Application for editing

Today our mobile phone can be an indispensable tool as technological progress has allowed the introduction of more and more features. Using a smartphone just to make calls and send messages is now considered reductive, as our mobile device is now capable of doing so much more. A concrete example of what I say can be seen particularly in the new generation of mobile devices. For example, the iOS App Store on the iPhone and iPad or the PlayStore for mobile phones and tablets Android allows you to download numerous app to edit they are absolutely capable of replacing the most popular video and image editing software.

Do you absolutely agree with these statements and would you like some advice on which applications to download to fully exploit the potential of the new device? Want some tips on essential editing apps for editing photos, images, videos, and audio? No problem, I can help you in no time.

To follow the detailed instructions in this tutorial of mine, all you have to do is take a few minutes off, hold your smartphone or tablet, and sit down comfortably. I wrote this guide to tell you about what, in my humble opinion, are the Best Apps to edit in Android devices and iOS. If you download them with me from the virtual store of your device, I can explain in detail how to use them. Like many traditional PC programs and Mac, these applications provide advanced photo and video editing tools. The main difference, however, is the ease of use. You see, I'm sure if you follow my instructions, you won't have any difficulty using them for your creative projects. Do you want to bet? As always, before you start, I wish you a good read.

Video editing app

iMovie (iOS)

iMovie is the video editing application most popular available free… On iPhone and iPad devices, I absolutely recommend it for its extreme ease of use - its user interface is truly intuitive. From the first opening of the application, you will see a presentation screen that will explain its main characteristics: iMovie allows you to browse the movies in your device's memory to edit them, applying cuts or merges between the videos and being able to choose between the different effects available ; To top it off, its features also allow you to create Hollywood-style trailers, giving you a wide choice thanks to the many predefined themes available.

To edit videos With iMovie, first launch the app on your Apple device and tap the tab. Projects which is in the top center of the screen. So, hit on the Icon (+) Create the project. Acting in this way you will be asked to select between the two available items: Movie o Trailer.

When choosing the item Movie you will see all the multimedia elements (photos and videos) that you can add to your project. Tap on the ones you want to import, making sure they have a blue check mark on them. This way you can start taking the first steps in creating your edition.

Once you have selected all the media items to include in your project, click Create a movie. Now you are ready to make all the editing changes to your video, so let's go through the step-by-step procedures that will allow you to edit a video with iMovie.

However, before you start, keep in mind that you can preview the video at the top of the screen and you can see the timeline at the bottom of the screen. You can also swipe from left to right (or vice versa) to move through any scene in the movie. Now tap on the video within the timeline to see the available tools.

Now select the scissors symbol and take advantage Divide to cut the movie at the point you're watching; or press on Separate audio to separate the audio track from the video track. The voice Double, instead, you will need it to duplicate the material in place. L ' stopwatch icon will be used to change movie speed or to set freeze frame settings, while the Speaker icon will allow you to adjust the volume of the audio. You can also add text elements: to do this, tap on the with a T. You can even apply filters to video, such as black and white or vintage, by tapping on the with the symbol of the three dots. In case you want to add more multimedia elements, click on the symbol (+) that you can find space above the timeline.

Do you think you have done a good job and finished your project? Very good! Now tap on the End at the top right of the screen: you can then choose to review the project ( with the Play symbol ), delete it ( trash can icon ) or share it externally or save it to your device ( share symbol ).

KineMaster (Android / iOS)

Among the most downloaded applications that I consider the best for video editing, I recommend KineMaster without a second thought, an application available for free on Android and iOS devices. This application is a true professional tool for your device. I think it is absolutely recommended since, in addition to allowing you to perform all the basic editing procedures, it also offers many advanced functions.

To start editing a video with KineMaster, download it to your device using the links I provided and then click the button Open. If you receive a notification from the app (you will be asked if you want to guarantee access to content media on your device), confirm it so that you can start using the application.

On the main screen, you will have to create your project by clicking on the Red clapperboard icon in the center of the screen and choose from Project assistant, to start a video creation wizard, or Empty project, to create a new project from scratch. Also select this last item if you want to get to your project timeline immediately and perform all editing procedures manually.

On the right of the screen you will find a series of icons: Media to import images and videos, Audio to add audio tracks saved on your device, and Article guidance on Record audio immediately. Once you've added all the items you need for your project, tap on them on the timeline to bring up new tools. You can then make some important changes like cropping a video, flipping it, or applying filters or subtitles with effects, all using the buttons on the screen.

When you have made all the changes you want to make to your project, tap the share icon on the left side of the screen and then tap the Save the video in the Gallery, so you can save the project on your device. Alternatively, touch the icons of the social media from your device in case you want to upload the video online.

The KineMaster video editing app doesn't have banner ads, but you can buy the Professional Edition at a cost of 3,56 euros / month or 28,46 euros / year on Android or 5,49 euros / month or 45,99 euros / year on iOS. Subscription will allow you to remove the watermark from the exported video and have access to premium elements to add to your project.

