How to share games on PS4. It has a  PlayStation 4 and you are creating a good collection of games. Therefore, he would like to share your library with other people so that they can live the same video game experiences that he is so passionate about. However, you have heard that there are limitations in this regard and you have not fully understood what can and cannot be done. That's the way it is, right? Well then I would say you have come to the right place.

In today's guide, in fact, I will explain in detail how to share games on PS4. In case you were wondering, I will consider various methods that will allow you to achieve your goal. Obviously, all of this without compromising the security of your account, as I will focus only on Sony's authorized, operational and tested procedures. There will also be a way to talk about the position of the Japanese company regarding the exchange of games and analyze the issue in detail.

Clarifications on how to share games on PS4

Before going into details about how to share games on ps4I think it is necessary to clarify the subject a little.

In fact, the web is full of sites that promise methods for share digital games free Sony console with other people outside your family unit. Good, you need to know That this is not allowed, since clearly everyone should buy their own games.

The methods proposed online are also often unsafe as they could cause problems for your account PlayStation Network. In addition to this, there are threats malicious they are trying to get credentials to access your profile y data in different ways. My advice is therefore staying away These types of solutions, which in the long run, come out expensive.

Sony declares that the exchange of access data With other people, especially people who have never met, it goes against the PlayStation community code of conduct. Furthermore, the Japanese company claims, as I indicated earlier, that they can steal your account  and access personal information, digital shopping y subscriptions of users.

How to legally share a game on PS4.

In 2018, Sony decided to provide official directions on the possibility of sharing their games for PlayStation 4. Below you will find all the details of the case.

How to change games on PS4

It may seem like the most common advice in the world, but buy physical copies instead of digital, it is a great advantage to share.

In fact, some players buy digital copies games by convenience : just press a few keys,   download the title concerned and ready.

However, in some cases, digital titles are sold to a similar price to the physical copies   (especially if they are games that have not been released yet). Then go to shop (or in any case, ask for Internet) and buy the physical copy of a game is, therefore, the best method to guarantee the possibility of change games to friends and family.

In short, all you have to do is find you physically with the person you want to loan the game to and make a trade. For "more information", I recommend that you take a look at the fun video official published by Sony on the subject (made as a «mockery» against rival Microsoft, which before the launch of Xbox One it was rumored that he wanted to launch a console without support for physical games; which then happened, but much later and in clearly different ways).

Share your digital library.

In a world where people don't have a lot of space at home and make friends online more and more often, you may need to share your digital library. Well, in this case you don't have to worry: there is a official method to do this.

I am clearly referring to the Share Play functionality, which allows you practically change the controller a another person in single player games, to challenge each other as if the other person were sitting next to him, with local multiplayer o share your screen to show someone what's going on.

We are talking about a function designed to allow people to get an idea of ​​a game. before buying it, so you should not use it for other reasons. Each Share Play session has one maximum duration of one hour, but you can do as many as you want.

To use this feature, you must first have a subscription to PlayStation Plus. Be aware of the fact that for some functions it may be necessary for the host have a PS Plus subscription (like, for example, when you want to play in two). Also, the host and guest must be friends in PlayStation Network and clearly both account must leave en línea. The maximum number of players who can use Share Play is from 2.

A very important requirement is the Internet connection. Sony declares that both the host and the guest must have a Broadband de at least 15 Mbps to transmit or receive content in resolution 1080p (30fps).

Otherwise, all you have to do is start the game want to "share", press the Share button with the controller and press the button. X  in the panel Launch Share Play. Just in case your connection it is not enough to use Share Play, the system will warn you and allow you to do everything prueba of the case At this point, press good to create a game  privateinvites the user involved.

After that you will have to press up good, select the article first Share play present on the right (the one with the timer) and then on the right Pass the controller to the guest and choose whether to allow the other user act for you or if play with him. These possibilities depend on the title and the accounts involved, since in some cases the functionality Share Play may also not be available.

Perfect, now you have all the necessary instructions to use the Share Play functionality. One thing: remember that you are the responsable of everything that is done through the PlayStation Network account and therefore I recommend that you use Share Play only with people of absolute trust and not with strangers who promise, for example, win games for you or similar through online classifieds. For more information on this possibility, I recommend that you consult the page of Sony's official website dedicated to Share Play.

How to share digital games on PS4

Would you need to share your games with other consoles you own or related to you family ? Well, then I will explain a simple method to succeed in your attempt.

The first thing you should do is configure the PlayStation 4 where do you have all your digital library how principal. To do this, you must go to the road Settings> Account management> Activate PS4 as primary and press the button X controller in option allow.

At this point, turn on the console where you want to "take" your games, create a new one local account and run the login with the account PSN that you usually use on the PS4 that you have previously configured as primary.

Once you have successfully logged in, launch the app PlayStation 4 Collection, which you should find on the main screen of the console, and download the games you want to use then go back to the comfort that you had established as principal and deactivate the option that you previously activated (always going to the route Settings> Account management> Activate PS4 as main  and selecting deactivate ).

Perfect, now you should be able to use the gameseven in the case of log out from secondary console and at lack of connection. Clearly, it is a method that can only be implemented with people who live in the Same house. Also, I remind you that it is necessary share access data from your PlayStation Network account (and consequently your data, including connected payment methods) and then you should be careful.