Escape from tarkov woods map.  This is a multiplayer fighting game and the games have a nice map with a number of hills, fields, camps, but it is unlikely for a beginner to survive the forest map without having some kind of knowledge.

The Bunker (ZB-016)

For its part, the Bunker, which also is known as ZB-016 being a relevant point in the forest map, because it is visited by several players, that it is an area of ​​​​intense fighting. a small bunker where can you hide in it, but first you have to be sure that there is no one around. It is marked with the 1 on the map that is in the forest in the northwest part.

So if you really want start a fight Bunker ZB016 is the perfect place to head.

 The Bunker (ZB-014)

is the next place ie Bunker ZB-014, which is located in the northwest of the Ritual and is marked as 2 on the map, as it is usually used for mining and you can also hide there to finish off the opponents.  It's not as crowded as Bunker ZB-016, but you can still get enemies there.

The RUAF Obstacle

On the other hand, the next point in Escape From Tarkow is RUAF RoadBlock which is a place that they have abandoned, it was previously occupied by the Russian army, but as indicated it had been evicted and is located in the forest to the northwest.

Sniper's Rock off the coast

Likewise, this place has also been advantageous for those players who defeat enemies, if it is near the center of the map, you can easily hide in the forest and eliminate opponents, but you have to be careful, because it is possible that you are not the only one who has that idea.

Lumber warehouse

For its part, Lumberyard is in the heart of the Escape From Tarkov map. It has been marked as 7 on the map, it is an industrial site, you will see mills, storage facilities and shacks in the warehouse way of the sites that the players attend the most.

sniper rock

Sniper Rock is another wonderful site in Escape From Tarkov, which is located in the southern lumberyard. and Snipe Rock has been marked as 8 on the map with a beautiful view around.


It is an important aspect in the game, since it is a sacred place where different ceremonies are carried out that are holy, if entering from the eastern part of the city and it is located in the south of the sawmill and between the control points, so the ritual is the favorite place of many players so you have to be careful when you are there.

plane crash site

This area is quite important because it is located around the bunker on the west side, it is a good place where you can hide, but you will have to wait there at some opportunity so you can take down multiple players.