint specifies the automatic lock timer (1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour or 5 hours) and choose whether or not to view the content of the telegram in the list of recent Android applications.
  • iOS / iPadOS - go to card Settings from the app, touch the voices Privacy & Security e Code and Face ID/ Touch ID touch the voice Activate the code and, following the instructions given, write a 5 digit code to use to unlock the app. If you want, you can choose a 4 digit code O well alphanumeric sequence To do so, touch the voice ... Lock code options. To conclude, specify the options for automatic lock (if you are absent for 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour or 5 hours) and choose whether to unlock the application with Touch ID / Face ID.

Make the appropriate settings, access the chat list again, and tap on the padlock placed at the top, to close it. From this moment, after the previously established inactivity time has elapsed, the application will lock, asking you to enter the code (or biometric unlock) to access it again. To learn more about Telegram, I invite you to consult the specific guide that I have dedicated to the application.

Signal (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Signal is another application dedicated to "private" messaging, available for Android, iOS and iPadOS, with characteristics similar to those of the Telegram, although more focused on privacy and secrecy of communications: among its many features, in fact, there is the ability to set a self-destruct timer for sent messages, making it especially suitable for the purposes of this guide.

To start using the signal, launch the app, tap the Keep going and respond affirmatively to subsequent warnings so that the application can access the section a multimedia files and Call to. After this stage, enter your phone number in the appropriate field (taking care that the Country residence is specified correctly), press the Next y write, when necessary, the bar code received via SMS (in some cases, entry may be automatic).

After this step, specify your name In the appropriate text field, choose, if you think it is appropriate, a profile picture and touch the button Next to move on to the next phase, which consists of creating a PIN to use for later access. Please note the specified code as it is impossible to retrieve it for security reasons.

Once you've finished creating your PIN, you can finally start using the app: to start a chat right away, tap the pencil and select, from the proposed list, the person with which to start a new chat.

Once this step is completed, if you want all chat messages (both sent and received) to self-destruct after a certain time of being read by the recipient, proceed in this way.

  • Android - touch the button (⋮) located in the upper right corner of the active chat panel, tap on the Retractable messages are placed in the menu that is proposed to you and you choose whether you want to destroy the messages after 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours 12 hours, 1 day or 1 week later of the reading. When you're done, touch the OK To confirm the changes.
  • iOS / iPadOS - hit on the profile picture of the interlocutor, to view the details, go to EN the suit relative to Retractable messages and, using the slider immediately below, choose the term of the messages after being read by the recipient.

Finally, if you want, you can have the signal lock automatically after a certain period of inactivity: to unlock it, you will need to use the screen lock system currently configured on the device (face unlock / face ID, fingerprint / touch identification, sequence, code or password to unlock).

To do this, start the messaging application, access the active chat list and, if you are in Android... touch the button ... (⋮) they are placed in the upper right and choose the item Settings from the on-screen menu; If you use iOS or iPadOS, you can access the application's settings panel by simply touching your profile image.

Now, touch the voice Privacy policy…go ahead… EN the stick for writing Screen lock and, through the voice Screen lock idle time / screen lock time specifies the period of inactivity of your interest, after which the application of the signal should be blocked automatically. Using the privacy panel, you can also disable the learning of written words from the keyboard system, prevent the creation of screenshots, enable / disable read receipts and / or write prompts, and block contacts.

Other chat apps for lovers

The ones I have listed so far are just a few of the chat app for lovers available online, but they are not the only ones. Below is a list of other solutions that include, among their characteristics, those appropriate to the objective being pursued.

  • Snapchat (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - calling Snapchat a simple chat app is quite forced, as it is a middle ground between a messaging system and a real social network. It is based on the exchange of snapshots, that is, messages, photos and short videos that, once shown, disappear into thin air. More information here.
  • Wickr me (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - is an application that makes security its strong point, but has interesting features, such as the ability to auto-destroy messages within a certain chat and to contact / be contacted through a nickname, without need to share your phone number. It's free.
  • Silent phone (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - another interesting application focused on security that allows to automatically destroy the messages sent and received within a certain chat on demand. It's free.

App to find lovers

The second section of my guide to app for lovers is dedicated to finding new relationships - below then, I'll tell you about some of the best dating apps available on Android and iOS / iPadOS.

