Writing application. Are you a writing lover or a budding writer? You don't have much time to type on your PC, but would you like to cultivate your passion even on the go, using your reliable mobile phone or tablet?

With my guide today, I'm going to talk to you about the Best Apps to write that you can easily download to your device Android, iOS or Windows, to give space to your creativity, even when you are away from home.

I will tell you about complete applications, such as the mobile version of Microsoft Word, but also simpler applications through which you can even write only annotations. You never know, the idea of ​​writing a book can come up at any time.

Best application for writing

Microsoft Word (Android / iOS / Windows Phone)

Speaking of applications for writing, we must mention Microsoft Word. If you love to write, you will surely know this famous software for Windows devices and Mac.

The Microsoft Word application that you can find at Android devices, iOS and Windows Phone It is the mobile counterpart of the writing software available on Windows PC and Mac.

If you frequently use Microsoft Word on your PC, the application interface on mobile devices will be familiar to you. Create a new document to get started, you will find all the classic buttons for formatting text in a menu below: bold, italic, underline they are the first, but with a swipe to the right you can find all the others.

Touch the symbol tres puntos to access the full menu in the PC software: Home, Insert, Design, Layout, Review and View are the available buttons.

Microsoft Word for mobile devices is free, but some additional features of the application are paid (such as the ability to insert section breaks).

To get the full version of the app and unlock all additional features, you need a Subscription to Office 365.

The subscription to Office 365 Personal costs € 6,99 per month (the first month of trial is free) and also includes a Microsoft Word license to be activated on 1 PC or 1 Mac.

Alternatively, you can buy the Office 365 Home version which, at a cost of € 9,99 per month (the first month of trial is free), allows you to get 5 Mac licenses the PC.

The purchase of the Office 365 service subscription also allows you to get the full versions of all the mobile phone applications that belong to the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

iA Writer (Android / iOS)

Among the most popular writing applications is iA writer. This is a fairly comprehensive text editor that supports various text formatting options, although it is not on par with the Microsoft Word application.

iA Writer is available for free for Android devices, while on iOS it is paid and costs € 3,99.

Once you've downloaded the app, open it up to see how it works for me. As you will surely notice, iA Writer has a minimal user interface and not all buttons for text layout are visible.

Unlike the Microsoft application, in fact, the format and all the built-in tools for verifying the text are available via shortcuts. Clearly, the introductory guide of the application is always available for reading, explaining what all the available formatting options are, but to avoid always consulting it, you should always keep in mind the hot keys to format. Therefore, formatting text with iA Writer is not that straightforward.

The application is then configured as a basic text editor that is used simply for writing. iA Writer offers the possibility to export the created text file in Word format. This way you can write using iA Writer and then go about the text formatting options with Microsoft Word or with a different program of your choice.

Google documents

One of the best writing apps you can use is Documents of Google. The mobile application is the counterpart of Google's online service available through a browser that you can use for free.

The main functionality of the application allows you to write even without a connection to Internet and then save the document created in the cloud as soon as you reconnect.

Launch the app to see how it works; On the first login, it will ask you to log in with your Google account. You can then sync documents and access all of your previously created files via the web on your mobile device.

When you're ready to start typing, just press the + button. As you will see when using the application, Google Docs is very comprehensive and comes with a series of buttons to format the text. It may not have all the formatting possibilities of Microsoft Word, but Google Docs is a great and valid alternative to Microsoft's application.

If you touch the three point symbol located at the top right, you will have access to a drop-down menu with more settings.

You can activate the spell checker, count the words and even do Find and replace within the text. Tap on the + button In the upper right, you can insert a link, an image, a table and, among other things, a page break. Touching the symbol A, instead, you will have access to a menu with all the additional formatting options available.

Basically, the Google Docs application for mobile devices has all the features of the web version and, even through the application, you can invite one or more people to view and edit the document simultaneously.

Polaris Office

If you can't do without the Office suite but find the cost of the Office 365 subscription to be excessive, my advice is to take a look at the Polaris Office app.

Polaris Office is a writing application that mimics the Microsoft Office writing program: the user interface is very similar and there is the possibility to create documents in docx, xlsx, pptx and txt, using a single application.

Open the application now and register by typing your email address. At the beginning you'll find yourself on the screen Home  through which you will see the list of recent files.

Now press the + button to choose the type of document to create. The color of the icons refers to the corresponding Office suite document: blue icon per word document, green icon for Excel, orange icon guidance on PowerPoint. He gray icon instead, it allows you to create a document of type txt.

The functionalities of Polaris Office do not need much explanation: they are practically tools very similar to those included in each of the applications of the Office suite mentioned above.

Like Microsoft Word, Polaris Office also offers some formatting features that you can only unlock with the purchase of a paid version. In fact, Polaris Office is available at Smart (3,99 euros per month or 39,99 euros per year) and in the version For (5,99 euros per month or 59,99 euros per year). Alternatively, by paying the minimum amount of 2,19 euros, it is possible to remove only the advertising banners.

Other applications for writing

Writing app list didn't meet your needs? Below you can find a summary list of other popular apps for writing on the go.

  • Evernote (Android / iOS / Windows Phone) - Do you need to take notes Or write on the go before ideas slip from your mind? Evernote is one of the most popular applications for writing, taking notes, and taking notes quickly. Also accessible through the web, Evernote is a virtual publication.


  • Apple Pages (iOS): popular text editor developed by Apple for Mac, also available in iPhone and iPad. It is a complete and very versatile application with the same possibilities as its older brother for Mac. The application is free.


  • 1 Writer (iOS): app similar to iA Writer for Android and iOS; The user interface is purposely essential to avoid any kind of distraction and focus on typing. The application is paid and costs 4,99€.