Application to know where a person is. Are your friends always late and looking for a solution so that you don't always have to wait for them to arrive? Are you looking for applications to install on your mobile phone and that of your family so that you can share your geographic location with them? Would you like to review your children's outings to be more comfortable? No problem: whatever your need, I have the right solution for you.

In fact, with today's guide, I'll show you some application to know where a person is that you can install on your device, on those of your family and friends, to know their position and, in some cases, track their movements and receive notifications when they reach a certain place. Are you asking me how much do apps like this cost? You may not believe it, but all the solutions that I am going to offer you are free (at least in its basic version).

Application to know where a person is for free

Facebook (Android / iOS)

Perhaps not everyone knows it, but among the many characteristics of Facebook, there is also one to know where a person is. with Close friends.

In fact, you can share your location and know where your friends are. Can only be used through the mobile device app Android and iOS and is only available to people who are at least 13 years old.

To start using Close friends, you must let Facebook know your location. in Android, click on adjustments and you touch the element Applications and notifications, then press the options App permissions y geolocation.

Locate Facebook and move from OFF guidance on ON the lever relative to the position. In iOSinstead press the icon gear wheel To access the settings, click on the item privacy and touch the option location, press the item Facebook and select the option always.

Now, you can find out a person's location through the nearby Friends feature. Launch the Facebook app and tap the button more (identified by the icon on Android and from nine points on iOS).

Press option Close friends to access the list of your contacts search, traveling y near (city). You can also see the distance that separates you from your friends, and for close contacts, you can press a hand to let him know he's close.

Find my friends (iOS)

Find my friends is the Apple application that allows you to share your location with friends and family and allows you to receive notifications about your movements. It is exclusively available to iPhone y iPad.

To start viewing the location of your friends and family through Find my friends, start the application by pressing its icon (the two white men on a yellow background) and, if necessary, enter your Apple ID.

Once you are logged in, press the button allow to allow Find My friends to access data related to your geographic location and it will automatically see your location on the map.

Now all you have to do is add your friends and family. To do this, press the item Add present in the upper right and in the field a: write the email or phone number of the contact to add, otherwise touch the button + to access the list of your contacts and select the person you want to add.

Alternatively, you can activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to add close contacts through the function Airdrop.

To continue inserting the selected users, press thebutton. Enter / Enter and establish how long to share your position with them, selecting one of the items from Share for an hour, Share until the end of the day y Share forever.

You can see the contacts entered on the main screen of the app, but to see their location, the user must agree to share their location.

Then press the contact, touch the item Follow And once your request is accepted, you will be able to see your position.

With Find My Friends, in addition to showing the position of the contact and the distance that separates it, you can activate automatic alerts to know when the user is leaving or arriving at a particular place.

To activate this function, press the contact and press Notify, then press location of the place of your interest.

You can add new positions by tapping the item more and writing the address in the field Find or enter an address.

Set the Notify Me function, press the button Save to activate it and receive alerts on the movements of the contact in question.

Family GPS Locator (Android / iOS / Windows)

Among the applications to consider to know where a person is, there are GPS locator for family, developed for Android, iOS and mobile devices Windows 10.

Through GPS tracking technology, it allows you to know the position of a person or a group of people, but also to know when they arrive at the destination and chat with them. It also allows you to locate a phone in case of loss or theft.

To start using Family GPS Locator, launch the app and tap the button starts, then enter the phone number in the appropriate field and press the button siguiente.

Now, enter your data in the fields password, Email address y name and press the button siguiente.

Then press the button Allow access to let GPS Locator for Family know your location.

Finally on the screen Your circle, enter the code of a circle of users (if you have one) and press the button Intro.

Click on to access to access the group. Alternatively, on the screen Your circle, Tap the item Create a new circle to create a new group and press the option Invite new members to watch the invitation code to share with your family.

Now, follow the instructions of Family GPS Locator and press the button Add house to set the address of your residence on the map.

You can also add other places, such as your children's school, the circle member's office address, or any other place that you and your family visit frequently.

To do this, press the ≡ button and press the option places, then press the item Add > Name of the place y address in the appropriate fields and press the button Save to add the place.

Once the places and all the family members have been added, you are ready to know your position at any time, by viewing the map on the main screen of the application.

With GPS Locator for Family you can press the name of the person of your interest to use the messaging service and see the history of their movements in the last two days.

In addition, you can activate the notification functions when the people in the group arrive or leave one of the added places, a function that you can activate by tapping the button. and pressing> places.

The application is free and does not have advertising banners, but it is possible to activate one Premium subscription (€ 4,49 / month or € 3,67 / month for 12 months) and take advantage of additional features such as 30-day location history, unlimited location addition, and safe driving monitoring to get detailed information about travel relatives.

You can activate a 7-day free trial of the Premium subscription by tapping the button , pressing premium and pressing the button Start the 7-day free trial.

Family Locator - GPS Tracker (Android / iOS)

Family locator it is another valid solution to know where a person is.

Is available for Android devices and iOS and allows you to know the location of family and friends, track movement in real time, configure unsafe areas and receive notifications if a family member crosses the "border."

To start tracking the movements of your family and friends, launch the app and tap the item I have an invitation code if a member of your family already created the group and provided you the code, otherwise, enter the email and press the button siguiente.

Then enter your data in the fields name y password, move the lever of OFF guidance on ON to allow data collection and press the button Register.

Now you are ready to use Family Locator!

Presione el botón invite to send the invitation code your family click on the item Add a house to configure your home address and tap siguiente to complete group customization.

On the main screen of Family Locator, you can see the map and location of group members, while you can tap the button + to invite new members or press the icon of a yellow sandwich (above) for the messaging function.

With Family Locator you can also add safe and unsafe areas and receive notifications every time a member of your family enters or leaves them.

To do this, press the button and touch the Area notices, then press the button + to add new areas, enter the address in the field Address search, write the name in the field Name of the area and touch the item ensure, Unsafe o único to identify the area.

Finally, you should know that, if necessary, you can ask your family members for help by touching the button. and pressing the red button SOS - Your family will get a warning and by seeing your position on the map, they can help you.

Family Locator is free but with Premium version At a cost of € 16.99, it gives you access to many other features such as location history, real-time tracking, and location monitoring. flights.

Parental control app

Among the solutions you can consider are also the applications of parental control, which allow parents to monitor their children's online activities, but also know the exact geographical location. Here is a list of apps that belong to this category.

  • Qustodio (Android / iOS): is among the Best Apps for parental control and allows you to track the activities carried out by a person through their mobile phone. You can monitor or block the use of applications, filter content, check text messages and calls made, but also to see the geographical location and know the exact point where the person is. In the free version, it allows you to monitor one person, while with the Premium subscription (59.99 euros / year to monitor 5 devices; 104.99 euros / year for 10 devices; 159.99 euros / year for 15 devices) it is possible to monitor multiple devices and have access to more information and functionality.


  • Mobile Fence (Android) - A great tool that allows parents to check their children's text messages, chats, calls, and web history and protect them from dangerous content like websites, videos, or apps. In addition, it allows to know in real time the position of the children, configure security zones and receive alerts when entering or leaving the area set by parents.


  • Parental Board (Android / iOS) - Another valid parental control app that supports numerous features including app lock, device shutdown, and location feature that lets you know where your child is at all times.