Tinder (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

tinder It is definitely one of the best known dating apps of all, which has more than 10 million daily active users and is available for Android, iOS and iPadOS. Therefore, it can turn out to be an excellent application to find lovers. At the base of its operation there is a search by position: once the profile has been created, a list of nearby users is proposed, for whom disinterest, interest or strong interest can be expressed. If the person on the other side reciprocates the interaction, the application is responsible for putting the users involved in contact, through chat (the so-called party ).

Using Tinder is not difficult at all: after downloading the application, launch it and record the service: touch the voice Create a new account…enter your… phone number and touch the button Keep going. Then enter the 6 digit code that should have been texted to you, tap the button Keep going and complete your account with the required information: e-mail, Password, name, birthdate, Gender e personal photo (which can be loaded from the tunnel, or taken "on the fly").

To finish, hit the Allow position and respond affirmatively to the following notification; Finally, consider whether the application of the access to notifications This will make notifications of it clearly visible.

When you have completed the setup, you should see the list of people potentially compatible with you, with whom you can interact using the buttons below: Red X (or a side bump) is used to indicate disinterest in the profile shown; the green heart allows you to assign a link; Meanwhile he heavenly star allows you to leave a Super Like, thus indicating strong interest.

Always keep in mind that, in the free version of Tinder, you can only enjoy a limited number of likes, and only one Super Like; Besides, there is no Momentum (the one with the purple lightning highlighting your personal profile, in the area, for 30 minutes) and the function Rewind (that of yellow arrow allowing you to cancel the last operation).

By subscribing to Tinder Gold You can partially remove these limitations and enjoy a free Boost per month (additional Boost costs 4,49 euros), unlimited Like and 5 Super Like per day. To learn more about how Tinder works, please see the specific guide that I have dedicated to the application.

LOVOO (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

If the previous application did not offer you interesting people, you can give a chance to LOVE This is a popular dating app available for Android, iOS, and iPadOS, allowing quick access to user profiles in the area. Basically, LOVOO is a free application, but some of its features are paid: they can be unlocked by buying virtual credit packages, which can also be «win»Performing certain operations.

Anyway, to use LOVOO, launch the app and tap the Register to start creating a personal profile; then enter your email In the text field that appears on the screen, press thebutton. Next and fill in the proposed form below with the required information ( name, Gender, birthdate, Gender e profile picture ).

To complete the profile registration and access the application, touch the button Begins To view users in the vicinity, tap on the Find people around and authorize the application to access position device, through the warnings shown below. Finally, touch the OK to accept the legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

We are finally here! If everything went well, you should see a list of people potentially compatible with your profile: you can evaluate a user positively (the heart or one Swipe left ... ) or negatively (icon of the X o Pass to the right. ). To see the detailed profile of the proposed user, click on their photo.

In case of interest, you can send a chat request by touching the icon in the form of about Before you can do that, you are going to have to proceed with the verification of your identity (You will have to send a self check containing a photo of yourself, along with a message set in real time. This information, however, will remain private). If you are interested, you can chat directly with the person in question.

More apps to find lovers

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are many other dating apps, which can also be used to find and meet people outside of your everyday life. Here are some of them.

  • Meetic (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - this is one of the most popular online dating platforms with apps. It allows you to customize your profile in detail and specify exactly what you are looking for. It's free with the ability to subscribe to a subscription plan (to unlock additional features). More information here.
  • MeetMe (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - it is a very simple application that allows you to meet nearby people and chat with them. It's free.
  • Grindr (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - is an application dedicated to men, interested in meeting other men. It has a very simple interface that, among other things, allows you to view profiles of well-defined places. It's free with the possibility of in-app purchases to unlock additional features.
  • Only women (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - this app works similar to Grindr, but is dedicated to chicas and women interested in meeting people of the same sex. It's free.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, check out my trailer app guide, you will find something to suit your needs I'm sure!

Application to manage lovers

The last section of this guide covers the application to manage lovers software, that is, those programs that, after proper configuration, allow you to hide other applications (for example, those listed in the previous sections of this guide), making them invisible to prying eyes.

