Said between the two of us, you're a little too much for my liking, sloppy! But how do you plan to delete your entire library from iTunes? By mistake? But please! Ritual question: do you have a iPod? Where did you keep your Songs? If yes, you can, with a simple trick, copy songs from your iPod to your Mac and ... even around this time.

Take your iPod and connect it with the USB cable to your Mac normally. In the main iTunes window, click on your iPod under the section devices on the left, mark the article Enable use as disk, then click on the button good and finally up apply.

At this point, direct your navigator to this page and click the item iPod Disk 1.3. After downloading, double click iPodDisk-1.3.dmg and then on the icon ipoddisk.

As if by magic (but it is not magic!) A Finder window opens with the songs on your iPod inside, divided into categories. Move between these categories and you will find your songs. Don't joke with me anymore. I recommend it