Deathloop Trophy: Violent Delights. In this new title Colt is trapped in a time loop on Blackreef Island. Your mission is to eliminate the visionaries a few key figures to undo the loop., in addition to achieving all the possible trophies to complete the story. In this guide on Deathloop Trophy: Violent Delights you must eliminate the couple, Charlie and Fia at the same time.

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Deathloop Trophy: Violent Delights, Step by Step

Colt wakes up on an island called Blackreef divided into four zones: Updaam, The Resort, Karl Bay and Fristad Rock, and that you should visit at a certain time (morning, noon, afternoon and night) to understand the anomaly in which the island is in a time loop; in which anyone who dies wakes up again the next morning. To stop this Colt must eliminate the 'Visionaries' charged with maintaining this loop. Every time you eliminate a visionary it will grant you a special 'slab' ability, which you can use to fulfill the objectives and thus get trophies.

Deathloop Trophy Guide

Deathloop Trophy Guide: Violent Delights

Deathloop is finally available for PlayStation 5 and PC, the job has a large number of missions, collectibles and special trophies, one of them is Deathloop Trophy: Violent Delights and involves killing two targets Charlie and Fia with a single bullet. But how to do this? In this guide we show you, before you need to have completed the mission of the main story "Afternoon Delight", this is because we will have access to a secret bunker where our victims will be found.

Let's start with the equipment, more precisely the 'Shift Slabs' skills that we are going to use: Nexus, which will allow us to link two characters so that if one of the two dies the other will also suffer the same fate, this 'slab' is left to us by Harriet. Otherwise you can use whatever you want, there are no other special objects to take with you. Your goals are Charlie and Fia, select the Fristad Rock map in the afternoon.

Once you open the map enter through the door on your right, exit the other side, turn right and jump on the rock behind the billboard, if you use the shot it will also be easier to reach distant places, follow the rocky wall until you reach a frozen lake, then turn left, Follow the shore until you reach the bunker door. Once inside you will find a console where you will have to put a sequence with four digits, it will be different for everyone, the solution is the puzzle with 4 pictograms that you got in «Afternoon Delight».


Once the door is unlocked go downstairs and there you will find Charlie and Fia your targets, inadvertently he uses the link to connect them and finally shoots one of the two in the head to eliminate them both. Doing so will unlock the Violent Delights.

This is all! You already know how to unlock Deathloop Trophy: Violent Delights. You can also consult our guides on Returnal's best weapons another exclusive game for PS5.