However, before proceeding, you should be aware of one fundamental point: hidden app notifications will continue to appear, if active; In addition, some applications will remain visible in the list of applications installed on the device.

You can still avoid the first "unexpected" by turning off toast notifications generated by the apps you are interested in: to be successful, if you use Android access the menu Setting; Apps and notifications touch the voice Show all applications, locate the application of your interest among those listed and click on its name. Finally, play the voice Notifications and move on OFF the suit corresponding to the writing Show notifications.

En iOS e iPadOS Instead, do this: go to Settings; Notifications… Locate the application of your interest from the proposed list, click on your… name and move on OFF the marked stick Allow notifications. Once you've blocked the app's notifications, you can make them (apparently) invisible using one of the following methods.

Nova Launcher (Android)

Very often, custom Android launchers (that is, apps that replace the home screen and the default system drawer) allow you to effectively hide apps from the drawer.

One of the best launchers with such a function is Nova Launcher available in two versions: a free one with limited features and a complete one which, at the time of writing this guide, costs €4,50 (actually, during promotional periods, it can be found for much less or even free). The version of the app that allows you to hide notifications is the paid version… but trust me, it's really worth every penny spent!

The Nova Launcher, in fact, is according to many the best alternative launcher for Android, thanks to the large number of features that distinguish it, combined with a lightness and fluidity worth mentioning.

Anyway, once you've downloaded the Nova Launcher, you have to unlock its Pro features by purchasing the Nova Prime pack and setting it as the default launcher for Android - to do that, go to Setting; Apps and notifications... touch the voices ... Advanced e Default applications... and tap on the text ... Starting the application and select Nova Launcher of the proposed options.

Once done, go back to the Android home screen (which should now be managed by Nova Launcher), tap the home screen in an empty place and tap the Settings (the one with the team ) that appears in the lower right.

Finally, play the voice Applications menu… Choose the option… Hide apps (it's in the box Applications ) and place a check mark next to the icons of the apps you want to hide - once done, the apps you choose won't be visible in either the Android drawer or home screen.

As I told you before, however, they will still be visible in the menu Setting; Apps and notifications and it will appear again if I want to use another launcher in the future. To learn more about alternative launchers for Android, check out my thematic guide on the subject.

Usage time (iOS / iPadOS)

If, on the other hand, you have an Apple smartphone or tablet, you cannot "hide" the installed applications directly, but you can easily block them using the Use time for iOS / iPadOS. To do so, go to Settings system, touch voice Use time touch the button ... Use the "Time of Use" code. and establish a PIN to block access to applications.

Then touch the voice Application Restrictions…enter the… PIN ... established before, touch the voice ... Add usage restriction and play on the rushes down ... corresponding to category containing the applications of your interest (presumably Red social ).

Now, put a check mark next to each of the applications you want to block, tap the voice Next set the application usage limit to 0 hours and 1 min. (as little as possible) and when you're done, play the voice Add, to confirm the changes made.

At this point, all you have to do is start all the apps you have blocked and keep them running for 1 minute, which will automatically lock the iOS, allowing future use of the app (until the next midnight) only after entering the unlock PIN. For more information, please take a look at my guide on how to hide apps in the iPhone.

More apps to manage lovers

If you find that the applications I have listed so far do not fully meet your requirements, you may consider using a workaround - here are some of them.

  • Norton App Lock (Android) - is an application developed by the same software house as the famous Norton Antivirus, which allows you to block other applications installed on the device using a PIN or an unlocking sequence. It's free.
  • Hide the app (Android) - is an application that allows you to hide applications from the Android drawer, regardless of the launcher used. It's free.
  • Calculator vault (Android) - another application that allows you to hide other applications installed on the system, "masking" them behind a seemingly harmless calculator. It's free.

If you think it's appropriate, please see my guide on how to hide apps on Android to learn more about this. If you have an iPhone or iPad, unfortunately, I don't have any positive news: As it stands, the only effective way to try to inhibit (or at least block) apps is to use the Use time.

It is possible to use some dedicated tinkering for iPhones and iPads subjected to the jailbreak procedure, but to unlock the devices with the operating system iOS and iPadOS is now useful for very few things and, above all, it exposes terminals to unwarranted security problems, so it should be avoided.