He has artistic talent to sell and his works are recognized and appreciated by friends and family. You are a magician of freehand drawing and even your simplest sketches are loved by everyone. Your drawing talent is also a true source of pride and you get a lot of satisfaction when you show off your little masterpieces to others.

However, not everyone possesses their innate artistic abilities; For example, there is that friend of yours who shares your same passion for drawing but who would like to improve. Therefore, you would like to advise them drawing application that are also within your reach. You have come to the right place. In this guide of mine, I will suggest a list of apps for devices Android, iOS and Windows that will help you express your creativity to the fullest. At the same time, you can recommend them to friends and family who share your hobby but may not be as talented.

My advice is to take a few minutes to read this guide and discover which one you prefer among drawing application That I will advise you. What you need is just one mobile phone or a tablet (if you want to have a bigger screen for drawing) with operating system Android, iOS or Windows. Obviously a connection to Internet to download the applications that I will inform you. All the apps I will recommend are downloadable freebut some may offer some Additional paid services.

Bamboo Paper (Android / iOS / Windows)

Created by Wacom, a company quite famous for its graphics tablets, Bamboo paper It is a fairly simple and intuitive application, designed to give ample space for ideas and creativity thanks to a virtual sheet. The Bamboo Paper app is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows. For iOS it can be downloaded for iPad but not for iPhone; for Windows is only available on devices with OS Windows 10 u 8.1; on Android you can download it on mobile phones and tablets.

The application allows you to create sketches, take notes and draw, color and even highlight, thanks to a series of tools made up of virtual pens, markers and brushes.
Once you have downloaded the app via one of the links I provided, you will be asked to sign up for Inkspace, through which content sync on all devices where you choose to use the app.

Once you get to the heart of the app, you'll immediately see how the tools available are simple, immediate, and available to everyone. At your disposal are pens and virtual markers to select from. You can decide the stroke and color and play with this type of virtual notebook. You can even select the paper type (with horizontal and vertical lines, square or dotted).

Don't slow down your creativity and don't worry about making mistakes; Eraser functionality allows you to cancel and try again without limits. Once you've finished your design, you can also choose to export your work in .will or .will format.pdf or print it directly digitally or on paper.

The Bamboo Paper app is downloadable free on Android, iOS or Windows, but it also offers some additional paid features. If you click on the car in fact, you will see that it is possible to select other types of paper: intellectual, creator, artist or writer.

Also some tools can be for a fee : the watercolor brush and the pastel, for example. In any case, there is no obligation to pay immediately for access. If you click the button Start testYou will have all tools and notebooks free for 48 hours, after which you will have the opportunity to purchase them if you wish.

Paper (iOS)

application paper for iOS it is somewhat similar to the Bamboo Paper app mentioned above. Available for iOS only, The paper is free Although, some advanced functions, such as synchronization and advanced tools, can be unlocked by activating the subscription of 6,49 euros for six months. You can download it through the App Store and use it on the go from both your iPhone and iPad. However, it requires iOS version 8.0 or higher.

Once you have downloaded Paper via the link I provided for you, when it first starts, the app will show you a short tutorial showing you how to navigate within it and possibly how to change the way content is displayed .

After watching the illustrative tutorial, hit the button To begin with to access Paper's workspace and on its main screen, tap one of the notebooks Available to open it and tap one of the sheets it contains to start drawing with the tools below: rubber, useful for correcting errors and involuntary features; the pen, to draw a stroke on the pen; the pencil, to draw a pencil stroke; l 'marker pen, to highlight an area of ​​the drawing; the brush tool, To make drawings with watercolors or the pen, to draw with a fine point marker.

In addition to the "basic" tools mentioned above, Paper also includes some advanced tools that, as I said before, can be unlocked by subscribing to the Pro subscription, which costs 6,49 euros every six months. Among the advanced tools of Paper we find the ruler allowing you to draw straight lines and simple geometric shapes, the roll allowing you to quickly cover entire areas of the sheet and scissors Thanks to which it is possible to cut some parts of your design and move them to any point on the sheet.

In Paper it is not necessary save their "works of art" using a special "Save" command, as the works are automatically saved as soon as the user closes the sheet by tapping (x) located in the upper left. However, you can save your drawing locally by pressing the arrow located under the notebook you just drew in and choosing one of the available save or share options.

Infinite Painter (Android and iOS)

Created by the Infinite Studio Mobile development team, Infinite painter is the application par excellence for lovers of painting and drawing. Infinite Painter requires the use of an Android tablet or mobile phone or an iPad, as it is a more complete application dedicated to more experienced users.

The application provides more than 80 brushes, but also the possibility of creating new ones. The tools offered are advanced, from the moment it is possible to create 3D drawings. Some of the tools are even compatible with Adobe Photoshop and there is support for filters, layers and blends.

You can import images from your device gallery or directly upload a file in PSD format. A more complete and functional application, compared to those mentioned above, which requires more time to fully explore all its possibilities.

Infinite Painter is available free for Android and iOS, but there are some advanced tools available only for a fee. Once installed, it will still be possible to have unlimited access to all the functions and all the tools, through A free seven-day trial.

Adobe Illustrator Draw (Android and iOS)

application Adobe Illustrator Draw downloadable free On Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets, it allows you to create freehand vector drawings, even using your mobile device.

I choose to notify you of this application, among the many available on mobile devices, as it is an application that is part of the Adobe Creative Suite products. In fact, the Adobe company is well known for its dedicated digital video and graphics programs. In this case, the Adobe Illustrator Draw application is also aimed at professional illustrators, graphic designers and artists.

The application is still usable even for those who are less experienced, because through the official site they are available to see numerous tutorials for which it is possible to learn to maneuver in the use of the application. If you are not a professional, but you are going to test your hand in the vector drawing, you will find bread for your teeth with Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Adobe Illustrator Draw offers numerous vector brushes and allows you to customize your own toolbar to give creativity free space. A very comprehensive application of features that I recommend even if you are looking for a tool that is as advanced as possible and that often uses other Adobe programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Autodesk SketchBook (Android / iOS / Windows)

Like Adobe Illustrator Draw, Autodesk SketchBook It is an application that I point out to you due to the importance of the developer society. Autodesk is a historic company in the United States and the quality of its software is well recognized.

Autodesk SketchBook is available free for Android, iOS and devices with operating system Windows 10.

It is a app for lovers of painting and freehand drawing that you can use regardless of your skill level. Although this is an advanced application, the interface is simple and intuitive, which allows you to give free space to your creativity in all possible and unimaginable ways.

The application offers many tools such as brushes, pencils and markers, making it very accurate to the touch. For more complex processes, there are advanced tools available for transforming images, worthy of Adobe Photoshop: selection, lasso or magic wand, layer layers and tools to fill images. Unfortunately, however, some of these tools are part of Pro version of the app and you're asked to make in-app purchases or a record in subscription to the dedicated program.

The subscription version is certainly more complete, offering many more features, including customizable tools, more brushes, effects, and various types of transformation for images. The subscription is € 4.99 per month or € 29.99 per year.

Also for Autodesk SketchBook there are numerous guides available to see that, in a detailed and related way, explain the most interesting features of the application.