Programs to copy DVD. You jealously protect your DVD movie collection and your greatest terror is losing your precious discs or, worse, that they may stop working properly overnight. For this reason, you have thought about doing a little research on the net to understand how to create backup copies of your beloved DVDs.

If you give me a few minutes, as well as your attention, I can illustrate, in a simple but detailed way, all those who in my opinion represent the best DVD ripping programs and of course also how to use them.

Program guide for copying DVD

HandBrake (Windows / Mac)

HandBrake is an open source program that allows you to copy DVDs and transform them into video files optimized for viewing on the PC or on portable devices from the house of Apple, such as iPhone, iPad y iPod. It is very easy to use and supports all the major video file formats (besides video DVDs of course).

The available output formats are MP4 and MKV with the following encodings: H.265 (x265 and QuickSync), H.264 (x264 and QuickSync), H.265 MPEG-4 and MPEG-2, VP8, VP9 and Theora. The software is free and works on both Windows and Mac (as well as in Linux)

To use it, connect to the program website and click on the button Download HandBrake xxx placed in the center of the page, to start downloading the software.

When the download is complete, if you are using Windows, open the obtained .exe file, click OK en following, en I agree, en install and complete the setting by pressing up on finish. Then start HandBrake by double-clicking the shortcut that has been added to the desktop.

If you are using a Mac instead, open the obtained .dmg package and drag the HandBrake icon to the folder applications by macOS. Right click on it and choose open  twice in a row, to get around Apple's limitations on unauthorized developers.

Now, insert the DVD that you want to copy into your PC and drag the icon of the diskette what do you find in Windows Explorer / File Explorer (Windows) and in the finder (from the Mac) in the HandBrake window that appeared on the screen.

Expand the menu Presets / Toggle Presets located at the top right of the program's toolbar and select the profile that interests you from the available ones.

Through the menu Title: which is at the top, then choose the disc chapters you want to transform into video files. You can also define precisely how many seconds or frames to convert for that particular chapter, using the appropriate options you find in the section on rank.

More customizations of what the final video file will be can be done through the settings in the tabs summary, dimensions, filtros, video, audio, subtitles y chapters in the center of the window.

Finally, indicate the location on your PC where save the final file by clicking the button Surf that's underneath and then press start, in the upper left, to start the procedure to copy the DVD to the PC.

DVDFab DVD Copy (Windows / Mac)

DVDFab DVD Copy is one of the best DVD ripping and DVD / Blu-Ray ripping software on the HDD from the PC or other floppy disks. It includes a wide range of advanced functions that allow you to select only the items to be copied from DVD-Video (audio tracks, subtitles, etc.).

It also removes the latest DVD and Blu-Ray copy protection. The program is for Windows and Mac and is paid, but it is available in a free trial version (the one I used to write in this step) that can be used without limitation for a series of days.

To use it, first visit the program website, click the name of operating system in use on your PC that you will find at the bottom and then on the button Try it for free, to download DVDFac Copy DVD to your PC.

The download is complete, if you are using Windows open the obtained .exe file and click OKAY. Then press the button install in the window that appears on the desktop and then start, to start the program.

If you are using a Mac, open the obtained .pkg file and follow the proposed installation wizard. Then start DVDFab DVD Copy by pressing its icon on the Launchpad.

Now that you see the program window on the screen, indicate your willingness to want to use the trial version and insert the DVD you want to copy to your PC. Now go to the section copy software by clicking on the item at the top select Clone / burn of menu to copy appears, press the button start bottom right and wait for the process to start and complete.

Once the copy of the disc content is complete, the DVD will be ejected from the PC and you will be asked to insert a new blank one to burn it with the data you just obtained.

If instead of Record the DVD inserted in the PC on a new disc, you simply want to copy the contents of the latter to the PC, select the ripp of the program, press in the menu MP4 which is at the top and indicates the format in which you want to save the final file.

Specify the location to save the output file by pressing the folder next to the item Keep in: who is down and press the button starts.

ImgBurn (Windows)

Among the best non-commercial DVD ripping programs are ImgBurn. It is one of the most interesting software that belongs to the panorama freeware when it comes to CD and DVD burning. Makes the domain and the creation of image files from any type of floppy disk are its main strengths.

It has a very simple interface to use and supports all the main image file formats: BIN, CCD, CDI, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG and PDI.

To use it, visit the ImgBurn website and click on the link Mirror 7 - Provided by ImgBurn (If it doesn't work, select another link) to start downloading the program to your PC.

Then open the obtained .exe file and click on yes. Then press siguiente, accept the terms of use of the program by checking the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and click first siguiente five more times in a row and then up yes and in finished.

Please note that during the setup procedure you may be asked to install some additional programs that are not useful for copying DVDs. If you want to avoid installation, please reject the invitations to the thing at the right time.

