How to create an interactive voice response (IVR) system in Zoom? First of all, we must mention that it means IVR, it is a system through which different options can be selected through routing, generally the telephone keypad or the like is used.

This system It can be done through the answering machines of the automatic type, as well as through account owners or administrators, for this they must associate the answering machine with another called IVR, which works through the voice response system.  

Create Zoom IVR Voice Response System

When necessary creation of a menu of options by means of the IVR system, it should be done with single-level characteristics. This with the idea of ​​integrating more options to the router and the callers, enjoy more options.

Steps to create Zoom IVR voice system

  • As a first step we have to log in through the Zoom platform website or website.
  • Then in the corresponding menu, we will click on the option "Phone System Administration", immediately click on the name "Answering machines".
  • We will click on the button "answering machine" existing one, and a new one can also be created.
  • At this point the answering machine configuration updates will be performed, that are pertinent to carry out.
  • When we see the option called "Route to" it is necessary click on the mention "Edit" and immediately we click on "Interactive Voice Response (IVR)".
  • Finally we accept the procedure in the corresponding button.

How does the IVR system work?

For further illustration of the users themselves, we will explain an example of how the IVR system works. After the call has been automatically connected to the answering machine, this system offers different possibilities, with the intention that people dial functions according to what is indicated by the IVR. In this way the following options can be given:

  • Dial 1: to connect to a specific telephone equipment user.
  • Dial 2: In the case of connecting with a billing department, the call will have the peculiarity of being in a queue to be answered.
  • Dial 3: to record a voicemail to the person concerned.

Prerequisites to consider when creating a Zoom IVR system

Before creating the interactive voice response system with IVR system, the administrator or owner must take into consideration, some of the necessary prerequisites about what to have. Among some of them we can mention the following:

  • In the first place you will have to have any of the accounts such as: Pro, Business or Education.
  • Will have to have operator privileges of the answering machine, as well as being an administrator or owner of the account.
  • You must have a Zoom Phone license.

In this way we have reached the end of the article in reference, in it we have touched on topics of great interest, which we hope will help and support users.