Deathloop Trophy: I see, I see. Performer Colt awakens on Blackreef a mysterious island where all its inhabitants are trapped in a time loop.. Colt has no recollection of what happened so he must gather clues to help him understand what is happening. These clues can be preserved after death. To understand the story you must complete missions and thus obtain trophies. In this guide we explain some tips about Deathloop Trophy: I see, I see.

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Deathloop Trophy: I see, I see, step by step

Deathloop, is the new title released exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC, developed by Arkane Studios. In which players must face different missions and trophies to obtain all the objectives, in this article Deathloop Trophy: I see, I see, which consists of eliminating Egor, while he is under the influence of a Nullifier. This is not too complicated if you have the right equipment and know its location.

Deathloop get Trophy I see I see

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Quantum Solution

We have no premise to do, but the only thing you must be equipped with a firearm, this will be essential to overcome laser safety systems that would otherwise be difficult to pass. We will have to go to the map of the Complex in the afternoon, once we get there, go left to get out of the bunker, go straight and then right until a very long path. If you use the sprint to cross it, in addition to being faster, it will greatly reduce the chances of being caught by the cameras and causing the Egor target to escape headlong.

Use the sprint ability again to get past a red laser that will otherwise trigger the alarmto, go down and avoid other obstacles that are nearby, keep going, but be careful, there is a briefcase just before your goal, in addition to Egor. This contains the override. Sneak up with your suitcase in hand and place it next to Egor using the square if you use from PlayStation or X if you are using an Xbox controller from PC, once activated it will be blocked by lightning, now kill it as you see fit. But don't be reckless, this will attract all nearby guards, make sure you have an escape plan before carrying out this elimination.

The rewards of this trophy are Aether Slab, an ability to turn invisible, one of the most useful in the game, and get a rifle with a zoom effect.

With these steps you can get Deathloop Trophy: I see, I see. But read on to discover more tips and tricks about other games. Kena Bridge of Spirits: Warehouse Collectibles.