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After finishing some work experiences and following several training courses, you are finally looking for a job: your goal is to put into practice everything you have learned and studied for a long time. In addition to contacting a temp agency, you also need to download some applications to find work, to be able to search independently and to monitor your applications even when you are away from home It is a very good idea and I agree with you that downloading an application that allows you to carry out this type of search also through your smartphone will be of great help.

How about I recommend a few? It is not easy to navigate the vast world of mobile applications, especially since, in virtual stores of Android e iOS, there are numerous applications that will help you find a new job.

Do you agree with me that you really would need a hand to identify what the Best Apps to monitor the business world? Okay, don't worry, in this tutorial of mine you will find everything you need. All you have to do is sit back and take a few minutes of free time to spend carefully reading this guide of mine. Are you ready to start? Yep? Very good, I wish you a good read and also give you my sincere "good luck" in finding your new job.

  • Information work
  • Indeed
  • Corner jobs

Table of Contents

InfoJobs (Android / iOS)

There are many applications to find a job, but among the ones that I recommend that you install is InfoJobs, a historical site to find a job with a very complete smartphone application that you can free download on Android and iOS.

In the first access you will be asked to register in order to later create your curriculum vitae Online and apply for current job offers. Therefore, first indicate if you want search job en Italy and press the button Register.

To register for information jobs, you can choose whether to connect through your account Google or if you register manually, indicating all the form data Create your account (name surname, e-mail and password). Then register by pressing the button Follow.

The next step is to provide other personal data, such as date of birth, gender, city, province, telephone number and postal code, to complete the registration process. Continue pressing the button Save, indicate if you are looking for a job and if you have experience, using the buttons SI es No and press the button Save and continue.

Please note that in case you have had previous work experience, you will need to immediately provide some details that concern you, including the name of the company, your job, and the start and end date. The same applies to training courses, courses attended, including schools and universities. Finally, you will be asked to indicate the desired job and the workplace where you are looking for it. You can confirm this last option by pressing the button Save interest.

Once you have registered, the first thing I recommend is to proceed with the complete creation of your Curriculum Vitae as well as with the customization of your user profile. To do this, touch the menu button (symbol three horizontal lines ) and in the drop-down menu, click on the item CV. It will be on this screen where you can spend some time filling in your CV, indicating your past work experiences and your studies in the most complete way possible.

In the main section, however, which is the one called Search Offers, you will be able to view and possibly filter current job searches. You can do it using the elements that you see in the upper bar: place, studies, experiences, working hours, type of contract.

To view a job offer, tap on it and once the requirements are displayed you can apply by pressing the button Submit your request. Then you can see the status of your application by pressing the menu button and then tapping on the item nominations. You can also check the InfoJobs job offers through the dedicated website. If you need more information about how the InfoJobs web version works, you can read my tutorial dedicated to job search sites.


Another excellent application that I choose to recommend among the applications to find work is without a doubt an application that fulfills the role of a search engine for job offers. Among its main characteristics is its inclusion within the job advertisements published by numerous web portals for job search. Also noteworthy is its ease of use and its captivating and immediate user interface at the same time.

To use Indeed, first install the app free at their Android device or iOS. In the first access, the application will already give you the possibility of looking for a job through the corresponding search engine but personally I suggest that you continue reading since I will explain how to register in the service to be able to create your online resume and apply for all the offers available online .

To sign up for Indeed, once the app is open, click the button Publish your resume ; then you will be redirected to the registration screen of your account creating a profile. Then enter your email address in the corresponding text fields and then click Create your CV to create your CV from scratch. Alternatively, pressing the button Upload CV you can upload your previously created curriculum vitae.

To create your curriculum vitae through Indeed, you will first have to create a user profile indicating your personal and personal data (name, surname, city, telephone number) and then press the button Follow.

The next step involves the actual creation of the online curriculum - you will then need to indicate any work and training experience on the form Education and training and explain its functions in more detail in the form Work experience. To continue, click the button Follow. You can change your curriculum vitae Online at any time by returning to the section My CV and will act on the sections to to update.

To search for work, simply go back to the main section of the application and fill in the two main text fields to filter based on the profession and the city in which you are looking for work, then press the button Find jobs.

To apply for a job offer, just click on it. In case the writing appears Apply with your CV From Indeed, you can view the ad text directly on Indeed and apply with the previously created Curriculum Vitae by clicking the button Apply easily. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the original site hosting the job posting, where you can read more details and possibly apply, using the tools available on each website.

Corner Jobs:

Among the applications to look for work that I recommend you download is also CornerJobs, which allows you to register through your account Facebook, thus speeding up the procedure of creating an account to use to search for work.

In addition, unlike the other job search applications that I have recommended, Corner Jobs also integrates a system of chat ! that allows you to have private contacts with companies. In this way, before conducting an interview or signing a work contract, you will have an easy-to-use tool, through which you can comment on any doubts and ask questions.

Once you have downloaded CornerJobs on your mobile device, either Android or iOS, you will first need to press the button I'm looking for a job and log in through your Facebook account by popping the button Login or register with Facebook. Alternatively, to register manually, click on the article Register. In the latter case, you must proceed indicating your information (name, surname, email, password and date of birth), accept the terms of service by placing the check mark in the box I have read and accept the Terms of use and the Privacy Policy. To confirm the registration, press the button Create an account.

The next step is obviously to complete your CV online. If you have work experience to add, click the button Sip when prompted to add them. You can use the integrated tool that CornerJobs offers to create your resume with which to apply. More information will be requested in the section My profile, through which you can customize your account to obtain maximum profile visibility.

To view posted job openings, simply go back to the main application screen and type the type of job you are looking for in the corresponding text field at the top. Once the search results are displayed, you can click on them to see more information and possibly apply via the button Nominees. In each job offer you have applied for, the wording will appear Under evaluation This will allow you to check job offers already reviewed at a glance. Simultaneously, a countdown will start allowing you to receive a response, either positive or affirmative, within 24 hours after your request is sent.