How to put the heart in Facebook. Lately you have noticed that many of your friends use the heart symbol more and more frequently to show their appreciation for the content posted on Facebook, instead of the classic "I like it." You too would like to do the same, but at the moment you don't know.

In the following paragraphs, I will explain in detail how you can put your heart on Facebook using various tools.

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How to put your heart on Facebook step by step

As a reaction of love

Since Facebook introduced the reactions (the symbols that in 2016 were accompanied by the classic "Like" button), it is possible to use the heart symbol to express our appreciation for the content of a post or comment. Use the reaction Care It is very simple, whether you decide to act from your mobile or from your PC.

How to put your heart on Facebook using the reaction «Love» From a mobile device, launch the official Facebook application (which is available for Android e iOS), log into your account if necessary and search for content that you like.

As soon as you find a content of your interest, make a long tap on the button I like (located at the bottom left of the post or a little further below the comment you want to add the heart to) and press the button heart in the menu that appears on the screen (containing the 6 “standard” Facebook reactions).

In this way, you can show your appreciation for the content of the post or for a comment made by another user.

If you want to act from personal computer, you can use this "love" reaction by logging into your Facebook account through the navigator, identifying the post or comment in which you want to add your reaction and placing the mouse cursor over the button I like.

In the menu that appears on the screen (containing all Facebook reactions), click on the reaction Care to express appreciation for the post or comment that caught your attention.

Other ways to use your heart on Facebook

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are many ways to make heart on Facebook: in addition to the "Love" reaction, you can use an emoticon, use the many emojis that represent a heart, or use emoji compositions.

You can use these alternatives to beautify the publications you publish on the social network, to make original comments or to communicate more nicely in the chat. In short, you have many options to choose from!


One of the most popular forms of make heart on facebook is to use the relative emoticons. To use it correctly, write the emoticon in the keyboard from your mobile device the PC  <3 (without leaving spaces between the symbol < and the number 3 ) and post the post or comment normally. As if by 'magic', the combination of characters <3 will transform into a pink heart. Not bad, right?

A valid alternative to emoticons are Characters ASCII, writing characters that can have various shapes, including heart. You can copy the ASCII character of the heart from below and freely paste it on Facebook as ordinary text.

♥ ❤ ❥


As I said before, on Facebook it is possible to make the heart symbol also use the emoji heart-shaped (in case you didn't know, emojis are nothing more than pictographic symbols similar to emoticons).

Among the numerous emojis that you can use on Facebook, there are many that represent colored hearts, broken hearts, double hearts, etc.

Would you like to use one of these emojis to enrich your posts and comments, but you just can't find the function that allows you to do this?

To use emojis on your mobile device, first start the Facebook application available for Android and iOS and when you write a new post or comment, open the emoji keyboard and choose one of the ones that represent hearts. If you are having difficulty doing this, please follow the instructions listed below.

  • En Android, touch the text field where you want to insert the heart, touch the smiley located in the lower left to open the emoji keyboard and locate the symbols that represent hearts. If you don't see the emoji symbol, you will most likely need to open the app configurations (the one with the gear icon) and enable the keyboard by tapping the items Language & keyboard> [Name]> Preferences.


  • En iOS, instead, touch the text field you want to use the heart emoji in, press the symbol of the smiley face (bottom left) and scroll through the list of emoji until you find the one with the heart. If you can't open the emoji keyboard, chances are you haven't added it yet. To do this, open the application configurations (the one with the gray icon with the gears) and go to General> Keyboard> Keyboards and if the Emoji keyboard is not present, press the voice Add new keyboard ... and touch the item Emoji (look for it in the list of other keyboards) to add it.

To use emojis on PC, instead, log into your Facebook account from the browser, write a new post or comment that you want to add the heart emoji to, and click the smiley face to remember the emojis made available by Facebook. In the menu that appears, find the emoji you like the most and click on it to add it to the post or comment you are writing.

Alternatively, if you use Windows, can access a virtual keyboard which also contains emojis (via a button in the form of a smiley face) by right clicking on the taskbar, selecting the item Show virtual keyboard button from the menu that opens and pressing the icon keyboard shown in the lower right. If you have a Mac, instead, you can open the emoji menu by pressing the key combination ctrl + cmd + space on the PC keyboard.

Emoji composition

If you want to impress your Facebook friends with emoji compositions heart shaped, I suggest you download one of the many applications They allow you to do just that. One of the most popular is ai.EmojiArtFunBox, available for free download for both mobile phones and Android tablets as for iOS devices.

ai.EmojiArtFunBox offers some emoji layouts that you can easily copy and paste to Facebook (as well as other social media and instant messaging services). Before explaining its operation in detail, I want to tell you that the appearance of the emojis may not be the one shown in the application, since the appearance of the latter may vary depending on the operating system and the platform used.

After downloading ai.EmojiArtFunBox on your device, open the application, read the tutorial that appears on your first launch to understand how it works, and press the button Start to start using it. Then press the button Zone and on the menu that appears, touch the item Love and romance to quickly find emoji comps that contain hearts.

After identifying the one you like the most, tap the symbol Copy (the icon of the two leaves located in the lower right), open the Facebook on your device and catch the composition of the publication or comment that you were writing and that you want to publish on the social network. I'm sure you will be delighted with the end result.

If you prefer to act as a desktop, instead, I suggest you visit the Symbols and Emoticons site, which contains many emoji compositions to use in Facebook posts and comments, including the heart-shaped compositions. To use them, all you have to do is copy them from the site in question and paste them in your Facebook posts or comments (or in the chat of Messenger).