Application to win. It is true that earn money en Internet is not easy. But, if you want to start in some way, it is best to start using app to win money on mobile devices, which offer the possibility of saving and accumulating credits and / or coupons to invest to obtain specific products.

So, choose which of the win-win apps I'm about to offer you, think it can do more for you, and immediately download them to your device.

Application to earn money

Foap (iOS / Android)

If you are a lover of the photography world, you will surely love it Foap. In fact, it is a free application for iPhone and devices Android that allows you to earn money by posting photos that could be purchased by third parties through the application. For each photo you get 5 dollars.

What makes Foap particularly interesting is its simplicity and the ability to upload photos directly from your mobile or through other photography applications such as Instagram or Flickr.

GymPact (iOS / Android)

GymPact It is a free application for iOS and Android that allows you to earn small amounts of money doing physical activity. Therefore, the application aims to encourage people to exercise with one of the most powerful incentives: money. Based on reviews in stores, the app allows you to raise $ 2-3 a week with three days of workouts.

However, on the other side of the scale, it is advisable to declare that those who do not respect the initial agreement (they commit for a certain number of days and for a certain number of weeks) will have to pay a specific sum.

Application trailers (iOS / Android)

Among the applications to earn money is Application trailers. It is an app, downloadable at no cost and usable on both iOS and Android, which allows you to earn points that can then be converted into cash or coupons to make online purchases at various media stores simply by watching other app or movie trailers that have been uploaded by third parties.

In addition to watching other people's trailers, each user has the opportunity to upload videos and share videos that, once they have reached a certain number of likes and views, will allow them to earn additional earnings.

eBay (iOS / Android)

eBay, the very popular auction site (I mentioned it in depth in my guide on how to sell on eBay), offers users an application, free and available for both iPhone and iPad, and for Android mobile phones and tablets, thanks to which it is possible to earn money by entering online advertisements of any type of article.

Depending on what your preferences and needs are, you can try to sell products by auction, but also directly or through a purchase proposal.

Even with this application, to make money, the fact that the items listed in the ads are sold is an essential condition. However, taking into account the great popularity of the platform and also taking into account the fact that every day many users in the world use it to be able to "place" their merchandise, it should not be too complicated.

YouTube (iOS / Android)

Among the applications to win I also want to report on YouTube. By sharing videos through the application of the famous video sharing service, it is possible to earn money by activating the display of ads on the videos using the AdSense program.

But keep in mind that to make money posting videos online is essential to have a sizeable audience.

Google Opinion Rewards (Android)

Google Rewards Opinion is an application available by Google and that can be used only and exclusively in Android devices. It is an application that allows you to earn credits, answering questions and surveys, in the store Google Play which can then be used to buy paid apps, music and books without spending money out of your own pocket.

The collected credit is credited to the user's Google Wallet account and can be used within a year. The application is not absolutely invasive, in the sense that it does not annoy the user with too many questions and never touches the personal sphere of the application.

SlideJoy (Android)

In a list of apps to win, you certainly can't miss Slidejoy. This is a free application available only and exclusively for Android devices, which, once downloaded and installed, will insert ads and news on the device's lock screen. Thanks to the inclusion of advertising it is possible to earn virtual money.

The amount that can be earned each day can vary greatly, so it can take a long time to receive a substantial amount. However, considering that the ads are absolutely bearable, this shouldn't be a big deal.