Deathloop Trophy: Ghost at the party. It all starts in this game when Colt is killed by Julianna Blake, waking up on a Blackreef island trapped in time. Colt must break this time loop, to achieve it he must eliminate eight visionaries in 24 hours, scattered throughout the four districts in which the island is divided. To get answers and skills you must overcome different objectives in this guide we explain everything about Deathloop Trophy: Ghost at the party.

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Deathloop Trophy: Ghost at the party, step by step

With all the skills and all the weapons at our disposal, it is really difficult at times to accomplish some tasks without getting carried away and going unnoticed. However, in Deathloop to achieve some objectives it will be necessary to do so, as in the Silver Trophy: Ghost at the party, of which we will show how to achieve it in this guide. This trophy will ask us to eliminate 3 visionaries in the same place, but without anyone noticing. But how to kill Aleksis, Wenjie and Egor without getting caught continue reading.

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Ghost at the Party

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Ghost at the Party

  1. Noon, The Complex- Take an amplifier from Egor's lab and use it to place it near his experiment panel. Enter the code and then press the red stop button: this will sabotage your experiment and cause Egor to show up at the party at night.
  2. Night, Updaam: Now Egor and Aleksis will be at the party, and Wenjie will be there too. Kill all 3 enemies at the beginning using the Riveter a silent weapon to avoid being chased by other enemies on your way back.
  3. Then go around the map externally to avoid encountering enemies. Go across the rooftops until you see the red flags over a door (and ignore enemies and turrets). Entering from above wait 3-5 minutes for Aleksis to go on stage, and when I take the mic, remove it using the corresponding button on the riveter. Enemies will be alerted with a yellow icon, but it's okay if they haven't seen you and it doesn't turn red.
  4. Go back to the balcony where you came in and go up to the roof where Egor and Wenjie are talking. Attention, it will be necessary to have the power of Nexo (with Extension) to link all the eternalista and the two visionaries, then kill any eternalists with a headshot (silenced) and they will all die. Be careful not to alert others and use only one shot.
  5. Finally, step back, careful not to be seen by anyone, and exit through the gallery door. If you are detected, you will have to start over from step 1 in a new loop.

Ready now you know how to kill Egor, Wenjie and Aleksis in Deathloop Trophy: Ghost at the party, without being detected. If you need more advice Deathloop Trophy: Quantum Solution it will certainly help you.