Al walk through the streets of downtown, he saw in a store window the latest model of his mobile phone favorite and decided it must be his. However, the cost has extinguished his enthusiasm and he has had to resign temporarily because he does not want to spend the expense on his salary. You have decided to find solutions that allow you to earn extra income and spend your free time trying to raise some extra money.

When doing research online, you knew that there are mobile phone apps that allow you to collect a few more euros by doing various jobs, selling used items or answering surveys on Internet, and now you want to know more. To be more precise, you would like to know if these are application win real money or if it is a waste of time. Well if you want I can give you a hand to shed some light on the matter.

Let's start on the positive note: yes, it is true, there are apps for mobile phones and tablets that allow you to earn money doing small jobs or spending your time answering market research surveys. But the profit they obtain is not fast and, above all, it is not very high. Bottom line: If you are looking for easy money, this is not the solution for you. If, on the other hand, you want to top up your salary, try using these solutions. If you want, here I propose some of the most interesting of the moment.

Survey application

The first solution that I would advise you is survey application. By answering questions and market research, you can accumulate points and claim numerous rewards once the minimum threshold is reached.

Toluna (Android / iOS)

Among the Best Apps of surveys to consider there Toluna, available for devices Android e iOS. It allows you to accumulate points by expressing your opinion on market research, by testing products, and also by answering simple and quick questions. Among the available prizes, in addition to Amazon and Zalando coupons and gift cards for iTunes, Alitalia and Mango, you can request a money credit to your Paypal account.

To start earning points, start the Toluna app and tap the item hire to create your account Then enter your details: name, surname, Postal Code, Date of birth, Username, password y email in the appropriate fields and press the button hire to register by email. Alternately, on the login screen, press the button Login with Facebook to connect Toluna to your social account.

At this point, you are ready to start answering Toluna's surveys! After logging in, on the main screen of your account, click on the item surveys Present at the top to view available surveys, then tap the item The survey begins to start entering your answers. You can leave the survey at any time by tapping the item search (up to the left).

Once a survey has been completed, the points earned will be credited to your account in a few minutes. You can see the balance points at the bottom left of Toluna's main screen and pressing envelope, you can access the section to see and request the prizes.

Finally, by tapping the icon little man (top left) you can change your data and personalize your account, while you can press the button + (top right) to add new content, such as questions or discussions (which do not earn points).

High opinion (browser)

High opinion It is one of the best panels to earn money through surveys. It is not available as an application, but can be accessed on the web through the browser on PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Unlike Toluna, in High Opinion it is not possible to request a credit in a PayPal account, but there are Amazon coupons, coupons that can be spent on iTunes, Alitalia, Mango and Zalando, paper coupons for Ticket Premium Compliments and much more.

To start using High Opinion, you must create a free account. Then connect to the service site and press the yellow button Register now, Enter your data in the fields name, surname, sex, Date of birth, CAP, region, province, Email address y password. To continue registration, mark the checkboxes to accept the terms of service and the privacy policy, select the item yes to accept the use of cookies and then press the button Next step. Finally, complete the creation of your account by entering a Security Question a security Response and by clicking on the button final.

At this point, connected again to the High Opinion home page, click on the button and enter your login information before tapping the button to access. You can press the button to manage your profile and account, while to view the point balance and request premium press on the item My awards. To start earning, just wait for the surveys that will be emailed to you and respond using the links provided to you.

App to carry out activities

It is not possible to win sitting while sitting on your hands, but if you want to do some work, you can consider the list of application to carry out activities that I am going to propose to you. They are applications that allow you to earn extra money, by crediting your bank account or PayPal, doing all kinds of activities: from hunting to a certain product in the supermarket to checking a street in your city.

BeMyEye (Android / iOS)

BeMyEye is an application that allows you to earn real money simply by doing activities in your area. When reaching the minimum threshold of 10 euros, it is possible to request the payment of the accumulated amount that will be transferred through PayPal or to the bank account.

Download the app, which is available for Android and iOS, launch it, and on the first screen tap the button Salta. Then press the icon casa in the menu below and tap the button Register to create your account Choose if you want to link your social profile by pressing the button Continue on Facebook, or if you register by email, enter your information in the fields email y password and then pressing the button Register.

In the next step, type name, surname y in the appropriate fields and enter a invitation code (You can find numerous app reviews in the store of your device) to receive a welcome bonus (from 1 to 3 euros) for the first activity carried out. In a few moments, you will receive an email with an activation link - press to confirm your account.

You can now log into BeMyEye with your login information and start working! On the main screen of the application you can see the summary of your account and, in particular, the Purse with money and accumulated assets (calls missions ) available in your areas. All you need to do to start winning is to click on the icon missile present in the menu below and start to carry out the current missions.

There are several types of work to do, from a simple search for products in a supermarket to free checks at the pharmacy. Once you have identified the mission you want to carry out, press it and touch the button book To reserve it Then read the instructions of the mission, the task to be carried out and all the necessary details to complete it. All reserved missions will be visible in the section mission, under the heading book. You can change your mind at any time and decide to leave the reserved mission by tapping the button resigns.

Once the mission is complete and approved, the fee will be credited to your account. To request payment, touch the article Purse present on the main BeMyEye screen, move the lever to the side of release de OFF guidance on EN accept the terms and conditions of service and press the button Request payment. Then enter the preferred payment method between PayPal and credit in the checking account and you're done.

Ti Frutta (Android / iOS)

Your fruit is an application, available for Android devices and iOS, which allows you to earn real money simply by shopping. You can buy common use products and get a cash credit for every purchase approved by the system, after submitting a simple photo of the receipt.

