Cutting app music

Would you like to be able to cut a song to get a nice ringtone to use on your mobile phone (or why not even on your tablet) and would you like to do everything from your mobile? Do you need to "shorten" a piece of music but don't have a PC handy to do it and would like to know if there is an application used for this purpose? Well, in both cases I am happy to inform you that the answer is yes. Of music cutting app there is, and how. If you wish, therefore, I can indicate all those who in my humble opinion represent the best in the category.

As I told you, there are countless applications of this type, both for Android and iOS as well as Windows Mobile, they are simple enough to use and are capable of returning excellent results. These are not resources that can only be used by experts in audio and / or new technologies, but tools that can be exploited by anyone without particular problems. So don't worry, even if you don't consider yourself a "geek" I'm sure that by following my instructions you will be able to cover your needs in no time.

Then? How about putting the talk aside and finally taking action? Yes? Very well! So, I would say don't waste any more precious time and immediately start focusing on what to do. Make yourself comfortable, grab your device, and read the instructions I'm about to give you. I'm sure that in the end you will be able to say very happy and satisfied with what you learned. Enjoy reading!

MP3 Cutter (Android)

Let's start this excursus between Best Apps to cut music talking about MP3 cutter, a free resource specifically designed to Android devices. This is an application through which it is possible to cut audio files using a special internal editor that is neat and easy to use. The only thing to keep in mind is that, as its name suggests, it allows intervention only and exclusively on files in MP3 format (which in any case is the most widespread on the market). It's free.

After downloading the application from Play Store, after installing and starting it, in order to use it, the first fundamental step you must take is to touch the button I agree at the bottom right to accept the terms of use of the program. Then press the button with the symbol Expel at the top left and select the song on the device you want to perform on.

Once this is done, you will find yourself in front of the program editor. Then press the button To play To listen to the selected audio, locate the part you want to cut and then touch the button with the microphone that is on high. So use i cursors appeared on the route to define the start point and end point of the cut and then stop on the button Start cutting and indicate the position in which you want save the cut audio file, the name you intend to assign it and also indicate the eventual artist and album of origin and then press the button Save and it's done.

If you wish, before saving the cut song, you can also listen to it again by tapping the button. To play cut that is always on top. Pressing in place Reset cut you can start over.

Ringtone Maker (Android)

Are you looking for a music cutter app primarily designed to create ringtones? So I can't help suggesting that you try Ringtone maker. It is a free application, available at Google Play Store, in Italian and very easy to use that, in fact, allows you to get beautiful ringtones by editing the Songs Complete selected. In addition to performing the task at hand, it allows you to intervene in selected songs even more easily to create new ones, generate alarms or notification tones.

To slavishly download and install the app on your device and then launch it. Ringtone Maker will show you a list of all the songs in the phone memory (or the memory card inserted in the device). To cut one, touch the icon (...) placed next to your title and choose the item Edit in the menu you see appear.

On the screen that appears at this point, use the two gray indicators found on the graph to define the beginning and end of the portion of the audio file to be cut, then touch the button with the floppy disk salt everything.

Then select the type of song to save using the appropriate drop-down menu (you can choose if you want to create a ringtone, a generic piece of music, an alarm for the alarm or you can configure the creation of a notification sound), enter the name that want to assign to the song and touch the button Save to complete the procedure.

Once done, use the button Quote to take further action. For example, if you previously chose to create a ringtone, you can immediately define whether to set it as the default, assign it to a specific contact, or share it in other applications.

GarageBand (iOS)

In an article entirely dedicated to which are the best applications to cut music it is practically impossible not to mention Garage band, the powerful free application available directly from Apple to iPhone and iPad that transforms any iOS device into a true recording studio. It is, therefore, a resource specifically designed for creating music, thanks above all to the large number of “virtual” instruments available, but it also includes very useful functions for music. edition of audio that make it perfect for the purpose in question.

You ask me how to use it? I'll explain it to you right away! To get started, download, install and launch the app on your iDevice, then press the center of the main GarageBand screen and select the option Audio recorder. On the screen that appears at this point, step on the symbol to enable the mode. Graphic script (the last with many windows top left) then press the loop (the one next to gear ) top right.

