How to connect Just Dance Now to TV

You are a fan of the dance video games of the series. Just dance and for this reason, you would like to play with your friends a Just dance now, the mobile version of the popular Ubisoft saga. In this sense, he has thought of projecting the application on the TV in the living room, to make it more attractive, but unfortunately he is not sure how to do it.

How do you say? This is how things are and, therefore, would you like to know if I can help you understand how to connect Just Dance Now to TV ? Yes of course! Don't worry and let me help you - during the next chapters of this guide, I will provide you with all the information you will need to be successful in this intention.

In fact, I will soon explain how to download the Just Dance app on your mobile phone / tablet and also how to connect the game to the tv smart phone or traditional TV that you have at home (through devices such as chromecast y Apple TV). If you can't wait to learn more, try the following tips right away. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

  • Download Just Dance now
  • Connect Just Dance Now to Smart TV
  • Other solutions to connect Just Dance Now to TV

Before explaining how to connect Just Dance Now to Smart TVLet me give you preliminary information about it.

First, you need to know which Just dance now is a free multiplayer video game for mobile devices Android ( Android 5.0 or higher), iOS ( iOS 10 or higher) and iPadOS, which allows you to play a selection of Songs from the catalog of the famous series of dance games. Just dance no need for a console, a PC or dedicated motion sensors and controllers, such as Kinect es PlayStation Move.

To play, in fact, simply download the application on your mobile phone (or, if you wish, even tablet), which will constitute the controller, and then associate the device with a display connected to Internet, like your television or the screen of a PC or tablet.

Specifically, regarding the possibilities of connecting the video game to the television, all televisions and Smart TVs can be used, but it is necessary to use them in combination with Chromecasts, the famous HDMI key of Google, Since the technology Miracast present in many smart TVs unfortunately not supported.

In this sense, to be able to play Just dance now on TV it is also important that the Google dongle has been connected to the TV and configured correctly. As an alternative to Chromecast, you can also cast the Just Dance app on your TV through other devices, such as your cable box. Apple TV (installing the appropriate tvOS application).

But if you have a Smart TV equipped with the operating system Android TV you can play Just Dance by connecting to the Just Dance Now official website using your browser Puffin TV Browser, the only one for Android TV that is compatible with the Ubisoft video game.

Having said that, in the next chapters of this guide I will explain in detail how to play Just dance now connecting the mobile application to the Smart TV with some of the solutions just mentioned.

Download Just Dance now

To start playing Just dance now You must first download the application of the video game in question on your mobile phone. Follow, therefore, the indications that I will give you in the next chapters to be successful in this attempt.


Download Just dance now en Android, first start the Play store, Google's virtual store through which games and applications are installed, by clicking on its icon (the ▶ colored symbol) located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device.

Then, in the search engine located at the top, enter the application name, to identify it among the search results. At this point, to start the automatic installation and download of the game, all you have to do is press the button Install on pc.

Wait, then, for the download to complete and, finally, press the button Opens displayed, to start the application. Alternatively, you can also launch the application by pressing its icon which will be automatically added to the home screen and / or drawer of your device.

iOS / iPad OS

To download the Just Dance Now app at iOS / iPad OS, you must use the App Store, that's the Apple virtual store through which games and applications are installed.

To start, press the App Store located on the home screen of your device (the stylized "A" on a light blue background); then press the button Search located at the bottom (the magnifying glass icon ), and in the search text field at the top, type Just dance now, that is, the name of the application, to identify it within the Apple virtual store.

Once done, click on the button Get / install and unlock the download and installation of the game through Face ID, Touch ID or password for your iCloud account. At the end of the download and automatic installation, start the application by pressing the button Opens or by touching its icon that you will find automatically added to the device's home screen.

Connect Just Dance Now to the Smart TV

At this point, it's time to explain yourself in detail. how to connect Just Dance Now to Smart TV (or even any Traditional TV equipped with HDMI port) via Chromecasts, using the application that you downloaded to your mobile phone, as explained in the previous chapter.

That said, to start, start the application Just dance now and press the button I want to configure the screen shown at the end of the initial tutorial (which explains how the Ubisoft video game works).

Once this is done, click on the item Transmission devices and wait a few moments for yours Chromecasts is detected nearby. After that, press the button first Okay and then name of your Chromecast, to connect between the app and the Google dongle.

Now press the button Theater plays, Select the plunge you want to dance and start having fun by pressing the button Begins. The video will be transmitted directly to the television screen and, holding the mobile phone with your right hand, you will have to follow and reproduce the dance steps of the virtual dancers, as if they were your reflection in the mirror.

Other solutions to connect Just Dance Now to TV

En AppleTVHD/4K connect Just dance now to TV is even easier, as you don't need a mobile phone: the video game is available for free as an app for Apple TV and as a controller, you can use the remote control Remote Control Apple TV.

That said, to continue, access the App Store of Apple TV, and, in the search engine, type the name of the application in question, to identify and install it, using the button Get.

After that, start the game and, using Remote Control Apple TV as a controller, select the song. Once this is done, to start playing, hold it with your right hand and follow the movements of the dancers on the screen as if they were your reflection in the mirror.

Regarding the possibility of playing Just dance now en Android TV you must use your mobile phone to use it as a controller and your browser Puffin TV Browser, downloading it from Play Store.

After downloading and launching the browser, type in the address bar. Finally, scan the QR Code or enter, on your smartphone, the number of Dance hall which will be shown on the browser screen, to start playing.