If you are the weekly grocery agent in your family, you can start working right away and earn some extra cash. Then start the Ti Frutta application, press the button and you touch the element to access. Then press the option Register to create your account: enter your information in the fields email y password, Press the button siguiente and writes name y surname in the appropriate fields before pressing the button again siguiente. On subsequent screens, you agree to the terms of service and complete the registration by following the instructions on the screen.

At this point, you are ready to start making money shopping! On the main screen of Ti frutta, you can see all the products available, filter them by brand by tapping on brands or access the section categories where you can see the products divided into categories ( breakfast, In the table, fresh, Spice, Snacks and desserts, drinks, person, drink y casa ). Alternatively, you can verify the presence of a product by pressing the icon magnifying glass and write the name of the product to search.

Once you've identified the product you're interested in, click on it to access its description and view the duration of the promotion, the parts you can buy, read the full rules, and compare the barcode to make sure the product is what you want to buy. Once you have purchased one of the products listed, click on the icon c and photograph the receipt: the value of the Ti fruit of the product in question will be automatically credited.

You can view your account and request payment by pressing the button and selecting Ti Frutta account. Then enter the required data and select where to transfer your credit by choosing from an account PayPal, BancoPosta account o wire transfer.

AppJobber (Android / iOS)

AppJobber It is a solution similar to BeMyEye that allows you to earn money completing micro jobs. Available for Android and iOS devices, it allows you to carry out activities related to your position and without restrictions of this type. It is free and also in Italian, with the credit that can be paid to a bank account or through PayPal.

Launch the AppJobber application and create your account by pressing the button record. Then enter your data in the fields Place of residence, Email address, password and check marks to accept the terms and conditions of use and to declare their age. After pressing the button again recordYou will receive an email with a link to activate your account: press to complete registration.

Now you can start to see the jobs in your neighborhood! Launch the AppJobber app, you can see your position on the map and see what jobs are near you in your area (identified by number 1 ). The further you zoom on the map, the smaller the "action" radius you set - this means you will only see odd jobs available near your location. Zoom out to see more jobs.

Also, you can touch the button (top right) to see the list of the same available jobs according to their position or press the icon magnifying glass to access the section with works independent of the position in which you are.

Once you have identified the task to be performed, press it to access the complete file where you can read all the details necessary to complete the job. To start press Start to work and, once all the required tasks are completed, press Loading work to receive the established amount.

Foap (Android / iOS)

Foap It is a solution that allows you to combine a passion for photography with profit. In fact, it is proposed as a virtual marketplace and allows you to earn extra money by selling photos or taking some on demand. It is available for free for Android and iOS devices and can also be accessed from the Web through a browser.

All you need to do to start using Foap is create a free account. Then launch the app and press the button Start using Foap, then press the item Continue with Facebook to link your Facebook account to Foap or tap the button Create Account and enter your data in the fields Username, email y password.

Once registration is complete, you are ready to start entering your photos! Press the icon c (in the menu below) to upload your photos directly from the camera roll: select the photo to upload, enter a description in the field subtitle, select and add keywords in the section Tags and answer the questions in the section legally. Depending on the quality of the photo and the information entered, a "vote" will be assigned to your shot. Very low, bajo, good y Best rated.

Alternatively, you can touch the item missions to access the list of commissions that companies reserve for Foap users. You can press the mission of your interest to read the instructions, the time available, the reward, the number of participants and all the useful information to complete the mission. If you think you can complete the task, press the button Join the mission and get to work!

By touching the button and pressing the voice Withdrawals, you can see the money earned and request payment by crediting your account PayPal.

Application to sell on the Internet

If you have unused items at home and want to raise extra money, you can decide to sell them online trusting one of the application sell en línea. Here is a list of the best solutions that could be useful.

  • (Android / iOS / Windows) - A sales advertisement app that allows you to "show off" an item and be contacted by the prospective buyer, by phone or email. There are no commissions
  • kijiji (Android / iOS): It is the eBay classifieds service, free and without commissions. It is among the best solutions for selling online and is based on the contact procedure between buyer and seller.
  • shpock (Android / iOS): It is a flea market where private users can sell their items. It is mainly used to sell used products in your neighborhood, but arrangements can be made between seller and buyer for shipping and payment methods.
  • eBay (Android / iOS): one of the best places To sell online is eBay, which allows you to sell any type of item, both used and new. Selling in online auction mode is free, while the Buy Now feature includes a commission. Additionally, eBay charges commissions if the sale is successful. If you want to know more, you can read my guide on how to sell on eBay.

If you want to know the details of the services previously offered or want to know other applications to sell online, you can read my guide about it.

App to find a job

It goes without saying that the only way to earn real money is to work. If you are looking for a job, you may want to consider one of the online services that allow you to upload your resume and experiences: here is a list of application search job.

  • LinkedIn (Android / iOS / Windows): it is one of the services to find the most famous jobs in the world. It enables you to network professionally, receive industry updates, and search for job openings. You can learn more about it by reading my guide on how to LinkedIn works.
  • monster (Android / iOS): a tool that allows you to find work browsing through the many advertisements available. You can also upload your resume via cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive, but above all to activate notifications of offers online with your profile.
  • InfoJobs (Android / iOS / Windows): another valid service to find a job that allows, in a simple way, to identify job advertisements based on your professional profile and request the offer found.

In conclusion, if you already know the solutions listed above and want to know other applications for jobs, you can read my guide or go to the topic in the tutorial on how to find a job.