Application to buy online

Your best friend's birthday is just around the corner, but you don't have time to go shopping for a present? Are you looking for a house and want to find ads in your city? Would you like to make the purchase from the comfort of your home avoiding the queues at the checkout? If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, don't worry - you've come to the right place at the right time! With today's guide, in fact, I'll show you the ones that I think are the best application to buy online.

There are many applications dedicated to shopping: some allow you to buy and receive items directly at home (often within a few working days), others allow you to find ads in your area and contact sellers. You may not believe it, but through the applications that I am going to suggest you can find any type of product: from mobile phones to milk cartons, through boats and luxury cars! Whatever your needs and whatever products you want to buy, you shouldn't have a problem finding the right apps for you.

If you want to know more and want to know what the Best Apps To buy the items you are interested in, make yourself comfortable and read the following paragraphs carefully. I am sure that in the end you will find the solution that best suits your needs, so that you can buy via smartphone or tablet with confidence. Are you ready to start? Well then I wish you a good read!

Preliminary and necessary operations

Before going into detail in this guide and listing the ones that I think are the best application to buy onlineIt will help you understand how to identify unreliable sellers and therefore how to avoid being scammed. To do this, you can read my guide on how to find out if an online store or a seller is a scam.

If you wonder what it takes to pay for a product purchased by Internet, the answer is simple: to buy online through applications, it is recommended to use a prepaid card or an account PayPal.

Prepaid cards (also known as reloadable cards) are debit cards that only contain the amount that you choose to credit. They are not linked to any bank account and, therefore, in order to use them, they must be recharged through ATMs, your bank's home banking services and other channels that vary depending on the card used. Among the most popular prepaid cards is the PostePay of Poste Italiane: You can get more information about it by reading my guide on how to activate Postepay.

PayPal is a real online account that allows you to associate credit cards or bank accounts and pay without being required to provide your credit card number or account details. It also allows you to transfer and receive money to other service accounts in complete safety. Activation of a Paypal account It is a procedure that takes a few minutes: to know how to do it, you can read my guide on how to open a PayPal account.

Amazon (Android / iOS / Windows)

One of the best stores to buy online is Amazon. It is the largest digital store in the world, where you can find thousands of different products: from technological products to food, from clothes to cars. It can be accessed from the web and is also available on mobile devices through the free device-compatible app Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

Before entering the Amazon registration process, you should know that the Jeff Bezos giant offers interesting services such as, for example, ... made free ... which allows you to return an item free of charge and be reimbursed if the purchase did not meet expectations. Also, you can subscribe to the Amazon Prime which at a cost of 36 euros per year or 4,99 euros per month offers numerous advantages, such as deliveries in 24 hours and access to the Amazon streaming service Prime Video. To know more, you can read more about it in my how-to guide Amazon works Prime.

With that said, let's see together how to sign up for Amazon. After downloading the service application from the store on your device, launch it by pressing the icon identified by a blue car over White background. On the main screen, tap the Create an account and put a check mark next to the option Create an account. New to Amazon?. You can register with your mobile phone entering the following data Name, Mobile phone number, Password and touch the yellow button Keep going later by inserting the Verification code received by SMS in the appropriate field. Alternatively, you can create an account using your email and tap the button Use your email address instead and then enter the data Name, Email address e Password in the appropriate fields, confirm by pressing the button Create an account on Amazon and it's done.

Before you can start shopping on Amazon, you must associate a valid payment method with your account. Then hit the to open the main menu of the application, press the option Account and press the voice Manage payment options. Later in the article Add a payment method and proceed to enter your Credit or debit card (There is only one payment method). Finally, press the key Scan your card to allow Amazon to automatically retrieve your card data or type The cardholder, Card number, Expiry date in the fields. Then press the button Add your card to complete insertion.

At this point you are ready to start shopping on Amazon. On the main screen of the service application, find the product you are interested in in the search bar to start the search, otherwise you can click the icon of the camera to search for a product by inserting its photo or scanning the barcode.