Application for editing photos and images

Snapseed (Android / iOS)

Snapseed is a popular (and unanimously appreciated) app developed by Google, designed to perform the task of editing an image or a photo on mobile devices. Available in free… On both Android and iOS, it has on its side being a really complete application. Many people appreciate Snapseed and the reason is because it provides many tools to treat editing in the most professional way possible, making the process as simple as possible, compared to other similar applications.

Do you want to know how it works? Well, I'll tell you right now how to edit an image with Snapseed. First, after downloading the app from your device's store, tap on the Open.

You will now be asked to tap the screen to start using the application. Then take the suggested action by tapping anywhere on the screen and accept the screen that appears. Now select the preview of the image you want to edit. If you can't find what you are looking for, tap the symbol of menu ( ☰) and find the image to edit among all possible folders on your device or in the cloud.

To start editing a photo or image, simply touch the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on Tools to see the many tools at your disposal: you can, for example, make a cutout, tap on Stop. Pressing the button instead Blur a blur effect can be applied to the image; he Text allows you to add stylized captions with your personal message, while the HDR used to apply the HDR effect to the image.

In summary, the ones I have mentioned are just a few examples of features that you can use; as you have surely seen by yourself, you have the option to try your hand at editing photos and images. Experiment freely but remember only one thing: each time you select and use a tool, you will have to confirm the change by touching the check mark at the bottom right of the screen.

When you are satisfied with your work, you can proceed to save your changes by clicking Export…Bottom right. Then you will be offered a choice of different items: Save to save a copy of the photo in the memory of your device; Export to create a copy of your photo, changing its size, format and quality as set in the settings (on the photo editing screen, press the button three point symbol and choose Settings ); Export as to create a copy of the image, saving it to a folder of your choice, or shares to share the image on social networks or upload it to the cloud.

Pixlr (Android / iOS)

Another very popular application used by users is Pixlr, available free… both on Android and iOS. This app is quite full of tools for editing photos and images and you will probably also appreciate it for the additional functionality that allows you to create photo collages.

First download it from the store of your device, using the links I provided and then press the button Open. Press on I agree in the window that appears to access the main screen of the application.

Now select the source from which to import the image to edit. For example, click Camera to take a photo on the spot, or tap on Photos to browse the gallery in your device memory, looking for a photo to import and modify. In both cases, if a consent window appears for you to access the camera or the memory of your device, consent to that request without worry.

Once you've selected the image (or shot it with your camera), your editing tools will be available in the lower section of the screen. In particular, when touching the with the symbol of the two circles In the lower left corner, you could make some basic changes like cropping or rotating the image, adjusting the contrast or brightness, just to name a few. L ' with the brush symbol instead it will allow you to use the brush to to draw smooth lines or pixelated effect lines, or lets you manually lighten or darken parts of the image.

Another tool that I recommend using to edit the image is the icon of the two overlapping pages. This button will allow you to apply a color filter to the image or even layer effects among those available. Pounding on the the frame symbol, you can choose to frame the photo with one of the many frames available, or stick stickers. Finally the with the letter T it will give you the possibility to add subtitles, choosing between different fonts and styles.

Are you satisfied with the changes you have made to your image? Well, now all you have to do is save a copy of your work by clicking on the Done, located in the upper right. You can choose whether you want to share the image on social networks (by touching the key Instagram, Facebook o Twitter ) or save it to your device ( Save Picture ). If none of these options is what you want to do, tap Others to choose between saving or sharing the image with one of the applications installed on your device.

More photo, video and image editing apps

You liked the applications that I told you about in detail, but would you like to receive more advice on which applications to download so that you can have more comparison? There you have it in the blink of an eye. Below is a short list of other really popular editing apps.

  • Prisma (Android / iOS)) : Prism is not your usual photo editing app, you'll see. The main purpose of the application is to allow you to completely distort your photos, applying original filters. Your image will become very similar to a painting, you will see. It's free with the ability to make in-app purchases to always get new filters.
  • Clips (iOS): Designed specifically for social networks, Clips is a very unusual application that allows you to edit your videos in just a few taps on the screen. Their tools are not traditional at all and when you learn to use them, you will no longer be able to do without them. AND free but it is only available on iOS.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip ( Android / iOS ): Are you looking for a professional and traditional video editing app? Then, without hesitation, turn to Adobe Premiere Clip. Developed by the well-known company, it is nothing more than a lighter version (but still complete with tools) for mobile devices of the well-known Adobe Premiere Pro software.
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix (Android / iOS): If you want to edit photos in a professional and traditional way, you should try the Adobe Photoshop Mix application. Why? The application in question is developed by Adobe, a company well known for its digital graphics and video editing software. The applications developed by Adobe are a true guarantee.