How to eject the disc PS4 controller. Now you are dealing with some titles that you bought together with the console but, when changing the game, you found that the position in which you placed the PS4 prevents you from reaching the eject button of the disk ccomfortably. Then would you like to know how to eject a disc from PS4 as controller, without having to move the console all the time.

How to Eject PS4 Disc from Controller Step by Step

Basic Information

Before getting to the heart of the guide and explaining how to eject a disc from PS4 as controller, It seems correct to me to specify that the indications that I will give you in this publication are valid for all versions of PlayStation 4: the first generation, called PS4 Fat, la PS4 Slim and For PS4.

As for the firmware, I used a console equipped with the PlayStation system software in version 6.72. In any case, the steps to follow are the same also in previous versions and, presumably, they will also be in later versions (although, of course, I cannot give you guarantees).

Finally, since you intend to act as a controller, make sure your pad is load and successfully paired with PlayStation 4.

How to eject discs from PS4

The procedure to eject a disc from the PS4 with the controller is very simple - to get started, if you haven't already done so, go to main menu console, pressing the button PS DualShock.

At this point, use the directional arrows or left analog stick to highlight the box for the disc you want to eject and press the button Options in the controller.

You should see a side menu appear on the right - so use the directional arrows or left analog stick to highlight the option Remove disk and press the button X controller in it, to select it.

In a few moments, the PS4 should recognize the command and eject the floppy disk present in its optical drive. Clearly, the disc will remain "midway" and will not be ejected entirely by the player from the console (otherwise it would end up falling into the plane where the PlayStation is placed).

I recommend: before ordering the disc eject make sure it is next to the PS4 enough space to exit the disk correctly. Otherwise, the media will be "forcibly" returned to the console's optical drive, at the risk of damaging, jamming, and / or damaging the PS4 player.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that the procedure just described applies to all disc types: PS4 games, video Blu-Ray and DVD video.

Clearly, in the case of Blu-Ray and DVD videos, in the PlayStation main menu you will find a generic preview panel and not the disc poster, as is the case with games.

How to eject locked discs from PS4

You tried to follow the instructions I gave you in the previous chapter but unfortunately your PS4 cannot eject the disc present in its optical drive?

Tell me a little, did you try to press repeatedly physical button eject the disc in the console? If the answer is yes, but, even in this case, the PS4 does not want to know how to eject the media, I am afraid that the floppy disk got stuck on the PlayStation.

In cases like these, the PS4 must be completely turned off, disconnect it from the power supply, from the TV, then from all other devices that may be connected and act on it, using a long Phillips screwdriver.

Warning: this procedure, no matter how simple, involves a direct action on the console hardware, therefore there is a risk of damaging its components.

Only proceed if you are sure what you are doing; otherwise, contact a more experienced friend.

Once you disconnect the console, you should proceed differently depending on the PS4 model you have. The PlayStation 4 models released so far by Sony are as follows: CUH-7000 (PS4 Pro), CUH-2015 (PS4 Slim), CUH-1200 (PS4 grease), CUH-1000 (PS4 grease) y CUH-1110 (PS4 grease).

To find out which exact model of PlayStation 4 you have, you need to check the label located on the back of the console. Once this information has been verified, proceed in accordance with the provisions.

For example, if you have a PS4 CUH-2015, you must turn the console upside down on a clean flat surface, look for the hole placed above the logo PSenter the screwdriver in the latter and turn it, to force the removal of the disc.

To remove the screw, you will need to drill a plastic liner. Don't worry though, there will be no impact on your PlayStation warranty.

The procedure to be followed is also very similar for the PS4 CUH-7000 series And, even in this case, there are no consequences on the console warranty.

However, if you have one PS4 CUH-1200, you must place the console on a clean, smooth, flat surface so that the front of the PlayStation is on the left (with the PlayStation logo on the right). Next, you need to place your palms on the top panel and extend your fingers on the far side of the console.

At this point, applying light pressure near the clasp and prying your fingers, you should slide the top panel in the opposite direction from you.

When you hear a click and the panel moves a few millimeters, lift it up, starting from the left.

Then use the screwdriver on the screw with the PlayStation symbols and remove it to remove the HDD. Once the HDD from the console, insert the screwdriver en hole for manual disc removal and turn clockwise to remove the stuck Blu-Ray / DVD in the console.

For the complete procedures related to all PlayStation 4 models, I refer you.

In case of problems

If, despite my instructions, you have not been able to eject the disc on your PS4, either through the controller or the physical button, please try to contact the Sony support.

First, try to read the official documentation of the Japanese giant and its guides dedicated to PS4, by connecting to this web page. and writing your problem (eg "stuck disk") to the investigation Camp placed in the center of the page.

Then press the button Intro at keyboard from the PC, select the PlayStation 4 from the list of proposed devices and choose a theme from those displayed on the site. Then select your model PlayStation 4 from the list proposed to you and, if requested, write the serial number ; otherwise, click on the item Continue without serial number.

If they offer you a questionnaire, answer the questions displayed on the screen and you should be offered an informative article on the topic you have searched for (eg. Disks and Disk Drives> I cannot eject a disk ).

In the unfortunate event that the Sony article is not helpful in solving your problem, you can contact the help of the Japanese giant by replying No. to the message It worked?, on the right, type the serial number of the console in the box provided and follow the instructions on the screen.

Alternatively, you can contact Sony support la 02.36009081 (the service is active from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00, at the cost of a national call) or you can take the console to the retailer where you bought it, who must provide you with the necessary support (taking into account that the base warranty on PS4 it's 24 months).