At this point, select the position from which you want to take the audio file to cut by choosing from Apple lop, Audio file o Music (there are tabs across the top), step on the reference song name and keep pressing until you see the icon move, then drag it to the top of the editor.

Then stop the song and move us both cursors, left and right, to define the portion of it that you intend to cut. If you need, you can also press the button To play at the top to play the selected part of the song.

Finally, press the button with the arrow pointing down which is in the upper left and choose the option My saved then press and continue pressing for a few moments in the preview of the newly created project, select the icon of share (The square with arrow ) at the top left and choose which application to import or share the part of the audio file you just cut.

Keep in mind that if you want to use the cut song as a ringtone, you can do it directly from the iPhone or iPad without having to resort to use iTunes as usual (and as I explained to you in my article dedicated to how to set the iPhone ringtone) simply by pressing on the option Ringtone attached to the menu you see appear after tapping the share icon.

Hokusai Audio Editor (iOS)

Another great application to cut music on iPhone and iPad that I suggest you try is Hokusai Audio Editor. It is a multitrack audio editor that allows you Record and import audio files, cut parts of them and extract, copy, paste, delete or apply filters and effects. It's free, but it offers in-app purchases to enjoy additional features.

To use the application on your device, download it from the App Store, install and launch it, then press the button + (plus symbol) which is in the upper right to create a new project. Then choose whether you want to record audio with the device's microphone, paste it from where you previously copied a certain song from, create a new one on the fly, or import.

Once the app editor is displayed, press the button To play at the top right to play the created or imported audio, locate the point from which you want to cut on the path and press on it, then drag the cursor appeared on the screen to the point where you want to stop the song.

Then use the menu that appeared at the top to modify the selected audio part: choose the option Cut to remove it leaving only the rest of the audio file, or the option Prune to extrapolate it by removing all the other part of the file on which it will act. Finally, press the button Import which is at the bottom and indicates the location on your iPhone or iPad where you want to save the audio file you just cut.

I also note that before importing the cut audo file, you can apply further changes using the appropriate commands on the screen. More precisely, from the same menu through which you can access the cutting functions, you can apply adjustments to the selected audio part by touching the item Blackberries…. This way you can apply an attenuation effect at the beginning and / or end, you can reverse the audio, etc. If instead you want to rename the track, convert it to Stereo or delete it again, you have to press the symbol Wrench up to the left. Do you want to change the name of the project, share the audio or modify other settings? Instead, just tap the icon blade with key top right.

Other apps to cut music

Didn't the music cutting apps I already told you about satisfy you or, much more, just didn't get your attention? Sorry but ... don't give up just yet! Before you finally throw in the towel, in fact, try taking a look at the additional selection of ad hoc apps you'll find below. I'm sure that in the end you will finally be able to find the one that you think will do the most for you.

  • Ringdroid (Android) - Excellent and recognized application for mobile phones and tablets based on the mobile platform of the «green robot». As it is easily understood from the name itself, it allows you to create custom ringtones and warning tones using the appropriate internal editor and accompanying instruments. It's free.
  • MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker (Android) - Excellent application full of ad hoc tools for cutting MP3 audio files as well as creating beautiful custom ringtones. It also allows you to record audio files to create appropriate sounds on the spot. It's free.
  • Free WavePad Audio Editor (iOS): this is an application that allows you to intervene in any type of audio or recording track. It includes classic cut, copy and paste tools and a variety of effects including normalization and amplification. It's free with in-app purchases to enjoy additional features.
  • Ringtone Designer (iOS) - An application specifically designed for those who want to cut music on iPhone or iPad so that they can get beautiful ringtones (or warning tones) to use on the device. The interface is essential but very well maintained. It's free.
  • Create ringtones (Windows Mobile) - A beautiful application for Windows mobile phones that allows you to create beautiful custom ringtones and notification tones by editing the music saved on your device. Ringtones and tones can be cut at will thanks to the appropriate editing commands through which you can choose the start, end and duration of playback. It's free.