Deathloop: Photo location at Fristad Rock. This game revolves around a main story but has other subplots that are just as interesting and important. Blackreef Island is divided into four districts Updaam, the resort, Karl Bay and Fristad Rock. In this mission Colt must go to Fristad Rock, near the coast to find the location where the photo of lovers Charlie and Fia was taken., in this guide we explain everything about Deathloop: Photo location at Fristad Rock.

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Deathloop: Photo Location at Fristad Rock, Complete Guide

Deathloop is an exclusive game for PlayStation and PC developed by Arkane. The title has many plots and goals. Among these is the search for Fristad Rock, a side mission within the story of Space Invader.

location photo Charlie and Fia Deathloop

You must find the place where the photo of the two lovers Charlie and Fia was taken. It is not difficult to find, but we will not have a map, the objective is very challenging, but then we will help you to achieve your objective.

Where to find the mission photo location in the Space Invader mission in Deathloop

First of all we will have to unlock the mission. To do this, you must have completed the entire Space Invader story. Once this is done we will see, under the title Space Invader, the text «Search the Fristad Shore». This means that we can access the mission. So head to Fristad Rock in the afternoon. Be careful because the mission will not continue if we go at another time.

Space Invader mission in Deathloop

  1. Go to Fristad Rock in the afternoon, you can advance the time in the menu.
  2. After loading the map at the right time, head up the stairs through the door on the right.
  3. The door you passed through leads to an area with 4 enemies, cross it eliminating these enemies and go straight to a snowy path between the rocks.
  4. You will reach an area where you will see a crashed plane in the sea and the coast to the right.
  5. Continue the path leaving the plane behind, until the end along the seashore.
  6. At the end of the path you will find a bunker, enter through the main door.
  7. Inside the bunker, read the book located in the center in front of the control panel with 4 screens. It also plays the Watching Paint Dry audio file.
  8. The objective «Search the Fristad Shore» (search the coast of Fristad) will be resolved. Later you must return to Fristad Rock at any time (morning, afternoon or night) to find the code and solve the puzzle of the cassette.

These are the steps you must follow to find the location of Charlie and Fia's hideout in Fristad Rock, we hope we have been helpful with this guide Deathloop: Photo location at Fristad Rock one of the most complex storylines in the game. You can also check Deathloop Trophy: Quantum Solution.