DVD cover. Fearing that the original DVDs may be scratched or irreparably damaged, have you created backup copies of the movies in your personal collection and would like to apply covers to them for easier recognition? Look a bit at Internet and you will surely find what you need.

In fact, there are several sites that allow you to download DVD cover and, if you wish, I can point out some of the most internationally provided. They are all very simple to use, you can access them from anywhere navigator y operating system and, in addition, the download of the contents in them is completely free. In short, get ready to receive them in your favorites folder!

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Free DVD Cover

As I said at the beginning, on the net there are several sites from which you can download free dvd covers. If you're interested, then below are those that IMHO represent the best part of the category. Take a look immediately, I am sure you will not regret it.


The first place to find DVD covers that I recommend you visit is AlbumArt. Use the database de Amazon to provide users with DVD covers in all major world languages. It has a very clear structure, it is very fast to return search results and it is completely free.

To search for a cover in Album type, linked to the home page of the site and select the article DVDs from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner. Then type the name of the movie for which you want to download the covers in the appropriate search bar that is always at the top and click the button find.

After completing the steps above, the previews of all images found by the service: use the numbers Located at the bottom of the screen to navigate the full list of results.

Once you have identified the cover for download, click on the icon of the magnifying glass placed under the latter to see the enlarged image. At this point, right click on the cover and select the item to save the image with the name from the menu that opens, to download the chosen cover on the PC.

Cover Century

Another great place to go for DVD covers is Cover Century. It is a portal where it is possible to find covers for CD and DVD of movies (and video games for consoles and PC), both old and new production, but only in English. It has a fairly varied database and is very easy to use. Obviously its use is completely free.

To be able to use it, visit your home page, select the article DVD covers located at the top and identifies the title of the DVD whose cover you want to download from those in the section Most viewed DVD covers, or the list of the most wanted covers.

If you continue as I have just indicated, you cannot identify the contents that interest you, you can see the covers of the portal in alphabetical or numerical order, selecting the cartel or number reference from the top of the page, or you can search by keyword by typing it in the appropriate field at the top right and then clicking the button presentar.

When you find the title of the cover movie you are interested in, click on it to preview it. However, to continue with the download on your PC, click the button download now.


CineCoverDVD is a website that allows you to download numerous DVD movie covers. It has a fairly rich database and content download is completely free. The user interface is a bit spartan, if you will, but considering the amount of content, it can certainly take a back seat.

To download the DVD covers, go to the home page of the site, click on the tab cinema located at the top and select the item DVD or at least the one related to the category of your interest. Then start scrolling through the list of available covers and when you find the one that interests you, click on the appropriate preview.

If you continue as I just indicated, you cannot find the DVD cover you are looking for, you can arrange the various contents in alphabetical order by clicking on the letters at the top, or you can search by keyword, by typing the reference in the appropriate field at the top right and then pressing the key presentar at keyboard of the Pc.

Once the cover page you have selected is displayed, right-click on the reference cover page and select the item to save the image with the name from the context menu that opens, to continue with the download.


I recommend that you also take a look at the database of DVD covers that you can find on the website CoverTarget. It is a portal where you can find DVD covers of movies and video games for consoles and PC, along with many CD covers of music. It's free, easy to use, and very well stocked.

To find the covers of your interest, connected to the service's website. and type the title of the DVD whose cover you want to find in the search field located in the center, next to the newsroom Search cover.

Alternatively, select the item DVD located in the section menu placed to the left to see the most downloaded DVD covers of the moment and, even if in this case you cannot find the cover you are looking for, alphabetically order all the available contents, selecting the paper corrected by section DVD You always find on the left.

Once you've identified the title of the cover movie you want to download, click on it, then right-click on the cover preview on the new page that has opened and select the item to save the image with the name from the context menu that opens, so you can continue the download.

Covered city

Another portal to find DVD covers that I suggest you visit is Covered city. It is collaborative, so the content available on it is created exclusively and uploaded by other users. It has a sufficiently precise user interface and is excellent for finding DVD movie covers. TV series DVD. The only thing to keep in mind is that to download the contents of interest, you must create a special account and that not all covers are available for free to download, but for some you need to buy the necessary credits to redeem the content and useful for reward the work of those who made them.

To use it, visit the site's home page and create your account by clicking the button join located at the top right, selecting the link Not yet a member? Register now! present in the box that opens, checking the box related to acceptance of the terms of use of the service and pressing the button siguiente. Then, complete the proposed form by writing the username, the address of e-mail and the password you want to use for your account and click the button again siguiente. Then proceed to confirm your account by opening the email that was sent to the email address indicated above and clicking on the corresponding link it contains.

After registration, locate the cover of your interest by searching among the recently uploaded or most downloaded found in the highlighted sections of the home page of the site. If doing so cannot find the cover you want to download, do a direct search by typing the title of the DVD in the search field at the top right and clicking on the magnifying glass adjacent.

Once you have found the reference DVD cover, to proceed with the download, click on the relative preview, and on the new web page that appears, click on the button. Download located on the right

Free DVD Cover Programs

If the DVD covers hosted by the sites we just mentioned do not satisfy you, because they may be too small for your use, you may want to consider making the covers yourself and then continue printing using program, as in the case of which I have spoken in my tutorial on how to make DVD covers and in my review of programs for print CD covers. Most of them are completely free and in any case very easy to use.