You can also choose a product by category or view sale items. To do this, press the button and select the Today's Deals to access the section with all discounted products (offered throughout the day), otherwise press the button Choose by category and click on the category of your interest (eg. Clothing, Cars and motorcycles, Electronics, Do it yourself., Jewelry and many others) to see the products available.

Once you have found the product to buy, click on its image to access the file with detailed information, characteristics, price, reviews and questions from users. Click the button Add to Cart to continue looking for other products and buy them later, or choose the option Buy now. to proceed with the purchase. In the first case, you can see the "saved" items and proceed with the order by clicking on the icon. car in the upper right corner. Then press the button Proceed to order to complete the purchase. To learn more, read my tutorial on how to buy on Amazon.

eBay (Android / iOS)

Another good service to buy online is eBay… Accessible through a browser and with the application for Android devices and iOS. The platform was founded in 1995 and, in addition to being one of the best of its kind, it is among the historical services to buy on the Internet: on eBay you can find any type of products, new, used and sold both by stores and by private users.

eBay is based on the online auction but there are also the Buy it now to reduce waiting times and Purchase proposal to send an offer to the seller. Any user who buys (or sells) can leave a feedback useful for indicating whether the shopping (or selling) experience with a particular user was positive, neutral o Negative. A high percentage of positive responses is synonymous with guarantee and security.

After downloading the eBay app from your device's store, launch it by tapping its icon (the eBay writing in color on white background ) and create a free account. Then click on the icon My eBay in the menu below, click on the Login to and play on the Register a new account. Then enter your details in the Name, Last Name, Email address e Password... touch the button ... Register and it's done.

To start buying on eBay, you also have to set a Shipping Address. Press the icon again My eBay... touch the voice ... Settings and click on the option Add shipping address. Then enter your data in the fields Direction, Cap, City, Province e Mobile Phone and confirm by pressing the key Keep going.

Now you are ready to start shopping online on eBay. On the main screen of the application, in the search bar (above) write the name of the product to buy, otherwise click on the item Categories and browse within one of the many categories of the service: Clothing, Beauty and health, Compilation, Movies and DVDs, stamps, Informatics etc. Alternatively you can find an article through its barcode by clicking on the icon Search in in the bottom menu and touch the symbol bar-code in a high place. Using your device's camera, scan the barcode of the product to be searched and it will automatically appear in the search results, if available.

Once you have found the item to buy, click on its image to access the description sheet with detailed information, features, availability and purchase options. To buy the item later, click on the item Add to Cart... otherwise, press your voice ... Observe to add it to the list of items to follow. If you prefer to buy without waiting any longer and the item is available for immediate purchase, click Buy it now to proceed with the purchase. If the item you are interested in is up for auction, press the button Make an offer Enter the amount to offer and you will automatically become the highest bidder. In this case, you will have to follow the progress of the auction and, in case of increases, repeat the operation to return to being the highest bidder.

With the first purchase, proceed to insert the payment method. In the order summary, under the topic Pay with, press the option Select a payment method and choose between credit or debit o PayPal. In the first case, enter your card details. In the second case, press the button Login to to connect eBay to your PayPal account.

Ads app

Among the online shopping services to consider are also: ad app. These are solutions that allow you to search for a product, new or used, throughout Italy and complete the purchase in person (like the classic newspaper advertisements).

The first such solution to consider is Now. one of the most popular portals in Italy also available as an application for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. Through its search function by region and city, it allows you to find a product near you, saving on shipping costs.

To register for the service, press the icon Reserved area at the bottom, press the button Login to and touch the Register. Then come in ... Email address, Password, Birthday, Gender In the appropriate fields, check the box to accept the terms of use and press the button Register. To complete the account creation, click (within 48 hours) on the activation link received at the email address used for registration.

At this point you can start shopping at Then go ahead. Search in (below) to search for a product by name or touch the voice All categories, all of Italy to set an advanced search: to find products in your neighborhood, under the item Where you can select your region and your municipality, and to filter an item by gender in Zone You can select the one of your interest by choosing between Engines, Properties, Electronics, For the house and the person and many others.

