Returnal's best weapons. To survive in this PS5 game, you must have the right arsenalAs it is mainly a shooting game, you must find the best weapon that suits your style. Therefore, in this guide we will explain what the best returnal weapons.

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Returnal's best weapons, full list

During your races, you will have the opportunity to find and equip different types of weapons. Each of these, as you will easily notice, has a progress bar, located at the bottom left. When killing enemies, this bar will fill up and once it is full you will have obtained the first permanent trait, which you will then find again in each race.

To check the level of permanent weapon traits in Returnal, you need to open the Options screen, go to Equipment, and select the Weapon tab.

There are 90 permanent weapon traits in Returnal, divided among the 9 weapons available throughout the game.

Guide to the best weapons in Returnal

  • Modified SD-M8 handgun

This is the first weapon you will have at your disposal, but we recommend that you do not underestimate it. As soon as you start unlocking the first traits and the different bullets available, it will in fact become a very versatile weapon, with good damage and has a good rate of fire.

The weapon's features are:

  • Guided missile
  • Drilling
  • Rebound
  • Shrapnel
  • Fire shot
  • Recharge
  • Jagged and Serrated Projectiles

best weapons in Returnal

  • Tachyomatic carbine

This is another very basic weapon, which can be very important in battle, with the right permanent traits.

The weapon's features are:

  • High accuracy
  • Armor drilling
  • Increasing intensity
  • Critical impact
  • High caliber
  • Payload bullets
  • Parasitic bullets


  • Spitting Artificer

This is a shotgun that, as you can imagine, is very effective at close range, but as you will discover it is a tremendously powerful weapon even at a distance.

The weapon's features are:

  • Extra bullets
  • Fast outbreak
  • Explosive outbreak
  • Splatter
  • Critical chaos
  • Acid clouds


  • Pyroprojectile emitter

It's a long range rifle, which unfortunately has a serious flaw: eThe damage is really low. Fortunately, it is possible to fix this problem with the correct permanent features.

The weapon's features are:

  • Optimized shot enhancement
  • Camera upgrade
  • Anti-gravity projectiles


  • Thermogenic launcher

It is an extremely versatile weapon, which will allow you to face large and small enemies, at any distance. Without a doubt, one of the best Returnal weapons that you will find during your races.

The weapon's features are:

  • Enlarged camera
  • Replicate impacts
  • Mega rocket
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic
  • Magnet Obolitos
  • Termite missiles

Guide to the best weapons in Returnal

  • Electrophilic conductor

Probably one of the strongest weapons in Returnal (if not the strongest), it will allow you to create real safety zones if used correctly. By planting your pylons at strategic points, you can actually easily get rid of large hordes of enemies.

The weapon's features are:

  • Streamlined chamber
  • Enlarged camera
  • Blade harmonizer
  • Protective pylons
  • Silphium Extractor
  • Obolith extractor
  • Red


  • Nightmare hunter

It is a particular crossbow that allows you to recover fired bullets. In practice, after shooting an arrow, it turns towards the player, with the possibility of hitting enemies twice.

The weapon's features are:

  • Oboliths magnet
  • Obolith generator
  • Stunner
  • Skis
  • Return damage


  • Spiral destroyer

The spiral destroyer is a very slow weapon, but it allows, once mastered, cause great damage even at great distances.

The weapon's features are:

    • Missile Disks
    • Daze
    • Enlarged camera
    • To recalibrate
    • Obolith magnet
    • Adrenaline discs and twins

So far this guide of the mReturnal's best weapons With them you can easily overcome each of the biomes in the game. You can check our guides with more solutions Returnal: Where to find the Solar Fragments It sure is useful for you to unlock the secret ending.