How to create your avatar in WhatsApp

One of your contacts WhatsApp sent you a sticker representing his avatar and you want to find out how he did it? Have you noticed that some people have put an avatar as their profile picture on WhatsApp, you want to emulate their idea but you don't know how to do it? If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, you are in the right tutorial!

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain in detail how to create your own avatar on WhatsApp. I foresee that, when I write, the famous messaging application does not integrate a suitable function for the purpose, but you can compensate for this lack by resorting to external solutions that allow you to create avatars from your photos (and not only), turning the results into stickers or photos to use on WhatsApp.

Curious what solutions I mean? So what else are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, focus on reading the following paragraphs, and put my advice into practice. You will see that in a few minutes, you will also know how to create a great avatar to use on WhatsApp. Enjoy reading and have fun!

  • How to create your avatar for WhatsApp
    • Facebook (Android/ iOS)
    • Bitmoji (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Memoji (iOS / iPadOS)
    • More applications to create avatars for WhatsApp

How to create your avatar for WhatsApp

Let's get straight to the point and see how to create your own avatar for WhatsApp using various applications suitable for the purpose. Evaluate which one is right for you and use it step by step by following the instructions below.

Facebook (Android / iOS)

You are enrolled in Facebook ? In this case, you can use a special feature of the famous social network to create an avatar to share in your WhatsApp chats (although, by default, it will be in the form of an image with a black background and not as a sticker) and / or to set it as a profile picture.

To proceed, then, access Facebook from the official application of the service for Android or iOS / iPadOS, click on the button (≡) located in the upper right, press the voices Other; Avatar; Ahead and follow the on-screen instructions to make your character.

Choose, then, the also which you prefer, press the button Next… Set your… hairstyle favorite and change the color pressing the card representing the drop. Then click on the remaining tabs to customize the The shape of the face el eye shape and so on.

When you are satisfied with the result, press the button. End Then in Next twice in a row) and Skip. Finally, proceed to share your newly created avatar: on the newly opened screen, press the button adhesive (top right), select one of the stickers created based on your avatar by clicking on its preview... and tap on the text ... More options in the open menu ... and select WhatsApp as an option to share.

Once done, select the contact to send the image to, click on the arrow (on Android) or the Next (on iOS), click on the Paper plane (bottom right) and that's it.

If you don't want to send the sticker as a picture, but as a real sticker adhesive You can think of using applications to create stickers for WhatsApp and transform the images you receive from Facebook (to be saved in the Gallery) into sticker packs for whatsapp You will find everything explained in detail in the guide I just linked to you.

Alternatively, if you want set your Facebook avatar as your photo WhatsApp profile Instead of selecting the messaging app as the sharing option, choose the Save in gallery / save image. Once you have saved the image containing the avatar locally, start the WhatsApp application and set the image you just got as your profile picture by following the procedure below.

  • On Android - click on the icon three vertical points (upper right corner), touch yours current profile picture (top left), click on the icon of the camera placed on it and select the Gallery from the open menu. So, hit on the preview image of your avatar, cut it (if you think it is necessary) and click on the End.
  • In iPhone - awards on voice Settings (lower right corner), touch yours current profile picture top left, press on the Edit placed under it and then press the voice Edit located in the upper right. Now select the Choose a photo hit on the preview image of your avatar and, after cutting it if necessary, press on the Choose located in the lower right.

If you are not sure about this last procedure, read the guide on how to change profile photos on WhatsApp.

Bitmoji (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Another solution that I suggest you try is Bitmoji It is a popular application available on Android (if you have a device without Play Store, you can try checking its presence in alternative stores) and in iOS / iPadOS, which offers the possibility of creating custom avatars from your face scan or creating them from scratch. The end result can be sent to your contacts as a sticker on WhatsApp or it can be exported to the Gallery, and then set as a profile photo in the popular messaging app.

