How to use templates in Capcut?

How to use templates in Capcut? When we talk about a custom video clip template, it is a marketing initiative, therefore it requires some planning from the beginning. Templates have become very common over time, especially among companies and even teenagers, due to their striking use, which makes us count to obtain a much cooler video, in the same way it is used to create attractive advertising of our products .

What types of video template can be used?

There are many types of template, as we mentioned earlier, templates have both commercial and personal usesHere we will list some types of template and their uses.

  • Commercial templates: Type of template that has a design referring to a brand, product among others, in order to successfully get your purchase or popularity.
  • Comic templates: Templates to make your videos more attractive, with the idea that get more viewers, or if it is for our own appreciation, the beauty of this is observed.
  • Youtube templates: On the Youtube platform there are types of templates in order to end our video strikingly, or to invite our viewer to view another video from our channel.
  • Presentation templates: Templates that their main use is for the purpose of when starting our video, our viewer get the motivation to continue observing this, after an eye-catching presentation.

How to create animated templates?

Next we will explain how to insert templates in Capcut, the platform designed for cell phones in order to edit our videos in a professional way, either to advertise on TikTok or on other social networks.

The first thing to keep in mind is that when inserting templates, firstly we must create a template comfortably. We will then have to get what many know as "Chroma Key" or "green screen", then we will record a video or we can simply get an animated or even inanimate image and cut it out.

Insert a template in Capcut

When we have our template definitely created, we will move on to insert it into our Capcut platform, for this we will have to insert our base video in the video editing bar. Later we will look for the option of "overlay" and click on it, then we will select the template of our preference or the one that we will use in the case of our video.

When the template has been placed, we can see that the green background meets the template, clearly this will be annoying and we will want to remove the base background of the template. To achieve remove green screen, we will click on the option that says “Chroma” and we will take into account the first bar with a drag pointer, we will drag it forward to eliminate intensity, managing to erase the green screen, leaving the transparent background template.

In this way we will have managed to place a template in our video, then we will simply have to drag it to the point in our video where we want to have our template. As we can see, it is not difficult at all to get a template, and many times it's free of charge, in this way we will be able to obtain a more striking video for our social networks.

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