Better chats

You always gladly fulfill your work and family obligations but it is taking away a lot of free time and the possibilities of starting new social relationships or much more simply of chatting at the bar with friends are drastically reduced. Given the situation, therefore, you have thought well of relying on the power of the Web and, more precisely, that of chats.

How do you say? Things are going very much this way and would you like to know if I can give you some advice on which services to use? Of course you do, don't worry. In fact, with this article of mine today I would like to illustrate all those who in my opinion represent the best chats of the moment. Whether you want to have a simple chat with friends or if you are looking for a new love, it does not matter, among the services that you find listed below there are some special ones for one purpose or another or, even, for both.

Thing? Everything is perfectly clear to you, but not considering yourself a great expert in terms of the Web and new technologies, are you afraid that in the end you will not be able to make the most of the resources that I am about to offer you? Don't be silly and don't try to back down right now! In fact, I can assure you that using the services of chat ! that we are about to discover together is very simple and that it is not absolutely necessary to be an expert in technology to be able to take advantage of them. Clear? Yes? Okay, then talk and let's get to the heart of the matter. Enjoy reading!

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Let's start this excursus among those who in my opinion represent the best chat services in the square with email. It is a somewhat outdated chat service, that even before the arrival of Facebook and all other social services enjoyed great success with users. To use it, you don't need to put your wallet in your hand and you don't need to create an account. The only thing you can do is choose the nickname.

To use it, go to the service house, click on the item Login the chat at the top right, write the nickname you want to use to chat with other users in the field enter your Nick name in the center and then click Enter the chat.

Once done, the chat window will immediately be shown to you and you can finally start chatting in public with other users connected to the service. For write and post messages, just use the appropriate box Send Message… located at the bottom and press the button Send in the keyboard. If you want, you can also enrich your texts with emojis. To do this you have to click on the symbol smiley which is in the lower left and select the emoji you like the most among the attachments to the comic you see appear.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to speak privately with a certain user, click on their name in the list on the right and click on the composition Message in the menu that appears. You can then go back to the main chat screen at any time by simply clicking on the tab #say it placed on top. To switch between the different conversations already started, the procedure to follow is practically the same: click on the tab with the name of the reference user.


Another good chat service that I want to suggest you try PointChat. The chat is totally free and is based on the IRC network, it is always very popular and you can find users from all Italian regions. There are no topic rooms, so it allows everyone to exchange opinions on any topic without limitations (with active moderation for offensive content and violations of chat rules).

To use it, go to the chat home page, type the nickname you want to use to talk to other users in the corresponding text field located at the top, press the button Chatting now!. and then on that Start ….

At this point, a new browser tab will open from which you can start chatting over the Web with the various online users. To start a conversation, write your texts in the corresponding box located at the bottom, next to your nickname, and then click the button Send on the keyboard.

If you wish, you can also customize the chat settings by pressing the button with the wheels gear in the upper right and make changes to the theme, notifications, etc.

Do you want to talk to a user in private? Then click on your name in the right sidebar of the main chat screen and then click on the item Message attached to the menu shown to you. You can then return to the main chat by clicking on the tab #chat that you find at the top. If, on the other hand, you want to open the conversation started with another user, you must click on the name of the latter in the tabs at the top.


Are you looking for new friends or maybe someone to build a deeper relationship with? So I advise you to jump Badoo. It is one of the most popular online dating and chat services ever. It has a nice user interface, you can count on a good number of subscribers, it is very easy to use and can also be used in Android, iOS y Windows Phone through dedicated applications. To start chatting with other people, you need to register and create your own profile. There are also some additional (paid) features that allow you to exploit the potential of the service even more effectively.

You ask me how to use it? I'll explain it to you right away! Connect to the Badoo home page, answer the initial questions asked and provide your details (name, date of birth, city, email or phone number) and then press the button Create an account to start the registration procedure. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration and complete your profile as much as possible, bearing in mind that with an incomplete account you will hardly be able to make new friends.