Now you need to download the Spanish translation for the program interface. To do this, visit the ImgBurn download page again and hit the link Click here at the entrance Spanish in the section ImgBurn translation language files.

When the download is complete, extract the obtained compressed file to any Windows location and transfer the file English.lng in the folder C: ImgBurn Languages ​​Program Files. Open ImgBurn by double clicking the link on the desktop and the program will translate automatically.

At this point, you can finally move on to the real action and thus find out how to rip your DVDs with ImgBurn. Insert the disk on which you want to act and select the option on the PC Create an image from a disc from the ImgBurn window.

Then press the icon with the binder which is under the option final destination and indicate the location on your PC where you want to save the ISO image of the DVD. Then click on the big icon with the DVD and the sheet located at the bottom left, to start creating the floppy image.

When done, replace your Pc DVD with a blank disc, click the item Record an image In the main program window, click on the icon with the binder next to the entrance Select a file in the upper left corner select the ISO image you just generated and press the rating icon with the DVD and the sheet which is in the lower left. Burning of the actual DVD copy started instantly.

Clone DVD (Windows)

In a selection of programs to copy DVD could not miss Cloning DVD, a software that has in its name the main function for which it is known: to copy DVDs of any type to blank DVDs.

It allows you to customize the DVD video copy by selecting the items to "replicate" and integrates a series of advanced functions that allow you to clone any type of floppy disk without problems or loss of quality. The software is paid for but is available in a free trial version (the one I used to write this step).

To use it, first connect to the download page of the program and press the button Download on the left, to download the trial version of the software on your PC.

Once the download is complete, open the extracted .exe file and click OK. Then press up on I agree, en siguiente and in install.

Complete the configuration by pressing close. Launch the program by double-clicking its shortcut that has been added to the desktop.

Therefore, confirm your willingness to use the trial version of the program, then insert the DVD you want to copy into the PC and choose the option Cloning DVD in the Clone DVD main window (to copy the entire disc) or select Copy DVD parts (to copy only some parts).

Now, press the button with the two arrows which is at the top right of the window and select the DVD. Through section Video parts: indicate the parts of the DVD you want to copy and choose whether to keep the menus, leaving or removing the check for the appropriate item in the upper right corner. Press siguiente.

Finally, adjust the settings related to audio and subtitles and click again siguiente. Then check the final configuration of the DVD in the corresponding section of the window on the left and indicate the destination of the file by pressing the button related to the operation you want to perform. You can choose three DVD files, ISO / UDF image o DVD burner.

Finally press Through!. If you have chosen to burn everything to a new disc, during the procedure you will be prompted to replace the current DVD with a blank disc.

Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE (Windows)

Ashampoo Burning FREE Studio it is one of the best burning solutions available for the Windows operating system. Includes everything you need to Cd record, DVD and Blu-Ray of any kind.

Its functions also include the ability to copy DVDs to blank DVDs. It is very simple to use and also has a good user interface. The only thing to keep in mind is that in order to use it, you must register a special account.

To download it to your PC, connect to the program site and press the button Download it's on the right then click the button download now on the new page shown.

When the download is complete, open the obtained .exe file, click run and in okay. Then click on the button I accept and proceed and in Get a free activation key.

Enter your email address in the browser window that has opened and press the button Request key for the full version.

Access your email now, open the message Ashampoo sent you and confirm your email address by pressing the button Click here . Then complete the form on the new page that is displayed by typing the information that is requested (if you want to avoid doing so, press NOT NOW ) and copy the license key provided to you.

So paste the code into the FREE Ashampoo Burning Studio window and hit the button Activate now!. Then click on siguiente twice in a row and up final.

Now, insert the disk you want to copy into your PC and click on the item Copy Disc located on the left side of the main software window. Press siguiente.

Once the copying procedure is complete, click the button siguiente, eject the disc currently in the PC and insert a blank DVD. Press the button Comment and wait for the new disc writing procedure to complete.

AnyDVD (Windows)

The vast majority of free burning programs copy discs very well but cannot go beyond the copy protection of DVD movies. To face it, you can use AnyDVD.

It is a small driver that, once installed, automatically unlocks the Protected DVD, allowing you to make copies with any program. It is paid but available in a free trial that lasts 21 days (the one I used to write in this step).

To use it, connect to your website, click the button Download on the page that opens and then on what you find corresponding to the name of the program.

Then open the obtained .exe file and install AnyDVD by pressing yes and in I agree, en following. en install and in yes. Finally press up on close and in yes. Accept to restart the PC.

When you log back into Windows, indicate your willingness to use the trial version of the program, click ok and in to accept. Insert the DVD you want to work on into the PC and wait for the program to detect it. You can then convert the disc using any burning software. I