Export conversations from WhatsApp on a device Android. The function Export conversation WhatsApp allows you to export messages in a private or group conversation, and can even attach multimedia files.

Export WhatsApp conversations on an Android device: private or group

Open the Whatsapp at their mobile phone Android and select the conversation or group to which you want to export content. Then click on Menu (three dots at the top right of the screen) and then select the option Plus.

In the new window select Export conversation.

A small window will appear in the center of the screen. WhatsApp will ask you if you want to export only the text exchanged in this conversation or if you also want to add the uploaded images and videos.

So choose from the options No means y Include multimedia files. Note that inserting photos and videos will increase the file size and the time it will take your phone to export the conversation.

Wait for the export process to complete. Once you are done, WhatsApp will offer several options to share files. You can, for example, send data to another person on WhatsApp, pass them on to your e-mail or others, and save them in cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive.

The file containing only the conversation text messages is created in a format TXT. Can be opened in Word, Notepad notes or other text reading software. The multimedia files will be in the traditional formats of images and videos uploaded by WhatsApp.