Application for youtuber

He recently opened his first channel on the well-known sharing platform Youtube videos and therefore is somewhat in the arms of his new role as «youtuber«. However, you are a volcano of ideas and you already have several videos in mind to make and publish with the intention of publicizing your channel.

Very well! I am glad that you have clear ideas about your path as Webstar, how about I just give you a little help, recommending some applications for mobile phones and tablets that will allow you to better manage your business? I have in mind some applications that will be very useful to do your job as a youtuber.

How do you say? You are very interested in knowing which ones application for youtuber to download? Very well! Then I suggest you take a few minutes of free time to read this guide in detail: I will talk to you in depth about some applications that I consider very useful for those who have a YouTube channel, fully explaining the main characteristics of each tool. All you need is your mobile phone or tablet Android or on iPhone o iPad: following my instructions, you can try the applications that I will recommend. Are you ready to start? Yes? Very good! I wish you a good read and good luck in your career as a youtuber.

Table of Contents

Youtube Creator Studio (Android / iOS)

Available free On Android and iOS, the YouTube Creator Studio application is the first application that I want to tell you about, since I consider it essential for anyone who has a YouTube channel.

The application offers the possibility of managing your YouTube channel in all aspects from your mobile device. It allows you to view uploaded videos, manage comments, and reply to them, as well as offering some advanced tools for monitoring statistics.

To download it, go to the Android PlayStore or iOS App Store, search for the application by typing Youtube creators studio in the search engine of the virtual store of your device. Once located, press the button Install / Accept to download it on Android, or on the button Get / install to download the app on iOS. Once downloaded on your device, start it: I want to explain how its main features work.

The first thing you must do to use this application is connect your account Google and, consequently, be able to access your YouTube channel through this application. Then select your Google account when you log in to be able to use the Youtube Creator Studio application.

The YouTube Creator Studio application is, as I told you, designed to allow you to manage your channel in all aspects on the well-known video sharing platform. The application is made up of some main sections, the same ones that you can find when managing your YouTube channel from a desktop browser. Click the button menu (symbol of three horizontal lines ) to see the main channel management tools that Youtube Creator Studio makes available:

  • Dashboard : This is a summary screen that shows the summary of your latest uploaded videos with related statistics, watch times and comments.
  • Video : through this section you can see the complete list of videos uploaded to your YouTube channel for management.
  • Play list : through this section you can see the complete list of playlists created on your YouTube channel for management.
  • Comments : in this section you can see all the comments published for your videos and playlists on your YouTube channel in its entirety
  • Analytics - A very important section that allows you to have a complete overview of the real-time views for your Youtube channel and for your videos, as well as allowing you to see the estimated revenue for your channel on the video sharing platform.
  • configurations - This is a subsection dedicated to the settings of the application regarding the activation or deactivation of notifications.

Using the Youtube Creator Studio application, and the sections indicated by me, you can manage all the aspects related to your Youtube channel. The application will allow you to act even when you are away from home, using your mobile phone or tablet.

Youtube (Android / iOS)

From the moment you have a channel on the famous Google video platform, do not forget to install the most important application of all on your Android or iOS mobile device: the official YouTube application.

Yes, because to view the videos of other YouTube users even when you are away from home, the most complete tool that allows you to do so is your own Youtube app. You can also watch Youtube videos through the browser you use to navigate on your mobile phone, but the user experience will be more optimized if you use the official application.

In addition, the official Youtube application for Android and iOS can also be used to Record videos and broadcast live directly from the mobile phone. You did not know? Don't worry, I will tell you how to best use the Youtube application.

First download the official Youtube application via Android PlayStore or iOS App Store, search for the application in question by typing Youtube in the integrated search engine and, once found, press the button Install / Accept to download it on Android. Yes iOS, instead press the button Get / install to download the application from the App Store. Once downloaded to your device, start it: I want to tell you about some features that I think are of fundamental importance. Also note that to get the most out of the Youtube app, you will need to log in via the Google account related to your channel on the video sharing platform.

The main screen of the YouTube application is the Home (symbol of a cabin ); Through this section you can see a list of videos and channels recommended by YouTube.

Using the menu bar at the bottom then you have the button available Trends (symbol of a fire ); This section allows you to watch the most popular Youtube videos, and also allows you to choose the popular videos to watch by category: music, live, games, news.

Clicking on the button registration (symbol of Youtube ) instead, you will have access to the panel dedicated to viewing all recent videos uploaded by the YouTube channels you are subscribed to.

There is the section then Activities (symbol of campanilla ) that allows you to get in touch with other people registered on YouTube and the section Collection (symbol of a binder ), designed to track your activity online with section Chronology, through the videos added to the section Look later, which also allows you to see the summary of the videos uploaded to your YouTube channel.

For, record videos and upload them to Youtube directly from the application, press the button with the symbol video camera and then choose if you want to record a video to post later (button Record ) or whether to broadcast live (button Live broadcast ). By choosing to record a video to be published deferred, you will have at your disposal some basic tools of edition, thus being able edit a video to be published on Youtube in no time even when you are away from home.

Kine Master (Android / iOS)

Have you created your YouTube channel and are you looking for a complete application to edit videos recorded directly from your smartphone? You're in luck, I can recommend an absolutely noteworthy app that you won't be able to do without.

The application in question is called Kine Master and, available for free on Android and iOS, is, in my opinion, one of the best for editing movies and making video montages with photos and effects, using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. The strength of the app is its tool-rich user interface, through which you can create captivating video montages.

To start using Kine Master, download the application from the Android PlayStore or the iOS App Store, search for the application in question by typing Kine Master in the integrated search engine and once the application is found, press the button Install / Accept to download it on Android. If you want to download Kine Master on iOS, click the button instead Get / install.

Also note that you can use Kine Master for free as long as you have a watermark printed on the movies that you generate through the app. To remove this watermark, as well as to have access to some additional features, you can subscribe. The cost of the latter is € 5,49 per month or € 45,99 per year (on iOS).

To use the video editing tools in this application, launch Kine Master and tap the clapperboard with the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead that you find in the center of the screen. On the next screen, now tap the button Average to import the video to edit.

Once you've selected the video or part that you want to import, you can use the tools on the Kine Master wheel to edit the video in question. Specifically, you have the following functions available:

  • Cape button (plus symbol overlapping sheets ): allows you to add additional overlays to the video, such as effects, texts, stickers, and handwriting.
  • Audio button (symbol of a musical note ): allows you to significantly modify the audio of the video in question, adding predefined music, predefined sounds and effects or a musical soundtrack by choosing from the music tracks that may be present in the memory of your mobile device.
  • Button Voz (symbol of a microphone ): Allows you to record a voice over for the imported video.

To take advantage of various other additional functions, press on the video thumbnail in the timeline - you will see a long list of buttons appear allowing you to crop the video, flip it, change the playback speed, adjust the volumes, apply a color correction and much more.

Once you have finished editing the video, press the button in the upper right, select the resolution and frame rate of the file to export and press the button. Export.