Would you like to hear your music favorite, wherever you are, even without having a connection to Internet? Are you looking for apps that allow you to set the hits of the moment as your phone's ringtone? Would you like to download free music to your mobile device? Take it easy, you've come to the right place at the right time! In today's guide, in fact, you will find a detailed list with some song application.

Whatever your needs, make sure there are apps ready to satisfy you in the best way: there are apps that allow you to download tracks locally to listen to them later in offline mode, others that allow you to download ringtones and assign them to different contacts and still others allow access to endless online song catalogs (to download offline when subscribing to a paid subscription).

Come on, sit back, take five minutes of free time, and take a look at the apps I'm about to suggest to you. Find the ones that you consider most suitable for your needs and use them following the instructions that I am going to give you: I can assure you that it will be a game of children. Enjoy your reading and have fun!

Application to listen to songs offline

The first applications I would recommend are those for listen to songs offline. Through the list of applications and services that you will find in the following paragraphs, you can access your favorite music anytime, anywhere, even when you don't have an Internet connection.

Spotify (Android / iOS / Windows)

Impossible not to know Spotify, the most famous music streaming service in the world. It allows access to songs, albums and music playlists of all kinds to listen to streaming and offline, thanks to the local download function. It is available as an application for mobile devices Android, iOS and Windows 10 and can also be accessed from the desktop and the web.

You can only listen to songs offline with Spotify if you have a subscription before at a cost of € 9.99 / month for a single user (€ 4.99 / month if you are a student) or € 14.99 / month for five people, but you should know that you can try the service for free for a period of 7 or 30 days: In this regard, my guides on how to download Spotify Premium for free and how to activate Spotify Premium might be helpful. Without activating the free trial and / or without activating the Premium plan, you can listen to music on mobile phones only in random mode (hence random) and with ad breaks.

To download music with Spotify, start the application and press the button Search In the menu below, type the title of the song or album you want to download. Now, touch your cover image and activate the function Download moving the lever of OFF guidance on EN for albums and playlists, while for individual songs touch the button tres puntos and press the option Save. Then press the item Your library present in the menu then tap the option Songs and move the lever relative to the element Download de OFF guidance on EN. You can learn more about it by reading my guide on how Spotify works.

Apple Music (Android / iOS)

Another valid solution to listen to music in offline mode is Apple Music, Apple's music streaming service. It is available in the iPhone / iPad through the app music of iOS and also supports Android devices by downloading the appropriate application (in addition to being available on the desktop through iTunes).

If you want to take advantage of Apple Music and access all its features, such as the ability to listen to songs without an Internet connection, you must subscribe to one of the available plans: individually from 9,99 euros / month, family from 14,99 euros / month (up to 6 people at the same time) or student from 4.99 euros / month. However, you should know that the first three months are free and you can try the service without any limitations.

To activate the trial version of Apple Music, launch the service application (or the iOS Music application) and press the voice Try it now, then select one of the subscription plans, tap the button The trial period begins. and ready During the activation process, you must enter yours Apple ID - If you don't already have one, it will be helpful to read my guide on how to create an Apple ID.

Now you are ready to listen to all the music you want, even in offline mode! To do this, press the button Search present at the bottom and identify the song of your interest, then press the button + to add it to the library and touch the Arrow down to start the download and make the song available in offline mode as well, while for albums and playlists press the option Add and press the voice Download. To view the list of available tracks offline, tap the item library present in the menu under and press option Downloaded music.

Shuttle Music Player (Android)

Among the offline song listening solutions to consider, there are also music players that let you play songs on your device. Among the best Android apps of its kind, it should definitely be mentioned Shuttle Music Player, Allowing a personalization of the listening with attention to the smallest details.

To start listening to music with Shuttle Music Player, launch the application and, on the main screen, select the song to listen by filtering by Genders, artisans and local residents associations, suggested, album y Songs. He identified the song to listen to, press his cover and touch the ▶ ︎ button to start playback. With Shuttle Music Player you can also view the lyrics of the songs played and customize the home screen of your device by adding widgets.

More apps to listen to songs offline

There are so many solutions for listening to music in offline mode that mentioning them would be impossible. In addition to the subscription services and music players mentioned above, you can consider these other applications to listen to songs offline.

