Application to modify the nose. If there is a part of your body that you do not like, that is the nose. Its shape is not exactly perfect and this also stands out in photos taken by your friends. However, there is a way to remedy the situation. No, I am not referring to the cosmetic surgeon, but to some applications to change the nose that are available for both Android as if to iOS /iPadOS.

Application to modify the nose in photos

Let's see which is the best application application to modify the nose They are all very simple to use and almost all free, at least in their basic versions.

Adobe Photoshop Fix (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

The first solution that I suggest you try to touch up the nose in photos is Adobe Photoshop Fix. If you've never heard of it before, it's one of Photoshop's mobile transpositions, the popular edition designed for professionals and Lovers of photo editing.

Since this application is specifically designed to correct the defects that affect the face and body of the subjects portrayed in the image, it is perfect for fixing the nose.

After installing and launching Photoshop Fix on your Android device or iOS / iPadOS, close (if necessary) the banner that invites you to download other applications developed by Adobe by tapping (X) located in the upper left, then press the button Register, to create your Adobe account.

If you had already created it, press the button to access and log in by entering your credentials in the appropriate text fields displayed on the screen or, if you prefer, you can log in with your account Facebook o google, by pressing the appropriate buttons.

After logging in, give the app the necessary permissions for it to work properly, tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead and, in the menu that opens, press the icon of the mobile phone, to upload a photo from your device; alternatively, touch the icon of a camera.

Now that you have imported the photo of your interest into Photoshop Fix, you have several adjustments to make.

As soon as you are satisfied with the result, touch the button (✓) and if you don't need to make other adjustments to the image, press the share (above) and select one of the available options to save or share. Simple, isn't it?

YouCam Perfect (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

YouCam Perfect is another very popular application in the facial photo editing. It integrates multiple useful tools to remove various imperfections that affect your face, including a useful tool to correct the appearance of the nose.

The application is free, but to remove banner ads in its free version and have unlimited access to all the included tools, you must buy the paid version, which costs 5,49 euros.

After installing and launching YouCam Perfect on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device, tap the button ignore Located in the upper right corner, close the screen that invites you to register for the service (registration is not mandatory, but allows free access to some additional functions).

Then, touch the button Edit photo and select the shot to be retouched; otherwise, touch the symbol of camera, to take a photo at that time and edit it immediately afterwards. Now, tap on the tab Beauty tools located in the lower left, select the item Expensive modelpress manual and select the brush size to use in the photo by pressing one of the empty points It is displayed on the screen.

Now, drag your finger over the face of the subject of your interest, trying to correct the defects that affect the nose. If it is a photo in which the subject is placed frontally and his nose is very squashed, try to lose weight by sliding from the outside of the face to the inside. As soon as you finish editing, tap the button (✓) placed at the bottom right and tap the item Save, located at the top right, to choose the save / share option that you like the most.

I also point out the presence of the instrument Improve the nose, available in the section Beauty tools of the application: according to the tests I have done, it does not work very well, but if you want to test it, go ahead. To use it, simply select it and then move your cursor over the adjustment bar, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Plastic Surgery Simulator (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Plastic Surgery Simulator It is another application that, as you can guess by its name, allows you to retouch photos by eliminating various aesthetic defects related to the subjects portrayed in them. It's basically free, but you can remove the ad and take advantage of some additional features by purchasing the full version, which costs € 2,79 on Android and € 2,29 on iOS / iPadOS.

After downloading Plastic Surgery Simulator to your Android or iOS / iPadOS device, tap the button Use library image, to retouch an existing photo or press the button Take a photo, to take a photo now and retouch it later.

Once the photo of your interest is imported, cut it (if you want) and then press the item size located at the bottom right; alternatively, if you have chosen not to crop it, tap the item all.

Then click on the icon cross, to drag a part of the photo from one point to another (useful, for example, to bend the nose if it is in profile), press the symbol four arrows pointing towards him center, to select the tool that allows you to make a portion of the photo smaller, and press the four icon arrows pointing out, to select the tool that allows you to enlarge a part of the photo.

After choosing the instrument of your interest, adjust the intensity level with the settings bar  located at the bottom right and then act directly on the photo below.

When you get the desired result, touch the icon leaf with arrow down (in the lower right corner of the screen) and save the photo locally or share it through the available options. Simple, isn't it?

More apps to edit nose for free

There are also other apps to edit nose free that deserves to be taken into consideration. Here are some that might help you.

  • Plastic nose surgery (Android): it is an application that allows you to retouch several parts of the body, including the nose, using some easy-to-use tools, completely free.
  • Stretch the nose (Android): It is not a real photo editing app as it allows you to stretch the nose of the subjects portrayed in the photos for pure fun. However, it is free and very easy to use.
  • pixtr (iOS / iPadOS): It is an application that automatically corrects the defects on the faces of the subjects portrayed in the photos (including those related to the nose). Its algorithm is not always 100% accurate, so consider whether to buy it or not. It costs 3,49 euros.

So far the entry on the best application to modify the nose.