Deathloop Trophy: Alpha Burger. Aleksis is one of the visionaries to eliminate to break the time loop. Aleksis holds a party every night in the Updaam district, this event is characterized by the fact that the guests are dressed in wolf masks and drink beer flavored with chocolate, this visionary's favorite drink. In this guide Deathloop Trophy: Alpha Burger we will show you how to identify and remove Aleksis.

If you want to know everything about where to find and how to kill all visionaries in Deathloop We recommend that you read this guide.

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Deathloop Trophy: Alpha Burger, step by step

Deathloop is the latest title developed by Arkane Studios. The gameplay has never been seen before, as it unites roguelikes and shooters. Like other video games, you must achieve all the trophies to complete the game. Each will require certain skills and methods. To get "Alpha Hamburger" we will have to kill the visionary Aleksis with his own meat grinder.

Deathloop Trophy Guide

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Alpha Burger

  1. First we will have to go to Aleksis's house and position ourselves at a high point without triggering any alarm. To do this, we recommend that you use Ether, a Slab (ability) that will make you invisible for a short period of time, which can be obtained by killing the visionary Egor.
  2. Now pay attention to the stage the party goers will go up to tell a funny story, the one who does it wrong, will go down to a shredder. The same that you must use to eliminate Aleksis.
  3. Now go up to some small wooden platforms that will give you a great view of the show. Before Aleksis arrives you will have to hold 5 minutes.
  4. You will recognize your target for carrying two golden machine guns. The point where you will find the button to open the hatch will be on your left or Aleksis right. Pressed, the visionary will die in no time and the Hamburger Alpha bronze trophy will be yours.

The rewards for killing Aleksis in Deathloop are: Karnesis Slab will give you the ability to telekinesis, and her two golden LIMP-10 pistols.

Another method to find out who Aleksis is is to reduce the supply of alcohol in the basement. If you enter the mansion through the basement, the first door will lead you to where the beer is. Before you will see some eternalists talking in a nearby room, pass by them with the greatest stealth, to be able to turn the wheel and stop the supply of alcohol from the party. In this way Aleksis will get angry and will go there to find out what is happening. At this point you can identify him to kill him later when he goes on stage.

So far this guide on Deathloop Trophy: Alpha Burger, to make it easier for you to complete this game. If you require additional information you can read Deathloop Trophy: Quantum Solution y  Deathloop Trophy: I see, I see.