To use it, after installing and launching Bitmoji, press the button Register by email to proportionate birthdate, e-mail e Password in the appropriate text fields. Then specify if you are a chico O well girl…the buttons… Keep going e Allow and broke a Selfie.

In this way, Bitmoji will be able to take your face features as a reference to create a «start» avatar: once obtained, use the editor that appears on the screen to customize your virtual alter ego by modifying the also, the by the el eyes el Eyebrows el nose and so on. Just use the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have created your avatar, you can send the stickers using the Bitmoji icon that will appear in the keyboard de Google (If you haven't installed it or if you haven't set it as the default keyboard, follow the instructions in this other guide). This possibility, as you may have guessed, is available only on Android (On the iPhone the Bitmoji keyboard simply allows you to copy the available images and send them as such, with the White background then, and not as real stickers).

To proceed, just open the chat of your interest in WhatsApp application... touch on the ... typing bar message (at the bottom of the screen), tap the Bitmoji placed in the upper left and then on the icon of the sticker with a wink (down). In conclusion, click on the preview of one of the stickers that represent your avatar, so you send it the chat open, and voila. Simple truth?

If, on the other hand, you plan to use one of the stickers in question as your WhatsApp profile picture, go back to the Bitmoji app, go to the Stickers of the application, pressing the homonymous word located in the lower left part, press on the preview image of your interest and click on the wording Save to save it locally (if you don't see the button in question, scroll through the open menu).

Finally, set the image you just saved as a profile photo in WhatsApp, following the procedure that I have also described in the previous chapter of this tutorial. Easy right?

Memoji (iOS / iPadOS)

You have a iPhone ? In that case, know that you can use the function Memoji embedded in iOS / iPadOS 13 (and later versions) and that allows you to create avatars with your own characteristics to send them as stickers and, if you wish, also to configure them as profile photos in WhatsApp.

How can you make your own Memoji? First, start the application Messages… Press the icon pencil sheet located in the upper right and press the button representing the three custom smiles. Pigia, then, on the button capacitor positive (+) lead … And provide the creation of your custom avatar.

Therefore, use the appropriate menus and buttons available to set also, hairstyle, Eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc. When you're ready to do it, press the button End (up to the right). More information here.

Now that you have made your Memoji, you are ready to share them on WhatsApp. How can you do that? After opening the WhatsApp application, locate the contact you want to send the Memoji to, and after opening the chat with the latter, tap on the message bar (down).

Then tap on the icon globe and, in the open screen, press the (...) to call the called panel Memoji Stickers and see the full list of all the other Memoji you can send.

If you want to put one of the Memoji stickers as your WhatsApp profile photo, you must first save it as a photo in Gallery. The procedure is quite complicated, but it is still doable. To do this, you have to open WhatsApp Messages Send yourself a message containing a Memoji sticker, tap on the Memoji sticker (to open it in full screen) and take a screenshot of it (being careful to cut it into a square shape).

To conclude, set the image obtained as a profile photo, following the specific procedure that I described in the final part of the chapter on Facebook avatars.

More applications to create avatars for WhatsApp

I conclude this guide with a list of other application to create avatars for use with WhatsApp and other messaging systems. Since they can be useful, take a look and try them to see if they really are for you.

  • WhatsApp sticker maker (Android) - is an application that allows you to make free stickers for WhatsApp from images saved on your device (even your own photos). It's basically free, but to remove the ads and unlock all the features you need to make in-app purchases starting at 1.19 euro / item.
  • Mirror (Android) - is another application for Android with which you can create avatars (but also meme and GIF) in an extremely simple and intuitive way. Also the basic one is free, with additional features to unlock for a fee, making in-app purchases from 5.49 euros.
  • Sticker maker for WhatsApp (iOS / iPadOS): this application allows you to create shareable stickers on WhatsApp by "recycling" your photos or creating avatars from scratch. It's basically free, but to remove the ads you have to make an in-app purchase of 2,29 euros.