If you have found the product you want to buy, click on its cover photo to access the information sheet where you can find the description, the price, the place where the item is located and other photos. Then press the button Contact to contact the seller and close the deal.

A similar service to is Kijiji a platform known to be associated with eBay and that allows you to find hundreds of products, mostly items used and sold by other users. The Kijiji app is freely available for Android and iOS.

The first step to start shopping at Kijiji is to create an account. Next, launch the application on your device's home screen and, on your home screen, scroll down and tap on the button Register. Then enter your data in the fields Name, Email address, Password, Confirm Password and then press the orange button Register y In a few moments you will receive an email with an activation link: click it to confirm the activation of your account.

Now you are ready to do your shopping at Kijiji. On the main screen of the application, type the name of the product you want to buy in the search bar on high, or if not, touch your voice Browse the categories and awards in one of the many categories available ( Casas, Electronics, Free time, Engines, All for the children, Sport, Animals and accessories etc.) to view the various advertisements posted. Once you have found the item you want to buy, click on its ad to read its description, see the accepted payment method and the other photos available. Then click Call to, SMS o Email address to contact the seller by phone or email and make your purchase proposal.

Another ad app is shpock which is available for Android or iOS devices. To start shopping at Shpock, you have to register in the application, and then press the button Login with Facebook to enter with your Facebook account, on the button Login with Google to access with your Google account or press the button Login with your email to register with your email address. In the latter case, press the green button Login / Register and enter your data in the Email address, Password, name e Last Name.

To start shopping through the Shpock application, click on the article Discover present in the lower menu: on the screen that opens you can see the products Hot in your area and pressing the voice Discover (above) you can set some filters like Categories ( House and garden, Electronics, Properties, Cars and engines etc.). Alternatively, you can search for a product by name by tapping on the magnifying glass at the top and writing the name of the item to be purchased.

Once you have found the object you are interested in, click on its cover photo and awards in the voice Make a question. to ask the seller a question or touch the button Private offer to submit your offer.

More apps to buy online

If you are looking for online stores specialized in a specific field or if you simply want to know more application to buy online here is a list of other valid solutions you can consider for your online shopping.

  • ePRICE (Android / iOS.): Among the best services to buy online is ePRICE, a platform that allows you to choose many products among technological items, music, DVD, home products and much more. It allows you to pay by credit card, PayPal or choose one of the collection points throughout Italy to collect and pay for the product purchased locally.
  • Zalando (Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile): it is one of the most famous e-commerce portals in the world, specialized in the sale of clothing and shoes. It offers different payment methods: you can pay with PayPal, prepaid credit card or cash on delivery. Zalando's strengths include free shipping and returns, and the right to return within 100 days of purchase.
  • Gearbeast (Android / iOS): specialized in the online sale of electronic products, Gearbeast also offers many other products. It offers cheaper prices than other e-commerce portals but, being based in China, it has much longer delivery times.

Price comparison app

I conclude this tutorial on applications to buy online with some services that I recommend you consider before buying online. To find out which online store to buy the same item at the lowest price available, price comparison applications are useful.

Among the best solutions of this type there are Price finder which is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile. To use it, start your official application and, in the search bar above, find the product that interests you. Then click on the item Refine to add filters, set a price range, and refine your search. Once you have found the lowest price of the product to buy, click on its image to access the site where it is for sale and where you can proceed to purchase.

A similar service is Kelkoo which, however, is only available for Android devices. To find a product, write its name in the search bar at the top and compare the prices in the proposed list. Alternatively, click on the icon bar-code to search for a product by scanning its barcode through your device's camera.

Finally, you can consider Shoppydoo which is not available in the form of an application, but is accessible through a browser. To use it, link to your home page and in the search bar At the top, write the name of the product found. In the search results list, click on the item View deals to continue shopping. Easier than that?