Printable application. You received an important document by email, opened it directly from your mobile phone (or tablet), and tried to print it without a satisfactory result, or worse, without success because your printer does not have Wi-Fi connection support.

As is easily understood in the title of the tutorial, below you will find all those apps that I have considered as the Best Apps of the moment to be able to print from mobile devices, manage the printer in use and configure the printing procedure at your convenience, as well as configure various documents and digital photos as you deem most appropriate before "transferring" them to paper.

Printable applications

2 Go Printer (Android / iOS)

The first of the printing apps that I want to advise you to try is 2 Go Printer. It is an application available both for Android (free but to unlock all the features you need to switch to the Pro version through in-app purchases) and for iOS (for a fee, it costs 5,49 euros).

Very simple to use and through which it is possible to print directly from mobile phones and tablets and configure its options by accessing from any mobile printer connected via WiFi, Bluetooth or cable.

It allows you to work on documents, photos, web pages and much more and does not require any in-app purchase to unlock additional functions.

To use Printer 2 Go on your device, first download and install it, then launch the app and press the button Manage printers.  Then select the technology you want to use to connect to your printer and from the list below, choose the reference device, and then return to the main screen of the application.

Now, based on your needs and preferences, choose what to print: by pressing photos you can select the photos on the device roll and print them; pressing Websites you can go to a specific web page and print it; pressing gmail you can connect to your Gmail email account and print emails and attachments; plug shared you can print shared documents; pressing E-mail you can set up an email account and print your messages; pressing contacts print more of your contacts' cards in the address book; in Paste to print you can print the contents of the clipboard; in Cloud services can connect to your service accounts cloud storage and print the documents stored in them; while pressing Facebook You can connect to your Facebook profile and directly print your photos.

Once you have chosen and once you have viewed what you want to print, press the button print At the top right, click on the print options that are low (paper type, page orientation, paper quality, margin thickness, etc.), deselect the pages you do not want to print, and press the button again print.

PrinterShare (Android / iOS)

Another application to print that I want to advise you to download to your device is PrinterShare. It is one of the best known resources for this.

It is available for Android and iOS and you can download it in a free trial version to unlock the Premium version (therefore, it works without limitations) through in-app purchases.

It allows you to print directly from your mobile phone (or tablet) without resorting to the use of the PC, as long as the printer in use is connected in some way to the same network to which the device is connected or can be accessed from remotely. It is compatible with almost all old and new printers and allows you to manage the printing of photos, contacts, web pages, emails and shared documents. It also allows you to quickly print the contents of the clipboard.

To use it, download it and install it on your device, then launch it and press it on the button No printer selected located at the bottom of the screen to immediately connect your printer to the application choosing from the various options available. Then go back to the top right button to return to the main application screen.

Now select photos if you want to select and print the photos on your device, contacts if you want to print the card for one or more contacts in the address book, Websites if you want to visit a page of Internet specific and configure your printing, E-mail to print emails and their attachments by setting up your accounts, shared to print shared items, Paste to print to print the contents of the device's clipboard and gmail to print the emails and attachments received in the Gmail account.

After making your choice and after making the necessary settings, you will see a new screen appear with the print preview. Through the articles you find in the section Document options You can adjust print settings by changing the paper type, size, orientation, and more.

When you are ready to continue printing, touch the button print located at the top right and the procedure will start immediately. If you are first asked to print the test page, please answer in the affirmative to make sure that the print you have is actually compatible with the request.

Breezy Print (Android / iOS)

Another app in the category that I think you should consider is Breezy Print. It allows you to print using the printer connected to your PC (even those that do not support WiFi and Bluetooth technologies) or, in the case of Apple devices, take advantage of AirPrint directly. However, in the first case, to establish the connection between the device and the printer, it is also necessary to install a special program on the PC. It's free and available for both Android and iOS.

To use it, first download and install the program The Breezy Home Connector on your PC (it's only for Windows), Then download and install the Breezy Print app on your mobile phone or tablet and launch it. Now, log in to your account that you created during the software installation procedure on your PC. Press the button select What do you find next to the entrance Step 1: select what to print. and choose what to print (print queue, cloud documents, web pages, clipboard, photos, or other miscellaneous files).

