Deathloop Trophy: Judgment Day. To achieve this bronze trophy you must eliminate the visionary Harriet Morse with poison gas, to achieve this you must go to Karl's Bay in the morning, also as a reward you will get the Nexus Slab ability. Below, we detail everything about Deathloop Trophy: Judgment Day.

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Deathloop Trophy: Judgment Day, step by step

Deathloop is a game that presents novel mechanics and very unique challenges. In this article we show you everything you need to know to get the bronze "Judgment Day" trophy as quickly as possible. Also in this case, the steps will not be many, but you need to be skilled.

To achieve this bronze to your collection, you must kill Harriet with her own toxic gas. The character in question will be well protected and can give you a hard time if you face his minions. To overcome this problem, We recommend that you go to Karl's Bay, the map where the factory will be located with Harriet, in the morning since the presence of enemies will be drastically reduced. Now that you are inside the factory, it will be easier for you to carry out your mission by following these steps.

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Judgment Day

Initially we will find Harriet struggling with the torture of a poor victim. This will be tied to a hook that little by little approaches its death. What we'll have to do is get away from here, and go quickly to the Visionary's command room.. There will be two enemies waiting for us that you can kill with a few shots and once the area has been cleared, jump on the main target. Among his things you can find his weapon, the Fourpounder, which has as its main characteristic the launch of a cloud of poisonous gas.

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Judgment Day

Once you have the weapon that shoots poisonous projectiles, immediately exit this room to keep it in the next loop and thus obtain the trophy. What you will have to do now is repeat the same operation only instead of a traditional weapon you will have to kill Harriet with her own poison. To increase the continuity of damage we advise you to shoot the ground several times and once you have killed it the bronze «Judgment Day» will be in your hands.

This is all you need to know to Deathloop Trophy: Judgment Day. If you need advice you can consult other guides Deathloop Trophy: Quantum Solution.