Deathloop Trophy: Final Chord. This game features a total of 55 trophies, of which 42 are bronze, 11 silver, one gold, and one platinum. By overcoming these Colt's you can gain new knowledge and skills that will help you to reach all eight objectives and finally break the loop of Blackreef Island in which he is trapped. In this guide we will show you everything about Deathloop Trophy: Final Chord in which you must kill Frank using a Slab ability.

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Deathloop Trophy: Final chord, step by step

In Deathloop, as already mentioned, you can find many trophies, mostly bronze, like the one explained below. Trophy: Really interesting final chord. These will require you to perform assassinations in particular ways or pick up certain objects.

Today we talk about the first of these cases, since To win the "Final Chord" trophy you must kill a visionary, Frank. This will have to restart its loop due to a very strange request that will seem almost ridiculous to us. The reality, however, is quite different, since to enter Frank's club we will have to arm ourselves with the ClassPass, an object that is obtained outside this place that disable all capabilities. How to do it, then continue reading Deathloop Trophy: Final Chord.

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Final Chord

You must first enter Frank's Club. Ignore as many enemies as you can and try not to notice you as you do not have your "Slab" skills. Now go as fast as you can to Frank's room, he has another device and guess what, a machine that disables ClassPass. This place will be clearly visible and to get there you just have to climb the stairs of the main patio, go right and go straight until you find other stairs.

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Final Chord

Now that you've gotten rid of this tedious limitation and can fight Frank with all your powers unlocked., you can start looking for Frank, who will hide very often in the room below his bedroom, which can be opened with a secret button behind the plant. Use the hackmajic, Activate Shift and Nexus which gives you combat skills, and kill poor Frank. Now this bronze trophy will be part of your collection.

This guide also ends here Deathloop Trophy: Final Chord. We remind you that you can consult more content about this game Deathloop: Photo location at Fristad Rock.