Video chat ! free without registration with camera. You have always thought you would like meet people new in Internet but you don't have time or want to install program or register in chat sites to start chatting with someone on the other side of the screen. And today I am going to talk about the various services that allow chat of Free videos no registration to see us on camera.

Free video chat website without registration with camera


bazoocam It is quite simple to use and the users to be seen through the webcam are selected by the service at random (which could also imply some unpleasant encounter, always better be careful!). Note that even in this case, the use of Flash Player.

To start using the service, first connect to its website and click the button Chat! located on the right. Let Bazoocam control the use of the webcam (and the microphone) connected to your PC, by clicking the button Allow in the window that opens on the screen, and wait a few moments for the connection to the service to be established.

The first user with whom you can start chatting via webcam will be selected. You can see his face through the corresponding section in the upper left of the site. Yours, on the other hand, will be visible at the bottom (always on the left).

If you wish, you can also write to the user in question, using the corresponding chat box on the right. Also through the box in question, you are notified from which location the user with whom you are about to have a conversation comes from and the relative nickname (if it is a registered user).

If, on the other hand, you want to start a video chat session with another person, Click the button cultural, top right. You can also report a user, simply by pressing the button Report, always placed on top.


chatrandom is a very popular portal that offers a random video chat system. It can have numerous active users every day, it is incredibly easy to use, it is in Italian, and it also has a really good interface.

To use it, connect to your homepage and select your gender from the drop-down menu Select your gender. Then check the box, located a little further down, relative to the terms of acceptance of the service and press the button beginning.

Now consent to the use of the webcam (and microphone) by the service, by clicking the corresponding button in the window that opens on the screen. You can then start video chatting with the first user.

Your face, framed by the webcam, will be visible on the top left of the site. On the right, however, you will find the text chat window, through which the other person's nickname and nationality are also displayed.

If you later want to connect with a different user, click the buttons Next  o Back located in the upper right, while if you want to filter the view of users according to gender, use the menu Chat filters (which is always in the upper right). You can also select the country of origin, using the menu country.


Another free video chat service you can consider is shaggle. There are numerous active users every day and its user interface is modern and pleasant. The choice of users to video chat with is done randomly (so watch out for potential unpleasant encounters).

To use it, connected to your home page, select your gender of membership In the drop-down menu in the middle of the screen, check the box to accept terms of use of the service located a little further down and click on the button Start chatting!.

On the next page, you give your consent to the use of the webcam (and the microphone) connected to your PC, by pressing the corresponding button in the window that has opened, and wait a few moments for the first user to be selected with the you can start video chatting.

The user's face framed by the webcam will be visible on the left side of the page, while on the right you will find yours and the box to chat in text mode. At the top left, however, there are menus to enable filters by gender and sexual orientation and by geographic location.

And if you want to chat with a user other than the one currently framed by the webcam, just click the buttons with the directional arrows found to the right and left.


CamSurf It is an Internet site, always belonging to the category covered by the tutorial, which allows you to chat with strangers via webcam and which, unlike the services already mentioned, has made an extra effort to suppress adult content .

To use it, visit the service home page and click the button Allow in the window that opens in the upper left to allow Camsurf to access your webcam and microphone, then click the button start placed at the bottom.

In a few moments, you will be connected to the first user available to display on camera. His face will be visible on the left side of the page, while yours will be on the right. By moving the mouse pointer over it, you can click the button configurations to adjust settings related to the use of the service. In the lower right part of the screen is instead the box for text chat.

If you want to video chat with someone else, just click the button el  close located in the lower right. If you want to change the reference country, press the button status and make your choice.

Alternative solutions to chat for free

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, which you can consider as an alternative to the previous ones, in case you want to chat textually.

  • email - another website belonging to the category in question that offers a chat system that can be used without registering. It is always based on the IRC network and the user interface is very nice.

Now let's move on to the mobile side: these are what I think are the applications more interesting for Android es iOS to chat when you don't have a PC at hand.

  • tinder (Android / iOS): very successful application with a very intuitive interface. It allows you to connect people from the same city to each other, thanks to the technology GPS. It has more than 10 million daily active users.


  • LOVE (Android / iOS) - another application to make new friends thanks to which it is possible to meet people from the area and with similar interests. It is widely used, both in Spain and abroad.


  • Meetic (Android / iOS): it is the application of one of the most popular dating sites in Italy. It is proposed as a tool through which to find a soul mate. Again, this is a very popular and widespread application.