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We are in a period in which technological evolution is taking giant steps in times that we would define as really short. It is a development that involves us personally, given the excessive use we make of technological tools. We have easy access to Internet and now we use mobile phones (or more generally our mobile devices) to do anything, entrusting much of our lives to the technology. Therefore, it is a direct consequence to see how the younger generations try to emulate us. In particular, I find this example to be visible in children who often claimed to be able to use the same technological devices that we ourselves have so frequent access to.

If you are a parent, you may have had a similar request I imagine. It is clearly not my intention to go into the merits of parenting education, but instead I would like to suggest installing apps for kids on mobile phones and tablets that can transform a playful moment into an educational one.

that apps for kids that I want to advise you in this guide of mine are available for free download in the two main OS for mobile phones and tablets, namely Android and iOS. I will explain in detail what their main characteristics are and why, in my opinion, they could be suitable for children and adolescents. Are you ready to start? As usual, I want to wish you a good read.

Kids app (drawing)

Oh! The Magic Drawing App (Android / iOS)

I have chosen to categorize my tips on apps for kids to download as I think it's important to separate apps for educational and playful purposes from those designed primarily for entertainment. In the category indicated here I will tell you what are the Best Apps drawing designed for children and, the first one I want to talk to you about is called Oh! The magic drawing app.

It is an application born from a small French development team, conceived as a digital transposition of a popular children's book. The main objective of the application is to allow children to draw, from some predefined geometric shapes. I choose to recommend Oh! The magic drawing app in particular since it won the award. Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2017, an award that is attributed to the excellence of digital content designed for a young audience.

The application, in fact, is nothing more than a blank sheet where, by clicking, dragging and rotating the different geometric shapes, an interactive design is created that represents a city. The application is very simple and intuitive and is designed to stimulate children's creativity. He can also fascinate adults with his style, sometimes poetic.

Oh! The magic drawing app is available for free on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.

Tayasui Sketches (Android / iOS)

One of the best applications for to draw. free on mobile devices it is undoubtedly Tayasui Sketches, a digital drawing application whose objective is to return the feeling of traditional drawing made on paper.

Although the drawing is then made on a digital support, the Tayasui Sketches application manages to perfectly simulate, in a completely realistic way, the stroke of the different tools for drawing on paper.

The strength of the application is also given by its offer and combination of different professional tools for drawing with other simpler ones, designed specifically for children. That is precisely why it is an application that will appeal not only to children but also to adults. Lovers of creativity and drawing.

Among its most notable features is the compatibility with different gestures to zoom in, delete, zoom out and save design or drawn elements. An application that performs its best on large devices: the essential and minimal user interface is designed to give as much space as possible to the virtual drawing sheet.

Basically the application is Free but it does include some advanced tools that can be unlocked via version Banco Pro application (available only on iOS) or through in-app purchases with variable cost depending on the tools you want to buy.

Tayasui Sketches is available free on Android and iOS.

Kids app (game)

Toontastic 3D

Developed by Google, Toontastic 3D is an application for children that allows you to play by doing cartoon.

The Mountain View giant's goal, however, goes beyond creating an app for the sole purpose of gaming. Behind Toontastic 3D is the desire to show the little ones the procedure of creating a cartoon, showing how it is necessary to start from the creation of a story. Therefore, Toontastic 3D shows everything that is defined behind the scenes for the realization of a cartoon.

However, the creation procedure is simplified as much as possible with this application, thus wanting to appeal to the smallest users.

To create your own cartoon with Toontastic 3D, you just need to set the length of your movie, choose the setting and related characters from a list of predefined templates, and then Record your story through the device's microphone, to bring a completed story to life.

The most creative kids will also find it more fun to use the custom creation mode. In fact, it is possible to draw scenes and characters by hand in two dimensions, and then see a transposition made in three dimensions. An application that encourages storytelling, through one of the most fascinating media for a child's eyes: caricature.

However, if you want to find a glitch in the application, there is the presence of a user interface available only in English. A minor obstacle, however, considering the speed with which children learn, when it comes to exploiting the imagination to the fullest. A defect that is also compensated by the immediacy of the tools that the application makes available. Therefore, Toontastic 3D can be appreciated even by those who are not familiar with the foreign language.

Toontastic 3D is available for free for Android and iOS.

Plants vs. Zombies

Apps for kids to play include the timeless strategy game Plants VS Zombies, in which older kids can have fun burying and strengthening plants in a garden, in an attempt to defeat the zombies. .

Although it is a game, its Tower Defense genre makes it anything but a simple and mundane game, especially since it requires reasoning and a good dose of strategy to win games.

The Plants VS Zombies game franchise dates back to 2009 and has since been enriched with numerous sequels, some of which have also been published on other platforms dedicated to players.

Therefore, this game series is certainly recommended as a children's app mainly dedicated to playful entertainment. The sequels Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Android and iOS) and Plants vs. Zombies Heroes (Android and iOS)

Of all the titles in the Plants Vs Zombies series, I can only recommend the first historical chapter of this particular series: this game, available for free for Android and iOS and also present in a paid version, will even make you have a hard time. Adults.

Other apps for kids (education and games):

  • Learn English with Duolingo : An app Free from the user interface in Italian that will help children and young people to learn or review their knowledge of English, German or French. Available on Android and iOS.
  • MeteoHeroes begins the adventure : game with educational purposes that aims to teach children how weather phenomena work and respect for the environment. Available free on Android and iOS.

How to find other apps for kids:

If you are looking for others apps for kids download to your mobile device because the ones I've reported don't reflect your needs? Don't worry, I can give you some tips that will be very useful, you'll see.

Both the digital stores of the most popular operating systems for smartphones (App Store for iOS) and Play Store (for Android), they integrate a special section designed to optimize the search for applications for families and children. I will explain below how to find other apps for kids.

On iOS, open the App Store (symbol of a A stylized on a light blue background). On the main screen of the application, go to the item Categories in the menu below. You can then explore the main categories of applications in the Apple digital store.

If you touch the item children, you can select items Children of all ages, or choose one of the three main subcategories: Up to 4 years, 6-8 years and 9-11 years. In this way you will be able to see the complete list of all the applications for children in the App Store; You will find the free ones but also the paid ones.

On Android, open the Play store (symbol of a colored flag triangular). On the main screen of the application, you can see some green buttons that represent Shortcuts to the most searched categories for Android apps. In this case, the one of your interest is Family.

In the new screen that opens you will see the other subcategories related to children's applications. In fact, you find the button that refers to the apps divided by year of age ( up to 5 years, 6-8 years, 9 years and older ) and the button Positions, to independently assess which apps for kids are downloaded and bought the most.