Now stop at the button select What do you find next to the writing? Step 2: select a printer. and select one of the connection methods to the printer and then its name from the list. Then press the button print which is at the top right and printing will start immediately. Very easy!

If you wish, before starting the printing procedure, you can also intervene in the configuration of the same by touching the appropriate element, since it shows you the preview of what you are about to print on paper and will act on the various items available.

Printer Pro (iOS)

Do you use an iOS device? Then I have the right printing app for you! Is named Pro printer, is from the Readdle software house (the same one that made PDF Expert was available to manage and edit PDF files, Spark for email and several other award-winning productivity apps) available on the App Store and costs $ 7,99, but is available in a Lite version (free trial) that allows you to test its effective operation with the printer in use.

Allows you to print anything directly from iPhone and iPad and through any WiFi printer or USB. It has a nice user interface, is very simple to use, and integrates with all applications in use on Apple branded devices. In short, why not give it a try now?

To use it, download and install the app on your device, then launch it and press the button + Printer that you will find on the main screen and then select your printer from the list that appears and stop siguiente and then on the button Test page to immediately ensure the actual compatibility of the application with your printer (if you wish, you can also press Skip this step but in this way you will not be sure to be able to take advantage of Printer Pro without problems). Then press the button Start printing and finally you are ready to start using the application.

At this point, you will be in front of the main screen of the application through which you can choose what action to take: by pressing iCloud Drive you can print the documents saved in Cloud Drive; pressing documents explains how to print any type of document from any application by adding the appropriate command to the iOS sharing menu; pressing clipboard can print the notes copied to the device clipboard; in contacts you can print the card related to one or more of the forced ones in the address book; in photo You can print the photos saved on the device roll; plug mail explains how to print emails (the method is the same as that proposed for documents); pressing Web You can visit and print specific Internet pages; while playing pages y dropbox it shows you how to print, respectively, from the Pages and Dropbox applications (also in this case, the method is the same as that proposed for the documents).

In the case of the options that allow you to print from the application, once you have chosen and once you have selected the elements to act, you will see a new screen appear through which you can define the range of pages to be printed ( via the menu at the top) and immediately start printing by pressing the button Print.  From there you can define the orientation of the sheets, the paper size, the number of copies to be printed and even more.

If, on the other hand, you want to print from the iOS sharing menu, call the latter by pressing the icon of a square with arrow, in the reference application select the icon Open in ... and then choose Copy to Printer Pro. Once this is done, you can proceed directly from the application as indicated above.

Other applications to print

The printing applications that I proposed in the previous lines have not been able to attract your particular attention? Are you looking for another application to print? I leave you a list here.

  • HP ePrint (Android / iOS) - It is the application that HP makes available to manage printing with its printers from mobile phones and tablets. It allows you to print documents, photos, web pages, emails, and take files directly from the cloud. Gratuitous.


  • Epson iPrint (Android / iOS): This is the specific application for Epson printers for managing mobile printing operations. It allows you to intervene on documents and images, take files to print from the cloud, and also perform copy and scan operations. Gratuitous.


  • Brother iPrint & Scan (Android / iOS) - The name leaves room for some doubts: it is Brother's starter application to manage the printing of photos, email documents and mobile web pages, using the printers of the famous company. Even in the case of this application, it is possible to download the files to be printed from the supported cloud storage services. Gratuitous.


  • Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY (Android / iOS) - The application for managing Canon printers and related mobile printing. It allows print photos and documents, take documents from cloud storage services, as well as perform copy and scan operations. Gratuitous.


  • Lexkmark Mobile Print (Android / iOS) - Official Lexmark Printer App. It allows you to send documents and images from mobile phones and tablets to a printer connected to the network. Gratuitous.


  • Kodak moments (Android / iOS) - Application made available by Kodak and with a very different operation from those already reported. It is dedicated exclusively to the printing of photos that can be requested directly from the mobile to receive them at home on photographic paper or to collect them at a designated point. You download it for free but the service is paid.


  • Samsung Mobile Print (Android) - It is the official print management application that Samsung makes available for its printers. Allows you to print and scan documents, as well as sending faxes. You can download it for free.


  • Cloud printing (Android) - The official app Google Cloud Print that can be used with any service-compatible printing that allows you to share images and documents directly on the latter, as well as track the status of print jobs and much more. Gratuitous.

So far the entry on Application to print.