How to log out of Signal?

How to log out of Signal? When we talk about the Signal tool, we can determine that it is one of the applications most used today by some users, thus achieving the enjoyment of an instant messaging service, sending emojis, GIFs, videos, images, among many more functions.

However, at all times users want to know more about the application, reason for which we will explain the process of closing the session when the Signal tool is in use.

Signal as a tool for use

We should start by mentioning that Signal has become one of the alternatives with the largest field in the technological area, it is even very viable compared to the WhatsApp tool. Among its main features is offering security in relation to messages.

Steps to log out of Signal on PC or Laptop desktop

As we mentioned earlier, Signing out of Signal is a fairly simple and fast procedureHowever, for the sake of clarity for users, we will now describe the steps necessary to achieve this objective.

For the knowledge of users, we must mention that This option cannot be made from the computerHowever, we can currently have a solution for everything, so we will break down the steps to follow in this case.

  • As a first step we must download the Signal application, it can be done through the Play Store service of the user's personal mobile phone, in the same way another option is directly on the portal or website of the tool.




  • Later we must place ourselves in the right area of ​​the screen of the device or mobileThen we will click on the three points, we will see a tab open with some special settings.
  • Then we go to the option called "linked devices", once there we must select the specific session you want to end.
  • Next, we will choose the box where the mention "Accept" appears. As an important note for users, is that in iOS systems have to click on the option "Edit" and then delete.

Using your mobile device to log out of Signal

As we mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, the option to close the session of Signal, it cannot be done from the PC applicationTherefore, users will necessarily have to use their personal mobile for such a procedure.

Closing process on Android and iOS systems

In the case of mobiles with Android system, we will follow the following specs to achieve Signal logout.

  • We must first open the tool on the device, then in the area on the right we will see three points where the "Settings" are located.
  • We will locate the mention "Linked Devices", then pressure will be required on the device that is linked. We will immediately see a mention of unlinking and logging out from another device.

IOs system

As a initial step opens the Signal tool on the device. Once it starts, we locate the settings area, which is on the right of the screen. After entering it, click on "Linked devices". In this way we will see the different devices that are linked, we will click on "Edit" and then on the delete option, so we will have closed the session of other computers.


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