How many hours have you been thinking about the God or War solution? Surely you are going around with Kratos through one of the majestic settings of several of the video games that make up this important saga.

A video game is made exciting by many things, almost as many as there are classes of players. Despite this, it seems that it becomes more interesting as it becomes more challenging: it is equivalent to facing a worthy opponent in some sport.

In this sense, our first message is that you do not despair: do not even think about paying it with the control of the Playstation or with the poor console, which is not to blame for the ingenuity of the developers. Take it easy and keep reading this article, here we leave you some keys so that you can move on to the next level of God of War and finish it with a sigh.

One of the attractions of God of War is that it allows you to unleash all your pent-up anger and frustration. Try smashing secrets, vases, and healing orbs - all of these items have significant rewards Unleash your pent-up rage and break it!


  • Complete the favors:

In God of War the favors are the secondary missions. Try checking if you had any left to meet and solve them all. Who knows: they may even give you clues to get out of the quagmire in which you find yourself with the main mission.


  • Use Atreus:

Although interactions with the boy are very limited , Atreus is a great help to stun, annoy and even distract opponents. Incorporate it into fighting scenarios and you'll see how well it does.


  • Equip yourself with all the skills you can:

Don't be shy about this, as there are different types of skills that will come in handy in combat. The ones that stun enemies will give you a few seconds of respite to analyze your environment and use it to your advantage. Others, such as health, can save your life when you face the final bosses.


  • Don't forget to rest:

Right, we told you above to unleash your fury to the beast. However, it is important that you analyze your environment and think about all the skills that you have at your disposal. Try blocking and dodging hordes or larger enemies, as they can be the perfect time to start your counterattack.


  • Find all the secrets:

Some regions like Midgard have hiding places where you can find treasures, which will not hurt you to increase your silver reserve. Other sites, like the hidden chambers of Odin, are great places to find surprises, what are you waiting for to go and find them all?

  • Collect all the collectibles:

God of War has nothing more and nothing less than 300 collectibles scattered throughout the game, such as the shrines of the Giants and Odin's ravens Have you made sure to get them all?