  • Google Play Music (Android / iOS): is Google's answer to Spotifiy and Apple Music. In the free version, there are numerous limitations, such as playing only in random mode and advertising breaks. Subscribe to a subscription unlimited Starting at 9,99 euros / month, you can access the entire music catalog without limits and listen to songs even in offline mode.
  • Amazon Music (Android / iOS): Amazon's music streaming service. Among its peculiarities, in addition to allowing access to an unlimited catalog of songs, albums and playlists, it allows you to play all the music purchased at the famous store founded by Jeff Bezos, even in physical format. To listen to songs in offline mode, a subscription is required Amazon Music Unlimited from 9,99 euros / month. For more information, I leave you with my guide on how Amazon Music Unlimited works.
  • Blackplayer (Android) - Another cool music player for Android devices. Black Player supports MP3, WAV, OGG formats, allows automatic download of song versions and offers an equalizer to personalize listening.
  • Music player in the cloud (iOS): It is more than just a music player, it allows you to access cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive and download the music available to listen in offline mode. It is compatible with iPhone / iPad and supports file formats. MP3 audio, M4A and WAV.
  • Music (iOS) - Besides accessing Apple Music, the iOS Music app can also be used to transfer songs offline to iPhones and iPads and listen to them freely. To learn how to pass music from the PC to iPhone and how to transfer music from PC to iPad, read my thematic tutorials.

Application to set songs as a ringtone

Among the solutions to consider are also the application to set songs as ringtone from the phone There are applications that allow you to download songs and sound effects for free, others that allow you to use the songs in the library of the device in use: these are some of the most interesting.

Zedge (Android / iOS / Windows)

Zedge It is one of the best applications to set songs as a ringtone. Available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile, allows access to a rich catalog of ringtones and sound effects to download for free and configure them as phone ringtones, but also as alarm and notification sounds. Zedge's only flaw is the unavailability of the Italian language, but its simple interface makes its use intuitive anyway.

To start downloading ringtones and set them to yours Mobile Phone Android, launch the Zedge app and tap the push button, then press the item tones and choose one of the available cards: Represented with ringtones selected by Zedge staff; Discover with a rich list of ringtones and songs filtered by categories ( animals, blues, dance, games, Reggae, rock, Sound effects etc.). Alternatively, you can search for a ringtone by tapping the icon magnifying glass present at the top right and writing the name of the ringtone in the field Zedge Search.

Once you have found the right ringtone for you, press the ▶ ︎ button to listen to it or press and hold the icon heart to add it to your favorites, otherwise, touch its title and press the button first arrow and then in the article Save to save the ringtone to your device or option Set of ringtones to set it as a ringtone.

If you have a iPhoneZedge's operation is slightly different. On the main screen you can see the most popular ringtones and some categories like Farm, Alert tones, Silly tones, Big alarms and many others Falling in love with the icon magnifying glass present in the menu below to search for a ringtone by name, while pressing the icon arrow pointing down to view downloaded ringtones. He identified his favorite ringtone, press on his name to listen to a preview and tap the icon arrow To start the download.

Unfortunately, in this case, setting the ringtone is not as simple as described for Android and Windows devices, and you need to proceed with iTunes syncing. You can learn more about it by reading my guide on how to insert ringtones on iPhone.

Audiko (Android / iOS)

Another application to consider to set songs as a ringtone is audiko. It is available for free for Android devices and at 1,09 euros for iOS devices and allows you to create personalized ringtones from the music stored on your device, access a rich catalog of ready-to-use ringtones and share them with your friends.

To start creating and downloading ringtones on devices Android, start the Audiko application and from the main screen choose one of the ringtones popular. Alternatively, touch the ≡ button and press the option Genders to view the ringtones collected by genre ( pop, dance, rock, soul, metal, rap etc.) or press the item Collections to view collections of ringtones created by Audiko users. Identified the ringtone to download, press its name and press the ▶ ︎ button to listen to a preview or press the icon arrow pointing down to start the download. Then choose how to set the ringtone between Default ringtone, Message ringtone, Alarm bell y Contact ringtone and ready

If you want to create a ringtone, press the button and you touch the element Create ringtone, then press the option Create from file and import a song from your device's library to Audiko. Then cut the song and choose whether to mix it by activating the options Melt into y Disappear and, after completing the ringtone customization, tap the voice done and touch the icon Arrow down to set the ringtone on your phone.

