AVG Free antivirus. When it comes to free antivirus, one of the first names to appear is AVG. The famous IT security software produced by the Czech company of the same name has conquered Windows users thanks to its ease of use (combined with a good degree of effectiveness) and has now expanded its field of action to other platforms.

Today, in fact, there are versions of AVG Free antivirus also for Mac OS X y Android. The first protects the system in real time by recognizing the malware for Mac and Windows, the second offers an all-in-one solution that improves the performance of mobile phones and tablets, allowing, among other things, to recover them in case of loss. Let's look at all three in detail.

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Free AVG Antivirus in detail

Download Free AVG Antivirus on your PC (let's talk about Windows), connect to the program's website and click the button first AVG AntiVirus Free and in Download y Free download twice in a row.

When the download is complete, double click on it to open the AVG installation package (ex. avg_free_stb_all_2014_4354.exe ) and, in the window that opens, click first yes and then siguiente.

Then accept the conditions of use of the program by clicking on the button I agree, put the check mark next to the article Basic protection and click first siguiente twice in a row and then finalize  to finish the antivirus configuration.

Some components required for software installation will be downloaded, so make sure you have a connection to Internet active.

AVG will automatically start updating the antivirus definitions, that is, the database used by the program to recognize malware. When the operation is complete, I suggest you do a full system scan by clicking the button with three horizontal lines placed next to the wording Scan and selecting the option Scan the entire PC present on the screen that appears. The check could take several hours.

Free AVG Antivirus on Mac

If you use a Mac, you can download Free AVG Antivirus on your PC by connecting to the program's website and clicking the button AVG AntiVirus for Mac. Currently, the software is only available in English, but I assure you that it is very easy to use even for those who do not "chew" the language well. Once the download is complete, open the file you just downloaded (eg. avg_avc_mac_all_2014_4172.dmg ) and start the named installation package Install AVG AntiVirus found inside.

In the window that opens, first click the button siguiente  twice in a row and then up to accept y install. Then type your user account password in OS X and complete AVG installation process by first clicking on Install software and then close.

At this point, start a virus scan by clicking the button Scan now present on the initial screen of the software (which starts automatically at the end of the configuration). Once the procedure is completed, make sure that the real-time monitoring of the antivirus is active, that is, that the Real-time protection is set to ON.

If you want to browse a file with AVG for Mac, all you have to do is go to the main application screen and drag the object into the field leave here. However, to start a PC scan, click the button Scan Mac located in the lower left. Easier than that?

In conclusion, I want to tell you about the version of AVG Antivirus for Android that in addition to including an excellent system to block malware, as mentioned in the opening of the post, it also offers functions to locate remotely lost mobile phones and tablets, delete the data stored on them and speed up the system by block apps that take up too many resources.

Like the desktop version of the antivirus, the Android version is also free, but includes some advanced features, such as Backup of apps, which can only be unlocked by purchasing a paid variant of the app.