Then you can finally start looking for registered users of the service that you can chat with. To do this, click on the element Meetings to scroll through a list of people potentially compatible with you. For each profile shown you can indicate a positive opinion (the button in the form of heart ), a very positive one (the button Special person ) or a negative judgment (the button with the "X"). Go instead to section People around You will be able to see other users close to your area to start chatting. If any of these interest you, you can click on their photo to see their full profile and find out more details. If you want to refine your search, click the button with the symbol Heights corresponding to the article Meetings and use the different filters available to see only the users that match the chosen characteristics.

After opening a person's profile, you can see various information related to him and can contact him by pressing the button Charla Immediately that is on high. You can also add other users to Favourite so you can contact them later and even give them a virtual gift by pressing the i button tres puntos at the top right of the profile and then selecting the relevant item from the displayed menu. If someone bothers you, always through the same menu you can also report it, indicating some abuse, or block it.

I also point out that Badoo allows you to see the users who have visited your profile and those who are interested in you. Just click on the items Visits es Who do you like at the top left of the service web page.

As anticipated in the previous lines, the service is free but in order to use all the functions that are offered in an unlimited way, it is necessary to access a payment tool called Superpowers Through which it is possible to increase popularity and receive more interactions. The cost depends on the subscription: it starts from € 0,99 for 1 day up to € 69,99 for a lifetime subscription. For more information on this as well as on how the service works, I suggest you read my tutorial on how Badoo works in which I proceeded to tell you in great detail about the famous chat service.


In an article dedicated to which are the best chats it is practically impossible not to name Meetic. In fact, it is one of the sites of Internet most famous of the category that, however, differs from the others that I have already told you about for a very simple reason: its sole objective is to help you find a soul mate (or presumed). The service is available for free with additional paid features and is also available as an app for Android devices and iOS.

To start chatting on Meetic, the first thing you need to do is sign up for the service. To do this, connect to your home page and fill out the on-screen form indicating the required data (your gender, what you are looking for and your date of birth). Then press the button Create my profile, enter the city where you want to make new friends and press the button Follow. Therefore proceed with the preliminary registration operations and personalize your profile by providing all the information that you think should be indicated.

Then you can start using all of Meetic's tools to meet people new and start a chat session with them. Users subscribed to the service will be shown to you in different sections of the service as well as on the main screen.

Personally, I suggest you access the section Shuffle from which you can start to vote positively or negatively for registered users in the section related to the random profiles of the day. To express general appreciation or indicate that the person who has been proposed to you is not of interest to you, you can use the buttons respectively. Sip (symbol of a green "v") e No (symbol of a red "x").

Finally, I would like to point out the possibility of access, upon payment, to some additional features of the site that may allow you to further customize your search so that people know about it. The subscription can be subscribed in different formulations and costs 14,99 euros per month, 9,99 euros for 3 months and 4,99 euros for 6 months. Obviously, it is not absolutely mandatory to activate a paid subscription. This is solely and exclusively an optional option that depends on the individual user.

Other chats to consider

The chat services that I have already told you about have not managed to attract your attention in a particular way and are you looking for more alternatives? Then take a look at the other chats below. I'm sure that among these you can find at least one of your liking. Let it be?

  • - It is an online chat, but it is primarily intended as a dating site. To use it, simply fill in the corresponding form and carry out a quick search among the different users of the network to identify those that meet the characteristics initially indicated.
  • Free chat - It is the chat of the Libero portal. It is very busy and can be accessed without registering, as a guest.
  • Tiscali Chat - As the name suggests, this is the Tiscali provider chat. just type in your nickname and your real name and you can start chatting instantly.
  • Lovoo - This is another internet site through which to chat and make new friends that mainly aims to meet the potential soul mate. It is based on a complex algorithm capable of proposing new people to meet based on distance and common passions, as well as tastes.