Application to create videos Fun

During your leisure time, you spend a lot of time between social media and messaging applications; You have a true passion for these digital entertainment tools, and one of the things you love to do the most is make videos that you will later share with all your friends. That is precisely why you are looking for applications that allow you to make fun movies and thus be able to put all your creativity into practice.

Is this really the case and do you think this introduction fully describes you and addresses exactly what you need? So in this case, let me tell you, you were very lucky to find this guide of mine. I know perfectly the world of mobile phone applications Android and iOS and I can definitely guide you towards installing some trending apps dedicated to make videos fun.

If you want to know in detail which applications should not be missed for create funny videos, all you need is a few minutes of free time. I advise you to carefully read my tutorial in which I will tell you in detail about some applications for free download in the Android PlayStore or the iOS App Store. Once you have downloaded them you will be able to understand how to use these applications thanks to my specific instructions. Are you ready to start? Yep? Very good! Okay, so I just have to wish you a good read and a good time!

Snapchat (Android / iOS)

Among the most famous and popular applications for create videos The funniest of recent times is certainly Snapchat, a very popular social network that has some features that were later also introduced in the photo social network Instagram.

The main feature on which Snapchat is based is given by the possibility of making short videos and applying a series of original special effects, thanks to numerous filters in real time. The uniqueness of Snapchat also lies in the fact that the videos made, once published on your profile, have a limited duration in time. In fact, after 24 hours from posting, the posted videos are automatically deleted.

Snapchat, therefore, is shown as an excellent application for those who want to create funny videos from the moment it allows giving a total space to creativity, allowing wide possibilities to customize the movie made with numerous effects and tools that can be activated in real time.

Available in both Android devices like on iOS mobile phones and tablets, Snapchat is an application Free which must be downloaded from the default virtual store of your mobile device. Then go to the Android PlayStore or the iOS App Store and once you have searched for the application through the internal search engine, press the button Get / install (on iOS) or on the button Install / Accept (since Android device). In both cases, once you have finished downloading and installing the application, press the button Opens to start the application in question.

When opening the application, you must first proceed by registering (button Register ) or access, if you have previously registered to this social network (button Log In ). Once you are logged in, to create funny videos with this app, you will obviously need to give it access to the camera and microphone.

From the main screen of the application, then touch round button below to access the mode that allows you to Record videos. Then frame the subject or object to be recorded through your mobile phone camera, then tap on the screen to see the filters in real time that will be applied to the faces and possibly also the 3D effects and animations that will be applied to the faces. films.

To record a snapshot (that is, a video), press and hold round button in the middle. At the end of the recording you can customize the video using the editing tools that you will see on the screen: the button T It allows write a text in the movie, the button with the pencil symbol It allows to draw in the video, the input symbol allows you to access the sticker finder while using the button with the scissor symbol and at shorten you can clip elements and add external links.

Once you have customized your video, click the button Our Story to add the plugin to your story or press the button Save to save the plugin to your device's media gallery without posting it online.

To learn more about how Snapchat works and discover the use of other additional tools, I recommend you read my guide dedicated to the subject in which you will find explained in more detail how use snapchat. (Android / iOS)

Another really popular application that allows the creation of funny videos is, a really unique tool that allows you to make a video where you are mainly invited to show your artistic talent, dancing, imitating or singing a song. . The videos made with will be short in duration and it is also possible to customize them considerably by applying real-time filters, special effects, stickers, writing and much more.

In addition to allowing the creation of amateur music videos, the application integrates a very active community that also appreciates different types of videos. Everything related to your artistic talent is well accepted: live broadcasts, vlogs, live amateur concerts, pranks, DIY, sports and much more. If you have creativity, talent to spare and want to show off, is one of the most complete applications for making funny videos.

So if you want to start using to make original videos, as well as fun, you must first download the application from the Android PlayStore or the iOS App Store. Then locate the application using your device's default search engine and download the application by pressing the button Install / accept conditions (on Android) or Get / install (on iOS). At the end of the download, in both cases you will have to press the button Opens to start the application.

To use the application to make videos and view the videos posted by other users, you will need to register. Then press the button Create an account or press the button Log In to log in with a previously registered account. To create an account, you can choose to continue registering through your Instagram account, Facebook, email address or phone number.

Once you have logged into the application, press the button with the symbol (+) to start making your first You will then have to choose between the items Choose music (will let you choose the background music first), Resume first (it will first record the video and then add the music track) or From the collection (allows you to upload a previously recorded video).

Personally, I advise you to use this application proceeding in order, first choosing a piece of music from those listed (and then tapping the button Choose music ) and then pressing the button Post Videos. You will then have the ability to customize the movie speed ( Epic, slow, normal, fast o Lapse ) as well as accessing several additional tools on the side of the screen ( symbol of a scissors, of a stopwatch, symbol of lightning, For example).

Through the button lenses You can also apply a realtime filter to the video you are making. To record, press and hold round button in the center and, once the recording is finished, press the button with the arrow symbol to preview the video taken.

You can customize it further and make various other changes with eye-catching filters and settings and then share the movie by pressing the button again with the arrow symbol.

Do you want to know more about and other applications that work in a similar way? So I recommend reading my guide entitled Application for

Dubsmash (Android / iOS)

An equally popular application that allows you to create videos that are characterized by their particularly funny and hilarious connotations is Dubsmash. In fact, it is a historical application for creating videos with a unique style that offers the main objective of recording movies with the application of sounds and effects.

The most widespread use of Dubsmash involves shooting with the mobile phone camera and, in the meantime, imitating famous phrases or funny drawings. The peculiarity of Dubsmash is in fact given by the possibility of choosing from a wide database of phrases, lines or dialogues and the objective will be to reinterpret them, having fun doubling them only through facial expressions.

That said, to start using Dubsmash, you must first download the app from the Android PlayStore or the iOS App Store. Then search for it using the internal search engine of your device's default store. On Android, press the button Install / Accept to install the application from PlayStore, while on iOS, press the button Get / install. In both cases, once the application is installed, press the button Opens to get started.

To use Dubsmash, you will first need to continue registering with the app. To do this, click the button Connect with Facebook, Create an account or touch the wording Log In, in case you have already registered an account before.

Once you have created your profile following the guided creation path, you will need to tap on the round button Follow to start creating a video. Through the screen with the musical note symbol, you will have to select a soundtrack for your movie choosing from the voices available in the macro categories visible on the screen.

Once you have identified the sound to be copied via video, touch the name of the sound to select it and then press the button. Create a copy. Through the recording screen, press the round button to record the video or apply real-time filters first by pressing the button with the three-dot symbol.

Before publishing your video, pressing the button final, you can briefly customize the video by applying text overlay to the video (button T ) or applying a filter to the voice.

Other applications to create funny videos

  • Clips (iOS) - Application available only on iOS that, developed by Apple, takes into account current trends for the creation of short videos with the possibility of applying filters and effects in real time. It is a very complete and popular application.
  • Instagram (Android / iOS) - Like Snapchat, the popular free application dedicated to the Facebook photo social network also integrates captivating tools, such as real-time filters, that allow you to put your creativity into practice for the creation of funny videos.