Fortnite Save The World in Battle Royale is a video game where various forms of play are presented, very entertaining and with many users worldwide. Learn about this interesting technological entertainment here.


Fornite Save the world in Battle Royale

Fortnite Save the world in Battle Royale

Created in 2011 when its development was announced by the company epic Games, was released to the market in 2017. Offered for Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while Battle Royale has also been published for Nintendo Switch, as well as on devices Android e iOs.

Fortnite Save The World Battle Royale It is so wide that up to 100 players can even participate simultaneously, on an island where they are trapped by a storm, which little by little reduces the space, achieving the triumph who can stay up until the end.

The purpose and main objective of the game is to save the world using the cooperation of other players who can connect online, no matter where they are. However, in August 2020 it was removed from the App Store and Play Store, since certain operating rules were breached.

Description and gameplay 

Since 2011, this game has been mentioning afterwards that the company Epic games will launch the game Gears of War 3 around 2011, the game merged with influences from games like Minecraft y Terraria to emerge, what we know today as Fortnite.

It consists of a participation of players where they must know the three game modes «Save the world«,« Battle Royale »and« Creative », each with special characteristics that really define the quality of this fascinating game; but let's see the specifications of each game mode.

Save the World 

This mode is carried out in the mode where a player must interact with the real environment of the game; must cooperate with 4 more bundles, which must seek to achieve a common goal: the event occurs after an epic and apocalyptic storm occurs on the planet.

The humans who manage to survive it must face various creatures similar to Zombies, gather materials, supplies and food in order to survive, defend their territory and ultimately try to save the planet, and of course, win the game.

Battle Royale 

In this mode, clashes of up to 100 players are achieved individually and alone; each one must find weapons and supplies that allow them to survive. Each player can keep moving to avoid being hit by the storm, also try not to get caught by other players; in this mode, whoever can stand wins.


Each player has the opportunity to make his own map, with all the elements he deems necessary, including various structures, town planning, barracks and everything he deems necessary. The idea is to invite other players to participate in this place and have their own games and create different game modes in the company of your friends or acquaintances.

This mode is quite ingenious and many gamers have created environments where many other players enter and carry out diverse games, in combination with actions and events as diverse as they are fun.

Who can play it? 

Fortnite Save The World Battle Royale It is a great experience of a social type, you can build teams made up of 4 people where up to 100 people can participate.

In this way, each player can add friends if they wish to participate with them. So it is always good to notify young people under 13 to only invite people you know.

Although it is not a risk, it is always good to prevent actions with people you do not know. So this game is aimed at young people over 13 years old, although it does not offer images that violate the emotional sensitivity of children, it is important that it can be played by young people with certain criteria and analysis.


The game contains voice and text chats; In this sense, participation is generated in various forms of relationship, such as through messages. This is important because each player has the ability to select who are going to participate in their chat, which provides some security.

They also have the option of choosing to play with their friends on the same team, so that if your child plays only with their acquaintances, only during the game they establish contact exclusively with them and nobody else; however, it is always good to check the messages to be attentive.

The chat can be deactivated if any player feels that they have violated their space or something has happened that is not in accordance with the rules of the game.

You just have to go to the menu found in the three lines located in the upper right corner, press the nut and the audio tab adjusts the options, such as mute a specific player, mute all notifications or just listen to conversations without participating.

Game time 

Fortnite Save The World Battle Royale  It has a duration that varies according to the abilities of the player. For example, a novice and inexperienced player will be eliminated within minutes as experience is gained.

The game time lasts a little longer and even after a while it is possible to reach the end of it, of course after acquiring certain skills and knowing some tricks.

Hazards and safety 

Some wonder if the game is dangerous, but we can say that the serious problem with Fortnite is that any user can fall into the trap of playing games excessively.

Upon being eliminated, the unknown remains of re-entering and trying to reach the end of the game, especially when each player only has one life, so that the danger of ending the addiction is just around the corner.

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