How to search for high resolution images on Google

How to find high-resolution images in Google. In today's tutorial, I will give all the instructions to do it from the PC and also from the mobile phone and the tablet. I am going to explain how to use the image search tool and the advanced search tool.

How to Google Hi-Res Images from Your PC

If you want search high resolution images in Google with a PC, you should take advantage of the well-known search engine, which can be used in the same way from Windows PCs and Mac, using any browser to browse Internet among the most popular, such as Google Chrome.

Then start the browser of your choice and connect to the address (if the official website of the popular search engine has not yet been set as the home page). In the text field you see in the center, type the search term for which you want to search for one or more high-resolution images and press the button. Enter in the keyboard from your PC, to confirm the search.

In any case, after write or speak the search term, click the tab photos which is at the top, to see the relative results, for the note, of the images.

Now to find only high resolution photos, click on the item instruments and select the dimensions in the menu below. Place the check mark next to the item great, or click on the option named Greater than.

In the first case, you will only be shown large images, while pressing the item Greater than You will be asked to select the resolution of your interest:

-The resolution HD 720p is 1280 × 720 pixels.

-Full HD 1080p is 1920 × 1080 pixels.

- 4K is 3840 × 2160 pixels.

Also, pressing the item Exact dimensions, you will have the possibility to write manually width y height in terms of pixel (px) of images to search.

After identifying the image of your interest, if you want to save it, click on it to see it in a larger size, then right click and click on Save picture like present in the context menu.

Search high resolution images on Google from phones and tablets

Searching for high-resolution images on Google from mobile phones and tablets is just as simple and fast.

Also in this case, you will need a browser to surf the Internet: I suggest Google Chrome, free browser from Google available at Android and iOS, or safari for iOS

Regardless of the app used, connect now to the Google home page (if it's not already set as your home page), then in the search engine you see in the center, type in the term you're interested in or press the microphone icon to start a voice search saying the term for which you want to search for high-resolution images (option available only in Chrome and in the Google app). To confirm the search, press thebutton. Search on your device keyboard or touch the magnifying glass icon.

After that, you will be shown the main results: press on the tab photos to view all media content, then press HD. This way, you will only be shown high-resolution images.

After finding the image that interests you, if you want to download it to your device, press on it, hold your finger and press on the item Download image ( Android ) or Save Picture ( iOS ) present in the menu displayed.

Google Image Search

Google images allow search by images to find photos similar to those of your PC or those already on the Internet. The service can be used from PCs and even from mobile phones and tablets.

To use it from a PC, connected to its official website, click on the camera icon and select Upload an image. Press the button Choose file, if you want to load an image from your PC and look for other similar high resolution images.

Alternatively, select the tab Catch URL of image and write, in the text field shown, the link of the image for which you want to obtain similar ones in high resolution. Then click Search by image.

In both cases, you will be shown all the corresponding results: press All sizes > Find other dimensions of this image. And then select the drop down menu dimensions, to filter the search by images big, greater than a certain resolution or to insert the exact dimensions of the image you are looking for.

From phones and tablets, to search by images, you must use the Google Chrome browser for Android and iOS. Follow the standard Google image search procedure and, after identifying the one you are interested in, click on the image.

Now select Search this image on Google in the displayed menu to identify other similar images. Press Other dimensions and touch the item HD, to filter the search for high resolution images.

Advanced image search

Another tool dedicated to searching for images on Google is the advanced image search. This tool, which can be used in the same way both from a PC as from a mobile phone and a tablet, allows you to search for images through the combined use of different advanced filters, including the dimensions of the same.

To use it, connect to its official website and use the text fields located in the section Find images of, to search images from the search with some keywords ( all these words, this exact word or phrase, none of these words ).

Next, set up a filter for the search results, referencing the entries in Then limit the results to.

In particular, if you want to create high-resolution images, you must use the drop-down menu Image size and set in greater than 1024 × 768 or greater than 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 15, 20, 40 or 70 megapixels.

Finally, to confirm the search according to the established filters, view the results and finally download the image according to the procedures indicated above, press the button Advanced search.


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