You have decided to start running, staying fit and / or shedding a few extra pounds accumulated in the past few months, and you are looking application to run, able to make you control your routes and your progress comfortably from your mobile phone. Things are like this, am I right? So I am pleased to tell you that you have come to the right place at the right time. In the following lines, in fact, you can read some of my suggestions related to solutions of this type.

I will list, in fact, a number of applications for Android e iOS / iPadOS dedicated to running and also showing how they work in detail. The solutions I have chosen to advise you interact with the phone's GPS and will allow you to monitor your training; When using them, you can take into account the route taken and metrics like distance, speed, time needed, calories burned, etc. Therefore, you will always have an eye on all the data to make an evaluation of your training and, at the same time, you can count on a kind of personal trainer, capable of motivating you to continue your physical activity.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to start? Well then I would say put the chatting part on and get to the heart of this tutorial. Strength and Courage: Start to warm up, grab your mobile phone and try to follow the instructions in the next paragraphs of this guide. I wish you a good reading and wish you the best of luck in your next training session!

Endomondo (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Between the application to run that I have chosen to advise you that there is Endomondo, free downloadable for Android and iOS / iPadOS. Although it can be downloaded for free, the application allows access to all its functions only to those who subscribe to a Premium subscription, whose cost starts at € 3.49 / month.

After installing and starting Endomondo on your mobile phone or tablet, give them all the necessary permissions for it to work properly. Then touch the button Register now and sign up for your address email, using the appropriate registration form you see on the screen, or touch the buttons Continue with Facebook o Continue with Google to follow the login through your Facebook or Google account.

Once the registration is complete, provide the information required by the application to work, consent to the processing of your personal data, and then press the button Accept and continue o siguiente. If you are offered the subscription of the Premium subscription through a special screen, close the latter by pressing the button (X) which is in the upper left.

Then go to the card training located at the bottom, press the symbol of the gear top right and make sure the option is selected raza (otherwise select it yourself).

When you are ready to start, start the workout by pressing the button game place it in the center of the screen and start your running session. To stop the training, touch the button break and if you plan to stop the activity completely, long press the button parade. Once the activity ends, you will be offered a summary screen that contains all the statistics of the performed execution.

Adidas Running (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Among the applications to run, Adidas Running It is one of the most famous. If you don't know, know that it is a free application (at least in its basic use) developed by Adidas and Runtastic. Although, as I said, it is available for free download on Android and iOS / iPadOS, I want to clarify that only by subscribing to the Premium subscription, which starts at € 9.99 / month, you can access specific training plans and other advanced features.

After installing and starting Adidas Running on your device, press the button continued and then login through your account Facebook, your account google or, again, through your address email. Once you have registered, indicate the information requested (eg. height, weight, etc.), touch the button continued, give Adidas Runtastic the permissions you need to work better and tap the button again continued.

Now, select the activity raza, set the period training and the type of objective what else do you prefer and finally Save the settings you have changed by clicking on the appropriate item. At this point, press the button continued and, if you have a smart intelligence among those supported by the application, connect it to the latter: just select the brand of the device (ex. Garmin, Apple Watch, etc.) and follow the instructions on the screen; otherwise press the button Here we are!, to go directly to training.

If you are ready to start running, press the button starts located at the bottom of the screen and training begins. To interrupt it, instead, slide your finger from left to right on the button Scroll pause, At the bottom, then press the buttons final y Save. After execution, you will see a summary screen containing statistics and information about the training done, also visible in the section progreso application.

Strava GPS (Android / iOS)

application Strava GPS, available free for Android devices and iOS / iPadOS, it is another solution that I suggest you try. As in the case of the solutions I already talked about in the previous lines, Strava GPS is also a semi-free application: although it can be downloaded for free, some functions are only accessible in its Premium version, whose subscription starts at 6,99 , XNUMX euros month /.

To take advantage of Strava GPS, after you have installed it and started it on your device, register through your account Facebook, your account google or your address email. After registering, search eventually the extras on the screen by pressing the appropriate item, to go to use the application immediately.

en Android, then touch the button capacitor positive (+) lead and select the items Record activity y raza ; In IOS / iPadOSinstead press the voice record located at the bottom of the screen, tap the icon shoe and make sure the option is selected raza from the menu that opened, otherwise do it yourself.

Then press the button casa located at the bottom of the screen and start your career. To stop the training, touch the button parade located at the bottom and if you don't want to resume the race please press the button first arrival and then on the button Save activity.

To see your training statistics, you must go to the section profile application: its Android, you can access the latter by pressing the button (≡) placed on the top left and touching yours name ; In IOS / iPadOS instead, you can reach it simply by touching the element profile located in the lower right.

Runmeter (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Another application that you should try, if you want to monitor your careers, is Runmeter, which makes simplicity its strong point. It is available for free download for Android and iOS / iPadOS, but some of its advanced features are only accessible to users who have subscribed to one of the available Premium plans, starting at € 10.99 / month.

After installing and starting Runmeter, tap the buttons siguiente, to accept, Salta y End / Done, to go directly to the use of the application, remembering to grant it the necessary permissions for it to work properly. As you can see, the main information you need to track your training is on the main screen. When you are ready to run, all you have to do is press the button starts.

The interactive map will track your position, as well as the journey time, distance, pace, and calories you will burn. The application interface is simple and clean: it has very few decorations and various decorations. If you're looking for an app to run that tracks your workout without causing distractions with notifications of various kinds, then Runmeter is for you.

But this does not mean that the application has poor functionality! the icon map will allow you to always have a map of the city in view, while you are at the entrance program You will find the history of your workouts (which you can still consult in more detail in the article history ). If you have a device Android, to access the sections just mentioned, you must open the menu on the left by pressing the button (≡) located in the upper right.