If you have a iPhone, press on the element My ringtones and touch the option Create ringtone to create a ringtone from a track on your device, otherwise press the button popular placed in the menu below to download one of the ringtones in the Audiko catalog or use the would you search to find a song of your interest. Also in this case to establish a ringtone it is necessary to intervene through iTunes.

Application to download free songs

Between the song application I advise you to keep in mind that there is also apps to download songs for free, which allow you to download songs for free, thus enriching the music catalog of your device. These are some of the most interesting.

TinyTunes (Android)

Among the applications to download music to consider there are TinyTunes that, by exploiting the databases of multiple files hosting and social networking, allows you to find and download numerous free tracks. The application is not officially distributed and therefore is not present on Google Play Store: to install it, you must download the application from demanocs.com, disabling protection against applications that come from unknown sources on your device.

To download TinyTunes, then enter adjustments Android by pressing the gear icon, tap the item fullfilment of security requirements, identify the option Unknown origins and move your lever OFF guidance on EN. Answer the warning that appears on the screen in the affirmative. Now, open the browser on your device and connect to the site indicated above, then press the button install place next to TinyTunes, wait for the apk app to download, and follow the instructions on how to install APK to continue installing the app. Once the TinyTunes installation is complete, remember to disable downloading of files from unknown sources by repeating the procedure described above.

Now you can start downloading music with TinyTunes! On the main screen of the app, therefore, tap one of the categories present ( Top iTunes Songs, Top iTunes Albums, Billboard Hot 100, Top blues, Jazz Top, Top reggae etc.) or search for a song by pressing the icon magnifying glass placed in the upper right.

Then type the title of the song you want to download and in the search results select the songs that interest you, then touch the icon of arrow pointing down (present at the top) to start the download. The downloaded songs will be available in the folder / Home / tinytunes / song / of your device.

Jamendo (Android / iOS)

Jamendo It is the platform that collects the songs of independent artists and labels, ideal for those who love to discover emerging and little-known musicians. The application is available for Android and iOS devices and is offered as a music player to listen to songs in streaming, but also as an application to download songs for free and legally. Unfortunately, the download feature is not currently supported on iPhone / iPad.

If you have a mobile phone or tablet Android and you want to download music locally, start the Jamendo app and create a free account. Tap the ≡ button and press the item Create Account, enter your data in the fields email y password and press the button Create Account. Alternatively, you can link a social media account to Jamendo by tapping the button Create an account through Facebook o Create an account through Google.

On the Jamendo main screen, choose the song by filtering by genders ( pop, rock, jazz, environment, Reggae, from punk, metal etc.) and select if you want to show i Popular songs yo latest tracks or a selection with i best tracks chosen by Jamendo for you.

Once you have found the song that interests you, tap the ▶ ︎ button to listen to it or tap the icon arrow pointing down to download the song, then press the item Free download for personal use if you intend to use the song for no other purpose or touch the option Get a license on Jamendo Licensing to be able to use the song in videos and multimedia projects.

en iOS Unfortunately, the download function has not been activated yet and therefore it is not possible to download tracks hosted by Jamendo locally.

Total files (iOS)

Downloading music on iOS devices is not a simple thing and there are not many applications that allow you to do it, but with Total Files You can overcome these obstacles. The application in question is available for iPhone / iPad and is presented as a browser that allows you to download various files on the Web, including music. In the free version it features banners and video ads, while the Pro version (4,49 euros) does not have these limitations.

To download music with Total files, start the application, access your internal browser by pressing the button globe (bottom right) and in the address bar at the top, enter the address of one of the many free music download sites. Therefore, the song to download will start playing, and Total will automatically suggest that you play it. Download, showing him a special button.

To see the downloaded files, return to the main screen of the application by first pressing the icon binder (bottom left) and then in the one of binder. Alternatively, log into the app office hour iOS and active total on the menu Navigate> Positions.

caution : Illegally downloading copyrighted music is a crime. This tutorial was written for illustrative purposes only and I am not responsible for any use that may be made of the information in it.